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Givi - Accessories - Givi Universal Fog Lights  
Givi Universal Fog Lights
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Fog Lights
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Fog Lights - Givi Universal Fog Lights
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Information and Details about the Givi Universal Fog Lights
made by Givi
Trekker Lights

Pair of Givi universal fog lights with halogen lights, to be mounted on tubular engine guards (minimum 21mm and maximum 26mm). They must be connected to the battery of the motorcycle, and they have a switch to be mounted onto a tubular handlebar. They do not require any modification to the electrical system of the motorcycle.

Givi Universal Fog Lights Product Reviews
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Below are more Givi Reviews from our online customers.
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This review is for Givi V35 Hard Case Accessories And Spare Parts
V35 Inner bags - Dave   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Makes packing a cinch. Easy to use. Can be used as a gym bag.
Cons: None

These bags make it easy to pack and unpack without removing the side cases. There is still some room left in the case for small flat items.

This review is for Givi Scooter Passenger Backrests
Works well - BRC Native   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Easy to install. Reasonably priced. Comfortable. Allows easy access to under seat storage. Use without a top case
Cons: None

Works well when combined with the Givi Monokey mount. Much less expensive than either a passenger seat back andor a rear rack. Easy to install requires drilling 4 holes into the Tupperware. Best of all, instead of having a back rest attached to a top case, this back rest is there whether a case is installed or not.

This review is for Givi Universal Smart Phone And GPS Holders
Well made GPS holder - Quinn   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Fits my Garmin Zumo 660 snuggly
Cons: Does not have to be so deep - do not need extra storage area

Perfect fit for my Zumo 660. Well made, clever quick disconnect system. Not sure why it needs to be twice as deep as it is, most all GPS units are relatively thin.

This review is for Givi S850 Universal GPS Holders
Holds more than a GPS - Wing Rider   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Attaches easily to handle bars, holds more than my GPS, touch screen functions on GPS work
Cons: sound is muffled

Bought it for my new V Strom, safely holds the Garmin and an LCR, and since it can double as a fanny pack its perfect for on and off the bike. DC cord to power socket is convenient. I suppose one could also carry and plug in a cell phone in the back pocket. I'll have to try it out on the sailboat to keep GPScell phone dry.

This review is for Givi S850 Universal GPS Holders
givi gps bag - rivera   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: fits my gps perfect.quality is good. can use on all 3 of my bikes
Cons: hard to turn key. but its better than getting lost. and tight fit for galaxy note. but its a very large phone

i live this universal gps bag. Quality is very good. Water resistant. Has a spot to use cig lighter for power.also has additional cover to help with rain. Small pocket for license ans insurance or money. Not a perfect fit on sport bike but works very well anyway. Like that i can use on multiple bikes.i would recommend this product to others. Also price was very good

This review is for Givi S850 Universal GPS Holders
Good Deal - Mike   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Excellent Construction More storage that anticipated
Cons: Strap system with rain cover difficult to install

Givi makes a quality product. Great construction and with the rain cover installed, no doubt near waterproof. Due to the location of the ingnition switch on my BMW and MotoGuzzi the GPS holder was not a good fit. Mounting the GPS holder would cover the switch on both applications and the spread on the handlebars made installation not as secure as I would have hoped. On the right bike this would be nice addition.

This review is for Givi S950 GPS Holder
Just like the other review. You can use a cheaper GPS with this Givi Holder. It keeps the vibs low so the unit will not freeze up.and the rain out. It even works with winter gloves! No problems at all. My new 159.00 Nuvi from Costco works perfect every time. I don't have to worry anymore with the GIVI S950 holder...

This review is for Givi S950 GPS Holder
I saw this at last years BMW National Rally. I don't have 1000 bucks for the ZUMO M/C gps. So I purchased a cheaper Nuvi 780 GPS from Costco for 180.00.
It worked well on the bike in a gps holder for one ride... then it started freezing up because of the vibs coming from the handlebars. Each use I would have to turn it off/on time and time again. We'll I purchased the S950 and it hasn't frozen up since. Works like a charm. No worries now... even in the rain. So if you don't have the coin for the Zumo think about this set-up!

This review is for Givi Monokey V47 Hard Case Accessories And Spare Parts
Good and bad - Brian   CO Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: This is a brake light only. Nicely designed kit.
Cons: Wish is had running, brake and turn.

Is a very nice kit. It is only for the top area of the V47 case. The lower lenses do not light up. I pulled the lower lenses and put reflective tape behind them. It is brake only, no running or turn. I wired in a BackOff wig wag brake light flasher and mounted it inside the case. Not the brightest LED's I have seen, but I would rather have more lights on the back of a bike, than less If I had a case I would purchase and install the kit.

This review is for Givi S850 Universal GPS Holders
Great item but wrong fit - Givi S850 Universal GPS Holders   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Well made, easy to use
Cons: Not for all bikes

The case is well made and room for lots of small items. Both my droid phone and GPS unit fit,but not at the same time, and the touch screens work through the plastic. But I had to return it because when mounted, it covered up my speedometer. As usual, Comp. Access. has a great return policy.

This review is for Givi S850 Universal GPS Holders
Givi S850 Universal GPS Holder - Meg   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
Pros: Durable
Cons: [None]

Easy to install.

This review is for Givi S950 GPS Holder
I just got back from 3 weeks in New Zealand using this GPS holder. In general it works well enough.... most of the time. It comes with a rain cover that turns out to be useless; It keeps the unit dry, but because of fogging between the lenses, the GPS is unreadable in the rain. Also, threading the wire through the case each time you install the device to the bike is a pain. The quickly detachable mount slides right off, and stays put in use, though it looks like it might fall off too easily. The plastic lens on the case should be non glare material, because as it is there is too much glare to be readable. Worse, there is a pucker in the upper left corner owing to the sequence of sewing the lens into the outer door The seam starts & ends upper left that makes it almost impossible to read that part of the display. On the Garmin I was using, that is where the distance to the next turn is displayed, the most often viewed part of the screen. The GPS unit should be firmed up with a custom cut piece of foam rubber to prevent the unit from jiggling on bumps. The quality is good, with a water resistant zipper, and installation is easy enough, and adjustability is good. For occasional use in fair weather, this holder will work well enough for the price. For a serious touring rider, the higher price of a dedicated motorcycle GPS is starting to look like a better value.

This review is for Givi S850 Universal GPS Holders
For sale - Urs1   MI Recommended by Reviewer: No
Pros: [None]
Cons: Not for the Goldwing GL1800,

I installed this holder an my Goldwing, no place is ideal 650 mails, nice weather sun shine, impossible to see the GPSI have this holder now for sale

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