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Dyna Bead - Dyna Bead Tire Balancing Packs  
Dyna Bead Tire Balancing Packs
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Dyna Bead Bike Packs - Dyna Bead Tire Balancing Packs
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Information and Details about the Dyna Bead Tire Balancing Packs
made by Dyna Bead
  • Applicator is not included. We recommend the applicator also if you do not already have it.
  • Dyna Beads dynamically balance tires on the move, resulting in a smoother ride, and one that lasts the life of the tire
  • Dyna Beads are small ceramic spheres, high in density and perfectly smooth, that travel inside the tire to locate themselves opposite heavy points to eliminate out-of-balance motion
  • The result is not only a smoother ride, but a better look - Dyna Beads eliminate the need for spoke or stick-on weights applied to those beautiful alloys. They can be used with tubes or tubeless tires, and work for scooters as well
  • Dyna Beads are 100% environmentally friendly ceramic, impervious to moisture, and non-abrasive to inner liners and tubes. No special air drying is needed, and Dyna Beads can be installed directly into the tire at mounting time, or after, through the valve stem
  • Dyna Beads gets both you and your tire going smoother, faster than any other balancing method
  • Special product designed for Motorcycles & Scooters
  • Everything you need for a glass smooth ride!

  • Dyna Bead Tire Balancing Packs Product Reviews
    Review this Product  for a chance to win a $100 gift card.

    a - Shawn   NJ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: easy to use, great for anyone to install
    Cons: none

    Been referred to these by a few bike shops that run at way higher speeds than I do. Installed them on my 05 buell with mich pilot road 4 flawless smooth and sweet. word of wisdom....get the bottle for installation.....

    Dyna Beads - Rick Sharpe   NC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Easy to install and price
    Cons: [None]


    Greatest thing since sliced bread - Dave   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: affordable and perfect balancing for the do-it-yourselfer
    Cons: takes patience to install through the valve stem

    Dyna-beads make it possible for the shade tree mechanic to change his own tires and avoid costly shop fees. When you change tires as much as I do, that can save a lot of money. An internet search will reveal the therory behind the balancing beads for those who want to research more. Let me tell you,,, it works. Perfect balance that adapts to changes as the tire wears through it's lifespan. Have faith. Take off all old weights because you won't need them. To keep the inside of the tire dry, I use baby powder as a lubricant to install the tire. It works almost as well as soap and prevents the wet, sticky residue that might foul the action of the ceramic beads and cause wheel corosion.

    dynabeads - bill m   CT Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: no need for balance machine
    Cons: need to buy seperate packages, hard to buy bulk and seperate yourself

    I like to change my own tires and dynabeads allow me to do so. also they work great no vibration, no cupping. good product for the do it yourselfer.

    Copasetic - Damun   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: mounts easily, good grip,
    Cons: none yet

    These are quite similar to Conti Trails, but at a much better price. They turn in well on the road, and have surprisingly good traction in gravel and forested single track. Right mix for BMW 650 Dakar.

    Dyna Beads - COGnosticator   GA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Solved my front wheel balance problem
    Cons: A pain to put in through the valve stem, I was too lazy to take the wheels off the bike

    I had a balance problem from using a static balancer and lead weights and had a small vibration from either my front or rear wheel. I decided to go with the Dyna Beads for both front and rear and glad I did. I was too lazy to take the wheels off and it took about an hour to get the beads in the front and rear but after I got them in there and went for a ride, the problem has been solved. I have a couple of thousand miles on the bike since putting them in and haven't noticed the vibration since. They worked for me thumbs up

    JD Diesel  
    20,000 miles with them and love them. Just make sure yoiu get there valve core too, it has a screen in it to keep the beads out of the valve core when airing down for off road. They will get stuck in there core. Then ya have to pull the core out to get it to hold air in tire. Not to do just a pain the arse. But they are well worth it to get....JD

    Great product. Forgot the little applicator thing on first order so needed to get it. Now the tires are on and no balance problems to report. Definitly better than paying to have you tires balanced...

    Dyna Beads first time user - TNChapman   NC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: No wheel balance needed, Dyna Beads balenced it perfectly
    Cons: Some what difficult to insert into the valve stem

    I ordered the Dyna Beads on a recommendation from a friend. After I changed the tire on my V-Star, I removed the spoke balance weights and put the Dyna Beads in through the valve stem. I am not sure how it could have been easier but the beads kept packing up in the valve stem and I would have to take a picking tool and stir it around to make them flow in. After I put the recommended amount in, took about 10 mins I was finished. I have ridden the bike several times and reached speeds up to 70 mph with absolute total smoothness.

    Dave H  
    Used on my BMW. worked good. Took some time to get done on 1st tire. 2nd tire only took half the time. 300 miles since change and no real complaints.

    I use them in my Ducati and i have never noticed a problem. I was sold after a friend at Harley shop told me to use them. 4k on my rear and haven't noticed any change to wear or handling.

    I put 1 oz of dyna beads in the front tire on my Triumph Tiger. It is 110/80 - 19 with a tube. When I took my bike for a test ride, it wobbled and shook all over the place. I called Dyna Beads and talked with a friendly lady. She asked me if I used a new tube and I advised her I did. She told me to make sure my spokes were tight and she sent me another oz of beads. She told me to try 1/2 the pack and if it still wasn't balanced then to put the other half in. I ended up using the whole oz and still would not balance. I contacted Avon to see if they had any suggestions and they quickly told me that they didn't recommend Dyna Beads for there tires. I ended up removing the wheel again and unable to get the beads out of the tube, I had to go with another new tube. I had the tire balanced with weights and put the wheel back on and went for a ride and the ride was smooth. I was really surprised by the Dyna Beads not working. Every review I have read had positive results and I talked with a friend that used them in his Gold Wing and loved them. Also, I work closely with the trucking industry and about 12 years ago a mechanic told me that they used 5 or 6 golf balls in there steering tires to balance them and they worked great. Kind of the same theory as Dyna Beads. However, I guess every now and then you run into some that they don't work on. From now on my tires will be balanced with weights.

    bought it  
    If you don't, you'll get the beads, but not the applicator.
    "We recommend the applicator also if you do not already have it" means "No applicator comes with the beads: it's an extra cost item."

    Sizing Chart & Specs for the Dyna Bead Tire Balancing Packs

    Tire size chart (66 K)

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