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Fly Racing - Tourist Helmets - Fly Racing Tourist Vista Helmets Fly Racing - Tourist Helmets - Fly Racing Tourist Vista Helmets Fly Racing - Tourist Helmets - Fly Racing Tourist Vista Helmets
Fly Racing Tourist Vista Helmets
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Information and Details about the Fly Racing Tourist Vista Helmets
made by Fly Racing
The Fly Racing Tourist Vista is available in either a Hi-Viz Gunmetal Yellow or a Flat Black Silver. Hi-Viz Helmets are a good way to keep you noticed on the roads, and are a great option for those looking for something to catch the attention of other riders and drivers. If you like helmets with a more 'low key' design, the Fly Tourist Vista in Flat Black Silver still looks great, but has a more subtle feel than its Hi-Viz counterpart.

All new from FLY, the Tourist open face helmet is packed full of features and accessories making it an excellent choice no matter what the season. From spring to summer to fall this helmet has got you covered. Each Tourist motorcycle helmet comes configured with a clear shield and painted removable clip-in jaw piece.

  • Included in the box is an extra dark tint shield and peak for use without the shields or removable jaw
  • Soft fleece bags included for the helmet, extra dark tint shield and peak protect your investments when they are not being used
  • Shields and peak are changed quickly and easily due to their tool-less design
  • Removable jaw includes 1 piece breath-box/chin curtain for use when the weather gets cold or rainy
  • Lightweight D.O.T. approved thermo-plastic poly alloy shell
  • Large eye port for improved range of vision
  • Removable/washable Coolmax comfort liner and cheek pads move the moisture away from your head and the fabric dries quickly. The added performance keeps you dry and comfortable
  • Deluxe oversize ear pockets for better fit and comfort with integrated speaker pockets for communications systems
  • Optional sized cheek pads available for purchase to get that custom fit
  • Soft padded chin strap
  • Optional ANTI-FOG clear shield and dark tint shields available
  • Optional clear double lens shield available for extreme cold weather use

    Our Thoughts
    Able to change from open face to full face in a matter of seconds, the modular Fly Tourist helmet is a highly versatile choice for both city and touring riders. The huge field of vision stays the same regardless of the configuration you choose as does the venting thanks to the built-in forehead air vents. Inside the Tourist features a removable Coolmax liner and special spacing intended for Bluetooth style communication speakers.

  • Fly Racing Tourist Vista Helmets Product Reviews
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    Tourist doesn't check out. - Motoman...many roads, many miles, lots of smiles.   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Large eye port, nice graphics, extra tinted shield and peak included, quality materials for price point.
    Cons: Helmet shape and fit, poor quality control, bad chin bar design, falls short of expectations.

    The Fly Tourist helmet's shape is neither round nor oval but seems to be a combination of both. The helmet is very round in the crown area and narrows as you move down the sides to the helmet's more oval opening and chin bar. This gives the helmet sort of a match-stick head or light bulb type of shape one that I couldn't quite warm up to and makes it harder to put on and remove more on that later. You can kind of get the idea of the helmets shape from pictures, but I highly recommend you see and try on the helmet in person if you can find one at a local shop before you purchase. I ordered the Tourist Vista edition in black and silver which had nice graphics and a flat satin finish. Materials and paint seemed to be of good quality. The venting seemed adequate in the open-face configuration however there was no venting in the chin bar itself to provide airflow to the face shield and prevent fogging in full-face configuration Nolan has a similar model design but added chin bar venting in their new version, Speed and Strength's version of this helmet type has adjustable venting in the chin bar. It did come with a chin curtain and very large snowmobile-like breath deflector, but I would have preferred adjustable chin venting and a smaller deflector. The fit for me was on the small side. I measured a solid large from the sizing chart but due to the helmet's narrowing shape at the opening that I mentioned earlier, I really had to pull the sides of the helmet outward to get the helmet on without assaulting my ears. I found due to the chin curtain and small opening, similar to most modular flip-up helmets it was impossible to get the helmet on and off with the chin bar in place. Also when attached, the chin bar was right up against my chin and made it challenging when applying pressure to click and lock the chin bar in place while replacing it with the helmet on. If I ordered the helmet again I would recommend going up at least one size to an XL. The Fly Tourist convertible helmet is a unique concept but poorly executed in design. Like a 3-season jacket I wanted a helmet that I could switch out to different configurations on the fly so to speak, to adjust for different riding and weather conditions without having to pack along an extra helmet or the bulk and weight of a modular helmet. The removable chin bar design seemed to fit the bill. It is made of thick poly-carb plastic and seemed solid enough but has no metal to metal attachment points a gripe I have that's shared with most manufactures of this type helmet. As such, it does provide more protection than an open-face helmet but not the same level of protection as a full-face helmet. That said, I considered this convertible a 34 open-face helmet with face shield and additional weather protection that I could attach while on the road. The problem I found was in the design of the chin bar attaching points. Fly's design has robust extensions on the chin bar that lock into recesses in the helmet with overlapping plastic tabs where the chin bar trim meets the helmet. Although the chin bar is easy enough to locate into the recesses, the plastic tabs have to be precisely aligned for the chin bar to mate up and lock into place. You can attach the chin bar easy enough with the helmet off, but as mentioned I could not get the helmet on with the chin bar in place. I found it impossible without the use of a mirror to get the tabs aligned and overlapped correctly to attach the chin bar, and far too easy to overlap the trim tabs incorrectly with the helmet on. I primarily wanted a helmet I could quickly and easily add a chin bar with the extra weather protection to when I pulled over off the road as it got colder at night or before I got on a Highway. This would be too difficult to accomplish at night or with gloves on with the Fly helmet. As to the product finish, there was a rattle in the helmet right out of the box. It turned out to be a loose screw trapped between the EPS liner and one of the cheek pads. This may have been a one-time error with the helmet I was sent but I also found that one of the two top vents was defective and would jam in the open position. I returned the helmet. I was disappointed with Fly's quality control and because of the above mentioned fit and design issues cannot recommend this helmet. I added one star to my rating only because of Competition Accessories' return process. Their customer service was very helpful in sending me a return shipping label and paid the return shipping once they received the helmet back and verified it as defective. They processed my full refund promptly.

    Below are more Fly Racing Reviews from our online customers.
    Hopefully they can help you find the right item and make the best buying decision.

    This review is for Fly Racing Tourist Solid Helmets
    Fly Tourist Helmet - ellendzan   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good fit...full field of vision...
    Cons: [None]

    I got a full face for a 2,000 mile trip I was taking...The helmet was great fit well...I got use to putting on the extra front piece with the helmet on......I had full field of vision...The helmet blocked nothing.....It is not heavy.....I have worn it more then my hald helmet now and prefer it ....Also no road dirt on my face and no wind in my eyes around my sun glasses....

    This review is for Fly Racing Tourist Solid Helmets
    Great Helmet - Jonah R   WI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Comfortable, light, versitle.
    Cons: Chin strap a bit uncomforable.

    Helmet fits good, is light and is very comfortable. nice that you get a clear and dark shield. Very versitle with 3 ways to wear. Paint seams to be good quality. Only complaint is the chin strap is a bit uncomfortable, but not that big of a deal. Also had to send my medium back for a large but that was easy with no questions asked.

    This review is for Fly Racing Tourist Solid Helmets
    Fly Tourist Helmet Rocks - Mike in Arizona   AZ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great visibility, good ventilation
    Cons: [None]

    This is a great helmet, possibly the best I have ever owned. It opens up your field of vision almost to the piont of like you were not wearing a helmet at all. Good ventilation. It takes a moment of getting used to to put it on and off without loosening the jaw piece.

    This review is for Fly Racing Tourist Cirrus Helmets
    Tourist helmet - Jared B   WA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: great fit and looks like it can handle all seasons
    Cons: without breath deflector installed, you get alot of air under the shield

    Bought this for my wife after we read the reviews, and she loves it so we can ride together. Easy to put together and keep clean. She likes the larger shield and it feels good around her face being slightly claustrophobic.

    This review is for Fly Racing Tourist Solid Helmets
    Daily wear - TXMRH   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Incredible field of view. Fairly light. Inexpensive
    Cons: Feels a bit cheap, Fogs up easily

    I wanted something as an in between helmet for daily commutes in town. So I picked up the Tourist, recognizing that it provides the greatest field of view of any chinbar'd helmet around. I've been really impressed by how it doesn't limit my vision. I have been really let down by how easily it fogs up. If you are not moving and the shield is down, you will fog up. If you are moving and the shield is in position 1, up, there is a windtunnel directed right at your eyes. I am going to order the double pane shield to see if it helps. otherwise I may save this for summer only riding

    This review is for Fly Racing Tourist Helmet Replacement Shields
    Incredible visibility - Matt   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Huge viewing angles
    Cons: Fogs easily

    This helmet is my first 34, so I am just amazed by the amount of visibility improvement over a traditional helmet. Not just lower but this helmet seems to give better side viewing too. The one downside though is that it seems a little short in the face, the chin bar is right there in front of your chin. As a result the shield fogs very easily. Notch one on is good for sitting at a light but while riding is too open and lets in a ton of air, directed right at your eyes. if the first notch up was about half as high it would be perfect.Overall pretty good. Does feel a little cheaper in hand than my last helmet.

    This review is for Fly Racing Tourist Solid Helmets
    Good helmet - anti-fog shields questionable - KAMAZ   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great helmet overall, light, nice big loft style view
    Cons: Anti fog shield fogs in rain and cold

    This was a helmet of choice for a 1.5 month trip to AK. Everything is good with the exception of anti fog shields that still fog up in rain or cold even at low speeds with vents open. Compared to scorpion exo helmet ever clear shields that remain clear in the same conditions as long as 1 of the vents is open. Shields were washed daily with warm water and soap, and gently wiped with soft towel - same treatment I give to my exo shields. So it was either a scam from the start or the coating is so fragile that shields must not be washed. So I give it 3 stars because fly anti fog shields still fog up. I would recommend the helmet, but don't waste money on additional anti fog and be prepared to ride with the shield lifted on humid rainy or cold days at street speeds. These shields do clear up at highway speeds.

    This review is for Fly Racing Tourist Helmet Replacement Shields
    Anti fog fogs up - KAMAZ   Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: Visibility is pretty good, no distortions
    Cons: Anti fog fogs up

    Anti fog shields fog up at street speeds on warm humid rainy days and cold days. Do clear out at highway speeds.

    Sizing Chart & Specs for the Fly Racing Tourist Vista Helmets
    Jacket and Jersey Measurements
    Sleeve: Measure from the center of the spine, across the top of the shoulder toward the arm, and then down the arm to the wrist.
    Chest/Bust: Measure the broadest part of the Chest or Bust

    Mens Jackets and Jerseys
    X Large34-35"44-46"
    2X Large37"48-50"
    3X Large38"52-54"
    4X Large38.5"56-58"
    5X Large39"60-62"

    Youth Jackets and Jerseys

    Womens Jackets and Jerseys
    X Small28"32"24"

    Pant Measurements
    Waist/Hip: Measure around the waist, approximately 1 inch below the pelvic bone
    Rise: Measure from crotch up toward belly button to determine where the pants should ride
    Outseam: Measure from waist down the outside of the leg to determine how long your pants should be. In Boot Outseam means you will tuck pants in boot. Over Boot Outseam is for wearing pants outside of the boots.

    Mens - Youth Pants
    1818.5 - 20"8"24.5"25"
    2020.5 - 22"8"26.5"27.5"
    2222.5 - 24"8.25"27.5"30"
    2424.5 - 26"8.25"29"33"
    2626.5 - 28"8.5"32"36"
    2828.5 - 30"9"36"42.5"
    3030.5 - 32"9.5"38.5"43"
    3232.5 - 34"9.75"39"43.5"
    3434.5 - 36"10"40"44.5"
    3636.5 - 38"10"41"45"
    3838.5 - 40"10.25"41.5"45.5"
    4040.5 - 42"10.5"42"46"
    4242.5 - 44"10.75"42.5"46"
    4444.5 - 46"10.75"42.5"46.5"
    4646.5 - 48"10.75"43"46.5"
    4848.5 - 50"10.75"43"46.5"

    Womens Pants

    Youth Small5 7/8 - 6"18.25 - 19"47-48cm
    Youth Medium6 1/8 - 6 1/4"19 - 19.75"49-50cm
    Youth Large6 3/8 - 6 1/2"19.75 - 20.5"51-52cm
    X Small6 5/8 - 6 3/4"20.5 - 21.25"53-54cm
    Small6 7/8 - 7"21.25 - 22"55-56cm
    Medium7 1/8 - 7 1/4"22 - 23"57-58cm
    Large7 3/8 - 7 1/2"23 - 23.75"59-60cm
    X Large7 5/8 - 7 3/4"23.75 - 24.5"61-62cm
    2X Large7 7/8 - 8"24.5 - 25.25"63-64cm

    4--Youth Small
    5-X SmallYouth Medium
    6-SmallYouth Large
    7X SmallMedium-
    11X Large--
    122X Large--
    133X Large--

    The sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit. However, we are happy to assist you with any needed exchanges.
    Part Number Status for Fly Racing Tourist Vista Helmets
    Options SKU Retail Price Our Price Availability
    X-Small, Hi-Viz Yellow Gunmetal FLY-VIS-XS-HIVI $119.95 $107.96 Usually Ships in 1-3 Business Days
    X-Small, Flat Black Silver FLY-VIS-XS-FBK $119.95 $107.96 Usually Ships in 1-3 Business Days
    Small, Hi-Viz Yellow Gunmetal FLY-VIS-S-HIVI $119.95 $107.96 Usually Ships in 1-3 Business Days
    Small, Flat Black Silver FLY-VIS-S-FBK $119.95 $107.96 Usually Ships in 1-3 Business Days
    Medium, Hi-Viz Yellow Gunmetal FLY-VIS-M-HIVI $119.95 $107.96 Usually Ships in 1-3 Business Days
    Medium, Flat Black Silver FLY-VIS-M-FBK $119.95 $107.96 Usually Ships in 1-3 Business Days
    Large, Hi-Viz Yellow Gunmetal FLY-VIS-L-HIVI $119.95 $107.96 Usually Ships in 1-3 Business Days
    Large, Flat Black Silver FLY-VIS-L-FBK $119.95 $107.96 Usually Ships in 1-3 Business Days
    X-Large, Hi-Viz Yellow Gunmetal FLY-VIS-XL-HIVI $119.95 $107.96 Usually Ships in 1-3 Business Days
    X-Large, Flat Black Silver FLY-VIS-XL-FBK $119.95 $107.96 Usually Ships in 1-3 Business Days
    2X-Large, Hi-Viz Yellow Gunmetal FLY-VIS-2X-HIVI $119.95 $107.96 Usually Ships in 1-3 Business Days
    2X-Large, Flat Black Silver FLY-VIS-2X-FBK $119.95 $107.96 Usually Ships in 1-3 Business Days

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