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Fly Racing - Boots - Fly Racing Maverik ATV Boots  
Fly Racing Maverik ATV Boots
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Maverik - Fly Racing Maverik ATV Boots
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Information and Details about the Fly Racing Maverik ATV Boots
made by Fly Racing
Fly Racing Maverik ATV Boots are a supreme shorty boot with the perfect height to provide maximum comfort and performance. The 3 buckle straps are adjustable and replaceable in case they get worn as well as the insole with is removable and replaceable. Ultimate traction is achieved with the double stitched ATV Enduro Vibram sole, these high-end ATV Boots are now affordable even for the average Joe.

The Maverik Shorty boot features a 3-buckle design and a shorter height which is ideal for maximum comfort and performance while riding. An 11 inch overall height is 3-4 inches shorter than most boots and a double stitched ATV/Enduro Vibram® sole provides ultimate traction. The Maverick Shorty boot pushes the limits of feature and function at an unbelievable price


  • All new short height 3-buckle design
  • 11" overall height (3-4 inches shorter than most boots)
  • Ideal height for maximum comfort and performance
  • Double stitched ATV/Enduro Vibram® sole for ultimate traction
  • Multi-adjustable and replaceable buckle-strap system
  • Heat resistant leather panel on inside upper of boot
  • Removable/replaceable insole
  • High-end features at an affordable price

  • Fly Racing Maverik ATV Boots Product Reviews
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    Below are more Fly Racing Reviews from our online customers.
    Hopefully they can help you find the right item and make the best buying decision.

    This review is for Fly Racing M21 Sport Riding Shoes
    we will see - makinlifehappen   MD Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Protection, fit, price
    Cons: Stiff

    Well I just got these today so I am wearing them around the house as to not avoid the possibility of being able to return them. I know they are a sneaker but they do feel snug. Not that it is a bad thing and considering they are leather and then re-enforced in the impact areas they probably just need a few hours of on foot time.I will re-read this in a couple weeks or so when the weather is more kind and I have the chance to wear them on the bike.They are true to size so far as well. I wear a 9-9 and a half in running shoes such as nike adidas and what not. A 10 would have been to large. The lacing system is nice to get the snug fit, while the velcro at the top is nice to keep said laces out of the way.

    This review is for Fly Racing Milepost Air Sport Touring Boots
    Excellent Touring Boot - F6Wingman   NV Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Very light and comfortable.
    Cons: [None]

    I have had the boot for about a month. I went to the Laughlin River Run last month. Road down from Reno Nv about a 600 mile ride. Left Reno in 37dagree weather and the boots keep my feet very comfortale. Good stuff, i would recommend these boot and for the price got a great deal.

    This review is for Fly Racing M21 Sport Riding Shoes
    Those shoes, this store - Helene   IN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good sturdy shoe with more sole than usual for a summer shoe. Perfect toe box. Great visibility. Fit perfect right out of the box.
    Cons: Lace hoops are long, tighteningloosening laces may require care and stage-by-stage action.

    I very much wanted a shoe that would last me one season of teaching the BRCERC and of walking around town- I am not willing to dilapidate my touring or my racing boots over walkies. Besides, my racers are creaky Vertebra system and terrible to walk in. With this in mind, I ordered the M21 in HiViz color. It was my first Fly Racing purchase and it almost did not go well when I received them very promptly after purchase, thank you, upon opening up the laces, one of the loops gave up at the seam, which meant that the shoe was unusable. That was a shame, because I think that you get a lot of shoe for your money with this bootie.This is where it gets really good the Comp Acc team not only was very receptive to my request to return the shoes, but they provided me with no-cost shipment tags, acknowledged receipt of the defective shoes, and sent me a replacement pair. Even if this is an on-line, warehouse-fulfilled order, the whole crew went out of their way to send me a replacement pair and kept me in the loop. And here is the kicker they even took the new shoes out of the box to check the lace hoops before sending.So, while you may find a product at many different vendors, it certainly counts where you purchase it. Competition Accessories' customer service has made a life-long customer here. I plan on telling friends and colleagues this little adventure, and on paying a visit when the weather returns to our shores. Thanks, Ryan and team

    This review is for Fly Racing M21 Sport Riding Shoes
    A Great Pair of Shoes - Mac   TN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good quality sturdy but comfortable shoes
    Cons: None at this moment

    I brought these shoes to go alone with my riding gear. The shoes are very comfortable and stylish. You can wear them everyday with jeans or sports slacks. I ride a sport bike and shifting and braking with no restriction with the movement of ankle due to them being high tops. I got great compliments from my fellow riders and I know a few of them will be buying a pair. So if you're looking for a good pair of motorcycle shoes, I suggest buying a pair, I think you would like these shoes. It does matter if you ride a sports bike or cruiser, you will find the comfortability of these shoes. Oh yea. I normally wear a size 11, but I brought these in a size 12 and perfect fit. A good pair of shoes for a good price..

    This review is for Fly Racing M21 Sport Riding Shoes
    Sport riding shoes - JBH   SC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Nice comfortable fit, sturdy and kept feet dry
    Cons: not good for running

    These shoes were purchased for riding on my K1200Rs. They are both sturdy and comfortable and the reinforced toe section make shifting painless. Rode through 5 hours of rain and feet remained dry and comfortable.Quality is top notch.

    This review is for Fly Racing M21 Sport Riding Shoes
    Fly Racing M21 riding shoes - BMW rider   CO Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: protective, light, airy, stable on the pegs.
    Cons: not as protective as full on boot

    For a riding shoe, great. The internal shank makes the sole firm, crush proof and has a great feel on the pegs. Well made, with good materials. Moves air well for summer riding.

    This review is for Fly Racing M21 Sport Riding Shoes
    Fly Racing M21 - jimmstr17   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Perfect fit, well constucted, competitive price
    Cons: May be hard to get

    I waited almost 8 weeks for these shoes and it was worth it I ride year round here in SW Florida and in the summer it can be brutally hot. These shoes offer great support, a solid sole with comfortable foot bed and excellent venting properties. I have been looking for a shoe with those properties for quite a while and have finally found them. Thanks to Fly Racing for developing these shoes and Competition Accessories for making them available.

    This review is for Fly Racing M21 Sport Riding Shoes
    Great boots for the money - JP   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Lightweight leather construction. Plastic toe and heel guards. Full length steel shank. Breathable panels. Anti-slip rubber compound soles.
    Cons: Shoe strings ....

    I bought these in a size 10 and they fit like most size 10s typically do. They seem like sturdy well built boots for this price range. Definitely better then any sneaker or light hiking boot. Armored race boot not at all but has a reasonable level of protection. Fly Racing has done a great job with these boots.I'm still breaking these in but they get more and more comfortable each day. I definitely feel a good breeze flowing through, not bad for a bang for your buck boot. I was surprised at how comfortable they are walking around. I don't think you can do much better at this price point if you are looking for a nice low cost summer boot.

    This review is for Fly Maverik MX Boots
    Great entry level offroad boots - JC in NC   NC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Durable, sturdy, protective, inexpensive
    Cons: Longevity of the plastic latches is questionable

    I bought these boots for my 14yo son who, like me, is just getting into dirt bikes. The boots are very sturdy and they fit his hobbit like size 11 feet just fine. He finds them comfortable enough to ride around all day, practically everyday. I've got a set of Alpinestars Tech 8 boots and I think the Fly Maverik's are almost as good for a much lower entry price. These boots are great for trail riding, not quite MX level riding I would think though.

    This review is for Fly Racing M21 Sport Riding Shoes
    I was surprised.. - exofishio   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: light, cool, cheap
    Cons: none yet

    at the quality for a hundred bucks. These shoes have just become my go-to local riding shoe. I wouldn't wear them on the road, they are not waterproof and there is no way to get them that way since the uppers are nicely perforated and vented on the sides. The air flow at speed is comfortable in 90 degree weather, and even with 80 humidity, my socks stayed dry. This is not a winter shoe, and the hiking boot looks are pleasantly deceiving. This is a serious MC shoe.The sole is very stiff, VERY stiff, but it should be to provide a shield for the foot. The sole is also slightly concave so that when your foot goes down at the stops there is no ankle roll nor instability.I wear a 13 US and the 13 fits comfortably tight, like a motorcycle shoe should, and the laces will allow for about any condition of arch or sock thickness. The ankle padding is substantial, the heel cup is stiff, but low enough it doesn't abrade the malleolus and the toe box seems up to the job.Nicely done reflective sides and mid-heel, 2 sets of laces, hi viz lime and black, the parts are cut well, sewn and glued neatly and the sole seems to be attached to the shoe well. The lace loops seem well anchored and evenly spaced. Initially, I did not like the way the shoe fit my foot nor how it felt walking, but after about 12 hours in the shoe, walking and riding, I didn't notice it on me. It isn't that it takes some 'getting used to' as we say in Texas, it simply breaks in to a very comfortable fit with a little use.The hiviz lime doesn't get grungy as quickly as I thought it would, and I don't know how these would hold up in the wash, but for the money and the style, I haven't seen any better.CompAcc's shipping was a little slow this time, but hey, its free, and their customer service is always first rate, so I don't kvetch too loud.

    Sizing Chart & Specs for the Fly Racing Maverik ATV Boots
    Jacket and Jersey Measurements
    Sleeve: Measure from the center of the spine, across the top of the shoulder toward the arm, and then down the arm to the wrist.
    Chest/Bust: Measure the broadest part of the Chest or Bust

    Mens Jackets and Jerseys
    X Large34-35"44-46"
    2X Large37"48-50"
    3X Large38"52-54"
    4X Large38.5"56-58"
    5X Large39"60-62"

    Youth Jackets and Jerseys

    Womens Jackets and Jerseys
    X Small28"32"24"

    Pant Measurements
    Waist/Hip: Measure around the waist, approximately 1 inch below the pelvic bone
    Rise: Measure from crotch up toward belly button to determine where the pants should ride
    Outseam: Measure from waist down the outside of the leg to determine how long your pants should be. In Boot Outseam means you will tuck pants in boot. Over Boot Outseam is for wearing pants outside of the boots.

    Mens - Youth Pants
    1818.5 - 20"8"24.5"25"
    2020.5 - 22"8"26.5"27.5"
    2222.5 - 24"8.25"27.5"30"
    2424.5 - 26"8.25"29"33"
    2626.5 - 28"8.5"32"36"
    2828.5 - 30"9"36"42.5"
    3030.5 - 32"9.5"38.5"43"
    3232.5 - 34"9.75"39"43.5"
    3434.5 - 36"10"40"44.5"
    3636.5 - 38"10"41"45"
    3838.5 - 40"10.25"41.5"45.5"
    4040.5 - 42"10.5"42"46"
    4242.5 - 44"10.75"42.5"46"
    4444.5 - 46"10.75"42.5"46.5"
    4646.5 - 48"10.75"43"46.5"
    4848.5 - 50"10.75"43"46.5"

    Womens Pants

    Youth Small5 7/8 - 6"18.25 - 19"47-48cm
    Youth Medium6 1/8 - 6 1/4"19 - 19.75"49-50cm
    Youth Large6 3/8 - 6 1/2"19.75 - 20.5"51-52cm
    X Small6 5/8 - 6 3/4"20.5 - 21.25"53-54cm
    Small6 7/8 - 7"21.25 - 22"55-56cm
    Medium7 1/8 - 7 1/4"22 - 23"57-58cm
    Large7 3/8 - 7 1/2"23 - 23.75"59-60cm
    X Large7 5/8 - 7 3/4"23.75 - 24.5"61-62cm
    2X Large7 7/8 - 8"24.5 - 25.25"63-64cm

    4--Youth Small
    5-X SmallYouth Medium
    6-SmallYouth Large
    7X SmallMedium-
    11X Large--
    122X Large--
    133X Large--

    The sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit. However, we are happy to assist you with any needed exchanges.
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