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Fly Racing - Fly Racing F2 Carbon Dragon Alliance Helmet 2014 Fly Racing - Fly Racing F2 Carbon Dragon Alliance Helmet 2014 Fly Racing - Fly Racing F2 Carbon Dragon Alliance Helmet 2014 Fly Racing - Fly Racing F2 Carbon Dragon Alliance Helmet 2014
Fly Racing F2 Carbon Dragon Alliance Helmet 2014
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Video Reviews
Hey this is Reuben with competition accessories. today were here with the fly f2 carbon helmet. This is a dirt helmet that falls right in that 250 to 300 dollar range that there isnt a whole lot to choose from in. I mean you have a lot of entry level helmets from the 100 to 200 dollar range and then it seems like theres a bit of a gap and then your getting up to 4 5 6 hundred dollar helmets in the off road world. So if your shopping around for a dirt helmet as far as bang for the buck this is a definitely a really good one to take a look at. First of all as the name implies f2 carbon it is a carbon fiber Kevlar shell so you have a composite construction shell with a weaved blend of carbon fiber and Kevlar its very strong and its also light weight so its going to be a nice stiff shell. Its lighter than the polycarbonate helmets that youll find out there in lower price ranges and it comes in a variety of different graphics as well. Up here I have an Andrew short and a Trey Canard replicas. Talk about the ventilation first of all there are 11 intake vents and 4 exhaust vents in this helmet. You have a ton of ventilation in the chin bar so that scenario obviously your breathing hard if your out racing you need a lot of fresh air coming in and you got plenty of air to come in at the front of the chin bar and the sides you have some nice screened mesh there below the visor here. Youve got some other additional intake vents built into the front of the shell. Same thing at the top of the helmet and theres pass through passages airways for the air to get through the visor so it doesnt scoop a lot of air. The airs actually got somewhere to go and its going to get channeled right into this vent right here at the top of the helmet. Looking at the back of the helmet youve got some more ventilation. Youve got exhaust vents at the back theres 4 there 2 up here and 2 at the base here and thats to get hot air out so as you ride cool air is going to be pushed in from the front and as you ride a vacuum will be created behind the helmet and the area of low pressure will draw the warm air from inside the helmet out which is a very effective way of cooling the helmet and you can see Ive got little guy Andrew short on the back there. Another thing about ventilation and this is a really neat feature at the front of the helmet here youve got some additional intake vents and they call this their tri vent goggle anti fog vent basically its directing air around the goggles to draw air the warm air out of the goggles to prevent fogging in the goggles which is a problem obviously if your racing. I mean a lot of modern goggles do a fantastic job at preventing fog but if they dont get a lot of air flow they have a harder time managing it so that just is an additional feature that is very very beneficial for people who are you know getting really hot in their helmets and racing especially if its cooler weather out its really critical to get the air flow to the goggles. Other nice little touches about this helmet youve got aluminum hardware everywhere so youve got aluminum rivets for the visor to be held on, aluminum rivets for the chin bar, nice d rings so its definitely a top quality helmet. But sill again your in the 250 to 300 dollar price range so your getting a lot of bang for your buck. Talk about the interior of the helmet Its got a quick release interior which means its very simple to remove which is great for people who ride a lot. If you need to pull the interior out and clean it up after your ride especially you know its been really dusty and sweaty youll be able to pull this out and clean it very easily. Youll see the back of the cheek pad is actually an open design so you get plenty of air flow its not going to get really hot in the helmet and they basically just attach with a few snaps and they come right out. Very simple design the interior of this helmet as we pull it out youll see the eps liner. EPA is basically the foam that is doing the job of absorbing the impact in a crash and what youll see I want you to notice that theres actually two pieces so its actually a two piece EPS liner system. So youve got the internal surround the goes around your head and then you have this center piece at the top here thats a different density of foam and the purpose for that is so it progressively absorbs the impact. You have softer foam leading into harder foam so that a lighter hit is going to going to be absorbed by the soft foam and a heavier hit is going to be progressively absorbed so that theres minimum impact to your actual head. Other things to note inside the helmet once weve got the guts our of here you can really see how much ventilation there actually is in this helmet and thats something you definitely see a difference with different price points of helmets. So as you move up into more expensive helmets such as this one youre getting more and more ventilation than what youd get on a lower end helmet. Youve got plenty of intake vents at the front that are going to reach directly to your skin. Theres air vent channels that are going to direct that air flow right over the top of your head and theres plenty of places for that hot air to escape. So you can see theres lots of for the air to come in and out through the vent system. Its also EPS lined all the way around the chin bar with a nice cover of foam and rubber so thats a nice touch as well and a built in roost guard around the nose as well which is a very nice shape its not going to jab you or anything like that and its nice and soft so it shouldnt bother you at all and its also going to protect you from the roost that is kicked up. That is the Fly F2 Carbon from Fly Racing if you need, again a very high-end helmet without paying the extremely high end price that youd find in some other brands the Fly F2 Carbon is definitely a great helmet to look at. Got some really great replicas from some of their racers as well as some other graphics that are available. Make sure you click here to subscribe to us on You Tube. Also check us out on Facebook we have monthly giveaways that we do every month. Thanks for watching for watching and well see you next time.
Information and Details about the Fly Racing F2 Carbon Dragon Alliance Helmet 2014
made by Fly Racing
The F2 Carbon sets itself apart with a unique style and identity all its own. Utilizing state-of-the-art, aircraft grade carbon fiber and Kevlar® composite construction, the F2 Carbon represents lightweight race-inspired helmet technology for the masses.

  • SNELL M2010, DOT Approved For USA – other standards include: ECE and AS (Australian). Meets or exceeds the toughest safety standards on the market
  • Composite Construction Shell – outer shell is constructed using state-of-the-art, aircraft grade woven carbon fiber and Kevlar® composite materials, which creates superior strength while remaining extremely light
  • Dual Density EPS Liner – two layers of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), one softer one slightly harder, combine to provide more progressive impact absorption for different levels of impact
  • Multi-port Air Induction Cooling System – eleven (11) intake and four (4) exhaust vents create massive airflow to keep your head cool
  • Tri-vent Goggle Anti-fog Vents – three (3) air intake vents above goggle eye port draw air from goggle to help clear away fog
  • Flow Through EPS And Comfort Liner Air System – EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) and comfort liner align to maximize airflow
  • Quick Release Washable Comfort Liner and Cheek Pads – plush liner absorbs sweat, provides plenty of ventilation, and is easy to remove and clean with out quick-snap system
  • Custom Molded Rubber Trim With Nose Guard – with its smooth lines the integrated nose guard helps keep pesky rocks away from your nose
  • Lightweight Aluminum Hardware – helmet is constructed using super-strong, lightweight machined aluminum screws, rivets, and D-rings for superior strength and years of worry free use
  • Optional Carbon Fiber Intake Vent Wing – can be added to the helmet for increased direction of airflow on the front vents

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