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Fly Racing - Luggage - Fly Racing Neat Freak Backpacks  
Fly Racing Neat Freak Backpacks
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Black Grey
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Black Grey - Fly Racing Neat Freak Backpacks
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Information and Details about the Fly Racing Neat Freak Backpacks
made by Fly Racing
  • YKK zippers
  • Multi-level compartments are sized just right to store all your goods
  • MP3 protective pocket is fleece-lined and includes an audio/headphone port for listening to your favorite tunes on the go
  • Water-resistant, fleece-lined sunglass compartment helps keep your shades protected during storage
  • Separate side-entry laptop compartment is closed up with a water resistant zipper and is also great for storing your favorite books or magazines
  • Stowable waist belt comes out when you need it
  • Unique hat clip allows you to carry your hat outside of the bag
  • Internal organizer and stretch-mesh sleeves help keep everything tidy
  • Size is 20" H x 16" W x 8" D

  • Fly Racing Neat Freak Backpacks Product Reviews
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    Below are more Fly Racing Reviews from our online customers.
    Hopefully they can help you find the right item and make the best buying decision.

    This review is for FLY Racing Illuminator Backpacks
    Nice little backpack - Rune Rider   CT Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great visibility in a tight little package
    Cons: On the small side

    This was the best option I found when looking for a way to carry a few things back and forth to work on my Honda Rune. The bike has zero storage capacity and there aren't really many options for adding any cargo capacity. So a backpack seemed like the logical choice.At the same time, I figured I'd try and add some visibility from the rear as my jacket and pants are both black leather. I look mahvelous in black leather but I'm not sure anyone will see me to be impressed. This backpack nails the visibility requirement with high visibility yellow cloth and lots of reflective material on the back and sides.It isn't the most roomy bag you can hang off your back but the expandable helmet pouch will swallow my Nolan N104 modular helmet. And the bag will hold a change of clothes and all the small stuff I carry back and forth to work. Thinking about the size, Keeping it small may have been the right move for a biker backpack. You probably don't want a a big, heavy weight high on your back shifting around in turns.It is definitely more of a day pack than a weekend bag but if you can live with the size limitations I think it's a great solution for a small amount of cargo on bikes that don't have any on board storage. The helmet pouch is a neat touch that you won't find on ordinary backpacks and it may keep an expensive helmet from getting scratched when you're off the bike.

    This review is for FLY Racing Illuminator Backpacks
    Good visibility, good back pack - Scarlet and Grey   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: semi rigid design, good visibility
    Cons: [None]

    Definitely stands out at night. I got this mainly for the High Vis color since I often commute predawn and after dark. I really don't plan on using the helmet carrying feature and find it can carry everything I need to for work and my workout clothes despite the space allotted to that unused feature. The smallest compartment has semi-rigid shell that offers more protection than my old backpack which is an unexpected bonus. I was always crushing stuff slinging my old pack around but no worries with this one. This is a good design and worth every penny.

    This review is for FLY Racing Illuminator Backpacks
    Nice pack - Paleorider   NC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Lots of storage, highly visible, lots of pockets
    Cons: Straps should probably be longer

    I bought this as I needed a new pack anyway and wanted a hi-vis option as I wear it on the bike and on my walk tofrom work, which is often in the dark. The CompAcc review video is very good and shows how the features work. Friends report it is very glowy in their headlights, and I don't think it's obnoxious in regular light---I've received no negative remarks. There is tons of storage, and I can fit my XXL full face helmet in the expandable pocket. The pouch in the laptop pocket is a little small---the pocket is fine, but getting the laptop in there is tricky, and it's just a regular size Mac laptop. Still, there's plenty of room elsewhere or just in that pocket not in the pouch in the pocket. I love the small pockets---perfect for phone, iPod, etc. My biggest beef is that the shoulder straps should be longer. I'm sure they didn't want them flapping around, but I'm not a huge guy 190 lb and I can just barely get the pack on over a winter coat, which also means that, come riding season, it's going to be a little snug over my riding gear. If I were much bigger, I don't think I could wear it over any sort of protective gear.

    Sizing Chart & Specs for the Fly Racing Neat Freak Backpacks
    Jacket and Jersey Measurements
    Sleeve: Measure from the center of the spine, across the top of the shoulder toward the arm, and then down the arm to the wrist.
    Chest/Bust: Measure the broadest part of the Chest or Bust

    Mens Jackets and Jerseys
    X Large34-35"44-46"
    2X Large37"48-50"
    3X Large38"52-54"
    4X Large38.5"56-58"
    5X Large39"60-62"

    Youth Jackets and Jerseys

    Womens Jackets and Jerseys
    X Small28"32"24"

    Pant Measurements
    Waist/Hip: Measure around the waist, approximately 1 inch below the pelvic bone
    Rise: Measure from crotch up toward belly button to determine where the pants should ride
    Outseam: Measure from waist down the outside of the leg to determine how long your pants should be. In Boot Outseam means you will tuck pants in boot. Over Boot Outseam is for wearing pants outside of the boots.

    Mens - Youth Pants
    1818.5 - 20"8"24.5"25"
    2020.5 - 22"8"26.5"27.5"
    2222.5 - 24"8.25"27.5"30"
    2424.5 - 26"8.25"29"33"
    2626.5 - 28"8.5"32"36"
    2828.5 - 30"9"36"42.5"
    3030.5 - 32"9.5"38.5"43"
    3232.5 - 34"9.75"39"43.5"
    3434.5 - 36"10"40"44.5"
    3636.5 - 38"10"41"45"
    3838.5 - 40"10.25"41.5"45.5"
    4040.5 - 42"10.5"42"46"
    4242.5 - 44"10.75"42.5"46"
    4444.5 - 46"10.75"42.5"46.5"
    4646.5 - 48"10.75"43"46.5"
    4848.5 - 50"10.75"43"46.5"

    Womens Pants

    Youth Small5 7/8 - 6"18.25 - 19"47-48cm
    Youth Medium6 1/8 - 6 1/4"19 - 19.75"49-50cm
    Youth Large6 3/8 - 6 1/2"19.75 - 20.5"51-52cm
    X Small6 5/8 - 6 3/4"20.5 - 21.25"53-54cm
    Small6 7/8 - 7"21.25 - 22"55-56cm
    Medium7 1/8 - 7 1/4"22 - 23"57-58cm
    Large7 3/8 - 7 1/2"23 - 23.75"59-60cm
    X Large7 5/8 - 7 3/4"23.75 - 24.5"61-62cm
    2X Large7 7/8 - 8"24.5 - 25.25"63-64cm

    4--Youth Small
    5-X SmallYouth Medium
    6-SmallYouth Large
    7X SmallMedium-
    11X Large--
    122X Large--
    133X Large--

    The sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit. However, we are happy to assist you with any needed exchanges.
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