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Firstgear - Firstgear Mens Jaunt Textile Jacket Firstgear - Firstgear Mens Jaunt Textile Jacket
Firstgear Mens Jaunt Textile Jacket
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Information and Details about the Firstgear Mens Jaunt Textile Jacket
made by Firstgear
Firstgear Jaunt Mens Textile Jackets are waterproof and breathable textile jackets made for varying temps and seasons. CE Armor means abrasion and impact protection, while the Firstgear Jaunt Mens Textile Jackets allow humidity to escape.

  • Outer shell made of HYPERTEXâ„¢ Waterproof and Breathable, high-density, 600 denier polyester for abrasion resistance. It keeps the rain out, but allows humidity to escape
  • Protection includes CE-rated armor in the shoulders and elbows plus an EVA foam back pad; shoulders and elbows reinforced with a second layer of outer fabric
  • The main front, 2-way YKK® zipper is shielded from rain by a double storm flap with rain gutter, held in place by hook-and-loop closures and spring snaps. On the placket inside the storm flap is a security pocket with a red slider for visibility–get to your stuff without unzipping the jacket!
  • Warm weather can be held to a minimum by using 2 front 8” intake plus two 10” back exhaust vents; all 4 vents close using YKK® waterproof zippers. Front vents can be held open by folding the cover inward to hook-and-loop closure
  • For cooler weather, the detachable, insulated, fully-sleeved liner will help retain body warmth
  • Exterior storage provided by 4 generous patch pockets with envelope fold, hook-and-loop and snap closures with large, easy-grab tabs
  • Make adjustments for a personal fit by using the adjustable straps on the collar, arms, sleeve cuffs and waist; all held secure with hook-and-loop. The collar tab tucks back inward easily when not in use. For comfort, the collar is finished with a soft, smooth padded tipping
  • Reflective panels on the front, side arms and back offer nighttime visibility
  • A Firstgear standard; inside every jacket there is a phone pocket on the left side and a map/cargo pocket on the right side. The Jaunt has these pockets in both the liner and the jacket. So, whether the liner is in or out, the internal pockets are in the same place
  • 2-year limited warranty

  • Firstgear Mens Jaunt Textile Jacket Product Reviews
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    Great jacket for touring - Wil from PA   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Lots of storage, adjustable, waterproof, warm
    Cons: Slow pocket access, can get warm

    Wore this jacket for my 4 day Fall Foliage trip on my GSX650F. Temperature was in the low 30's to mid 50's. Kept me warm through the ride, with just a base-layer and a long sleeve-T on. You can still feel that it's cold but it doesn't make you shiver. Rode through one day in the wet and it kept me dry. The collar worked great to keep the chill from getting to my neck. Had lots of storage pockets on the front and a couple inside. They work great to keep your stuff, but can be very hard to get in and out of quickly like when I was getting gas. Jacket gets really warm when it's in the 50's, riding in traffic and direct sunlight. Overall, great jacket designed for touring with and I see many more trips in the future.

    avid rider - Shawn   UT Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: solid jacket, waterproof and very well made
    Cons: wish it came in different colors

    I bought this jacket not knowing what to expect and when I received it I was very pleased. This jacket is the real deal, waterproof, windproof, and is a quality made product. Sizing runs true.

    Buy this and some gloves with the money you save - CaseyOD   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Build quality, YKK Zippers, Zip Out Liner
    Cons: Only okay ventilation, no hand warmer pocket

    For the money this is an amazing jacket. I have the Tourmaster Transition 3 Jacket as well and there really is no comparison in terms of quality. I like all the features of the Transition 3 but you can absolutely tell that the quality control is not nearly as high on this Firstgear jacket. The first thing I did with both, when I received them, was check every single stitch. The Tourmaster is decent but there are areas, like on the reinforced elbows and the reflective piping, where the stitching went off the edge of the part being sewn in. A section of the reflective piping is frayed on one side. These are things that will definitely affect the long term durability of the product. The Jauntr jacket on the other hand is absolutely perfect. There were no hanging threads. The stitching is immaculate and perfectly spaced both inside and out. This was my first Firstgear product. After seeing how great it was I ordered the Firstgear softshell liner because I wanted a light jacket for the Florida winter. It's equally well made. Hopefully they continue making products with this level of quality control because I will definitely buy more as needed. As for the jacket itself, it's a basic 34 length jacket. It fits true to size in my opinion. I'm 6'0 with a 46 Chest and the XL fits great. The armor is CE approved and fits decently, not too loose which is a concern with a loose fitting jacket like this. The armor also provides a decent level of coverage, with the elbow armor extending well down your forearm. There is an elastic band around the back of the jacket for a snug but flexible fit around your waist. If it's too loose, on cold days you can cinch it up with the waist adjusting bands. The collar is very high and lined with microfleece so on cold days, with a full face helmet, you don't get a cold neck. The collar also has a tab holder so you can leave it open on hotter days by locking it in place with velcro. There is not much in the way of venting 2 vents on the front shoulders and 2 vents on the back. However, they really work well together. The back vents are along the sides and towards the bottom of your back so the air flows in at your shoulders, across and around your back, and out the rear. The vents have mesh in front of them to keep out bugs and they vent directly to the skin. I bought this mostly for fall,winter, spring on days when it's too cold for my lightweight alpinestars jacket but the venting is effective enough that I have worn this jacket comfortably in temps up to about 80 degrees. Anything higher than 85 and I think you'd probably get a little too uncomfortable. With the liner in the venting doesn't got directly to your skin but to the liner, however it still passes quite a bit of cool air to the body. My Tourmaster has a similar set up with the shoulder vents going directly to the skin but other vents going to the inner waterproof shell. The net effect is that it kind of cools but it also can balloon and feel like a sail pulling you back. I'm not sure why this is, I've tried opening different vents to varying degrees and haven't figured out how to make it not do this. I haven't experienced this at all with the Firstgear. I haven't ridden this jacket in the rain but Firstgear claims that this jacket is waterproof. Based on the build quality I'd have a hard time believing that it isn't. The actual shell is the waterproof portion so there isn't a floating waterproof shell inside of the outer shell. This helps to cut down on weight and, in my experience increases breathability. The internal liner is not a destination layer but it is a very nice addition to the jacket. I've ridden down into the 30's, with the vents open, and was very comfortable. I live in FL but am originally from KS and I'm sure that with a sweatshirt or similar item that you could easily wear this in temperatures into the teens and below and be comfortable. The weak link would be your gloves, not the jacket. The liner snaps in using plastic snaps that seem to be of high quality. The snaps on the pockets and front are high quality metal spring snaps which should last a very long time. One thing I really like about this jacket are those snaps. The front storm flap uses 5 of these snaps. It's a double flap storm flap which should keep out the wind and weather, and when you get to where you're going you don't have to unhook a full strip of velcro, which I find annoying. The Tourmaster has velcro all the way down, which provides a great seal, but it's annoying to make that ripping sound trying to get out of the jacket. Another plus to the snaps is that you only have to undo 2 of them to get to the internal document pocket, PLUS you don't have to unzip the jacket to get to it. The document pocket, where I keep my wallet when riding, is between the storm flap and the main zipper. This is a great touch and I wish all manufacturers did this. A couple of things that would be nice on future versions of this jacket, but may not happen because this jacket is built to a price point are-micro velcro on the parts that are velcro like the cuffs and neck always a nice feature-handwarmer pockets the position of the front cargo pockets is great for storing items but when you've stopped at a destination it's not the most comfortable to put your hands in.-both upper and lower sleeve take ups this is on the new version of the Jaunt-a rabbit pouch on the back to put the liner in when it's too warmFor this price, if I were looking to get a great all around 3 season jacket that you could stretch into summer depending on where you live, I don't think you can do better. Yeah, my tourmaster has more pockets but they're also all velcro and kind of a hassle to use. My tourmaster has more vents but for some reason this seems to vent better. I like my tour master jacket and I wear it, on cloudy days, for visibility, as I got the red. My Jaunt is black and although it does have reflective piping I do feel a little safer on cloudy days wearing a big red stop sign on my back. Last thing to mention is that this jacket has YKK zippers all around. These are the standard and they work flawlessly. I've had some other jackets that say they are YKK but they were clearly fakes because they broke or didn't operate smoothly. These are the real deal. They cost a little more but you get a great product. I got my Jaunt on clearance at Competition Accessories. I think it was a Christmas special or something. The price has gone up a little bit but it's still a steal at 130 bucks. You won't find this quality with this amount of features on any other jacket for 130 bucks. You can get the price, and you can get the features sometimes more but believe me when I say you will not get this kind of quality for 130 bucks. I'd love to be able to buy an Olympia or similar touring jacket but for a guy on a budget this jacket really does get you a lot of the way there. If you're looking at some of the 200 dollar jackets, do yourself a favor, get this one and buy yourself some good winter gloves with the money you save. I got some of the Sliders Cold Pro gloves awhile back and am very happy with the quality of these gloves. httpwww.compacc.compSliders-Cold-Pro-Kevlar-Armored-Gloves1015003Happy riding.

    Firstgear Jaunt Men's Textile Jacket - Jeff   MO Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Very well made
    Cons: None

    I wasn't expecting such a well made jacket for the price.Well worth the 100.00 that I gave for it

    AWESOME JACKET - prorider   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great construction, fit, venting, price...
    Cons: Rearranged the waist strap, now everything's PERFECT.

    I LOVE this jacket. I would say the size is plenty big. I normally buy xl in most of my shirts but I followed their sizing chart and only got a Large. The sleeves are plenty long, the jacket comes down the back plenty far. If you are HUGE in your shoulders it might be a little tight on you mostly from the shoulder protection plastics.My only complaint was that the adjustment straps for the waistline would rub with the sleeve as you move your arm next to your waist. I figured out that if I undid the strapvelcro and turned it 180 degrees, it puts the velcro on the inside and doesn't rub at all. It feels a little bit 'jabby' in the chin but once your on the bike with a helmet it feels right.

    Great buy for under 150 - Matt   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: good vents, waterproof, keeps me warm
    Cons: not a lot of colors to choose from

    well worth every penny. comfortable, fits good. Sizing is right. Not too heavy.

    Good jacket, good fit - Matt   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: warm, comfy, well constucted
    Cons: [None]

    I bought a new motorcycle and had to go pick it up and needed a good jacket to keep me warm. I didn't realize I was going to hit 26 degree temp, but the jacket did its part and kept me from freezing. I bought the large long, and I am 6' 4 225 lbs, and it fits me just right, if I gain weight I might be in trouble.

    mens jacket - Bill C   KY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: good fit well made
    Cons: [None]

    I like it very mush, but wish it would have a hood

    Good Quality, poor fit for me - Joel   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great construction, Hi-Viz, Warm
    Cons: Extremely large in chest, Adjustment belt in wrong place

    Ordered this after trying Sliders 34 jacket. First Gear quality is great as well as their customer service. The jacket however was so large in the chest and waist that when cinched down it wanted to billow up around neck. In the end returned for First Gear Rush Jacket.

    You will freeze to death - Kevin A St1100 w172,000 miles   WI Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: none
    Cons: sleeves to tight on fore arms,no adjustability there

    Who ever designed this jacket never tested it in cold weather,I didnt go ten miles before stopping to check if zipper was was but no insulation the entire length of zipper so cold air hits you right in the center of your body which quickly lowers core temp...put on my heated vest on high and rode another 50 miles but even with vest on high was still cold...air temp was 45F This is totally unacceptable,bought jacket to ride to Tuscon mid April from Wis. but will have to wear my old Cortech....Hope I can get my money back.

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