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Continental - Package Deals - Continental Conti Motion Sport Touring Radial Tires - Z-Rated - Package Specials  
Continental Conti Motion Sport Touring Radial Tires - Z-Rated - Package Specials
Retail Price: $259.90 - $267.90
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You Save: $78.92 - $82.92
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Information and Details about the Continental Conti Motion Sport Touring Radial Tires - Z-Rated - Package Specials
made by Continental
This is a Package Deal to get excited about. The Continental Conti Motion Sport Touring Tire Package is here at Competition Accessories and they are extremely popular amongst our customers. These tires are one of our top sellers for good reason and our customers absolutely love them. The Conti Motion Sport Touring Tires are a quality tire at an affordable price. These radial tires are Z-Rated and are a year-round motorcycle tire. With nice traction in wet or dry conditions, you get stability and comfort. The rear tire is a 0 degree steel belt construction that provides you with nice stability and comfort. Not only do you get quality tires when you choose the Continental Conti Motion Sport Touring Tire Package, you get a tire that can put up some miles without complaining. With a newly formulated polymer compound and modern force-oriented tread pattern, you get a long lasting motorcycle tire that is ready for the touring trips across the States. Check our what our customers have to say about these tires and take a look at our video review to see if these tires suit your needs.

  • Outstanding all-around performance radial for year-round use with unmatched levels of wet and dry grip in all conditions
  • Long lasting due to newly formulated polymer compound and modern force-oriented tread pattern
  • 0 degree steel belt construction on the rear tires for the utmost in stability and comfort

  • Continental Conti Motion Sport Touring Radial Tires - Z-Rated - Package Specials Product Reviews
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    Excellent MileageFantastic Value - HWA3rd   AL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Excellent mileage for dual purpose riding,
    Cons: Scrubbing in period

    My current bike is a fairly heavy modded 2012 Yamaha FZ1 with close to 35,000 miles 65 Hi-way, 35 Aggressive and I'm buying my 3rd set of Conti-Motion tires. I've run OEM Dunlop tires, Pirelli D-Rossa 2's, Michelin Power 3's, and Shinko junk. Sometimes you just like something because it works well every time and doesn't break the piggy bank, For me, that something is Conti Motion and the package deal at is just icing on the cake.

    No complaints - Singdam   HI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: great price, last forever
    Cons: nothing at all

    Been riding for over 20 years, own a CBR600rr. These tires will last forever. I live in Hawaii and the weather is hot all year around and it rains often. Sticks to the road in every turn. The bottom line is that you can't get a better tire for the quality and price.

    Great Tires - EBRPyle   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Excellent price, longevity, and traction.
    Cons: none yet

    I put a set of these on my 03 Hayabusa for a cross country trip from Bakersfield Ca to Bar Harbor Maine and back. I got 9500 out of the rear and have about 11500 on the front and the front is still on the bike. I love these tires and cant recommend them enough. I rode through snow wind thunderstorms 2' deep water in Cleveland during June with all the storms and they performed excellent and I'm not easy on tires I took them on the Tail of the Dragon and through Shenandoa Park with no issues. They Rock on the Busa for hard riding too and anyone with a big girl like mine knows what they do to rear tires.

    cant beat em' - blazingsxr   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: longevity
    Cons: sidewall angle

    I Rode from detroit, mi to north carolina on a new set of these tires on a 05 gsxr 750. Rode thru the tail of the dragon, moonshiner, skyway for a few days.then rode back to michigan. After the 2 thoudand mile journey they were still lookin fresh and they didnt flaten out in the middle they really looked close to brand new

    Decent mileage - JayEss   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Price, mileage and performance
    Cons: None for me

    No many people put the actual mileage they get out of the tires, so I will. Bike is a 2000 Triumph Sprint RS. I just replaced the back with another Motion after 8060 miles. They were down to the wearbars, but not the cords - thankfully. The fronts can probably go another 1000-1500 miles. I ride a combination of straights and twisties - we have to ride about 40-60 miles to get to the good twisty roads, so more straight line than I would like. I also do a short commute with this bike as well. Most miles are one up, but about 10 is with a passenger. I am very satisfied with this set of tires, they never gave me a reason to try anything else. They never broke loose or squirreled out. Great price at 170 a set.

    Great tires - Jason   WI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great traction, long wear.
    Cons: None so far.

    I put these Conti's on my Suzuki Bandit 1200 and am thoroughly pleased with them. I have put a few thousand miles on them and I couldn't be happier with them. Cold or hot, wet or dry, I have all the confidence in the world in these tires. I will be buying a 2nd and maybe even a 3rd set of these tires. For the price, I'd be crazy not to.

    I ride a K1200RS and found Conti-motions a killer value! These tires are a smooth ride with good feedback, stick well even in cold rain! and a deal!! I only have 3200mi. and looking good. No cupping, if I get 5000mi. out of them I'll be pleased!
    In the past I've run; RoadSmartsDunlop Mich.PR2's Bridgstone , never get more than 5800mi. out of tires. PR2's have been the best all-round tire,but...... I'm diggin' these so far!
    stay tuned for a follow up....

    Alex C  
    I have a sv650 and I put these on and they are awesome. Handle well and grip great. Thanks to CompAcc for the great tires and FAST Shipping

    great tires for the price. no problems for daily driving highway and city cbr f4i

    awesome tires , i cant believe there so cheap no complaints on my r6

    Bandit Greg  
    Great tires for this price. I used to buy Shinko Advance... before that Bridgestone BT's. These Contis are great for the money. Nice stick and good wear, so far; I only have about 800 miles on my first set. As I'll be doing a lot of distance soon I just ordered a back-up pair.
    I'd suggest this is a no-brainer.

    chuck de  
    I ride a zx7, They are great tires for the price the handling is great.

    Not sure of the tires yet but the speed and service from these guys is outstanding .I cant say enough about the speed and service on my order

    Excellent tire - 06Busa   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: stability, wet traction,speed, longevity
    Cons: [None]

    I've had two sets of theses on my busa. These tires are great. the only thing is once the wires start to show the tire seems to deteriorate faster. May just be that i'm a big 330lb tire grinding lump and I ride kinda hard sometimes. my bike was bought with diablos on...I skidd twice stopping at lights which is why I chose a different tire. will most def. buy these again. Full set for under 200 great deal

    Good tires for the money - FJRrider   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Cheap, good dry traction, cheap, decent mileage, cheap
    Cons: Balance issues, wet traction

    Bike - 2008 Yamah FJRRider - 250 lbsRiding Style - AggressiveRiding location - Nor Cal, mainly twistys, only slab when necessaryRear tire mileage - 4354 miles to the cordsFront tire mileage - 5124 milesTraction on dry roads were never an issue. Wet weather things rear tire got pretty slickery. Tire wear was decent for the price. Comparatively the mileage I got with a set of Michelin PR2 B spec rear was 5360 miles and 4985 miles for the front. Front tires on the Conti had plenty of tread left in the middle but the outsides were toast. Initial mounting and balance went well but felt a wobble in the handlebars on the first trip camping trip with the wife. Checked the balance when I got back and it was a little off. Rebalanced and it was better but always had just a little wobble when loosening the grip on the bars. Never seemed to be an issue otherwise and if I was riding hard I never even noticed. Not enough to change it anyways. Bought a new set and will see if the problem goes away this time.For the money, you can't go wrong

    Conti Motion tires – great skins for the money. I ride an 06 Yamaha FJR and do a lot Highway mileage to get to the mountains of Virginia & West Virginia, usually fully loaded with camping gear or two up! Now on my second rear; first rear lasted 5600 miles, almost to the cords could have stretched a few hundred more but… Front tire now has 7300 and is looking great, no cupping and lots of tread left. I have found that running fully loaded I need to run Yamaha’s recommended psi, but when light no gear, no bags or top case lower the front to about 34psi and rear to 39psi. At full psi light I feel the front sometimes slips squirms in really tight turns to the apex and then rolling on power, by slightly lowering psi this feeling goes away. Back is lowered just because. Rain, different story; rear tire slips even in light rain and straight up riding. I have felt the ABS kick in on several occasions. Front – no complaints, sheds water very well even in a frog stranglers! Caveat – I always slowdown in the rain and never push the speed limit. Overall very good tire for the money! I plain on purchasing another set again from CompAcc.

    Long on feel, short on life - Spadge   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Confidence inspiring. Great grip.
    Cons: 2300 miles and I am below the wear bars on the left side.

    Saw the great price had to try them. They feel great. Neutral steering, Light. But one round trip to St Louis from Little Rock and one weekend in North AR has the rear tire used up. The left side especially but the right as well. First time the wear in the center lags behind the sides. The C14 is a big bike but the previous tire Michelin lasted over 8K.

    Eh - 2linby   Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: Cheap
    Cons: Poor wear and bad front tire

    I could only get 5K out of the rear and the front had internal damage bands slipping or separating so I had to remove the front after only 1500 miles. Wobbled like a mother If the pair price was 50.00 less I might reconsider, but no. My Road-Smarts area much better tire and I will be trying the PR3's soon.

    DON'T DO IT - shspirit   Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: Last fairly long, good price
    Cons: Not a trustworthy compound, slides under braking, slides more when heated up

    Bought one of these for my zx-14 to see if they would perform as well as the shinko 009 raven. What a mistake The Shinko beats this tire in every aspect. It grips ok but get it too hot or touch a brake a tad too much and prepare for some drifting or off-roading. I'm sure on the smaller bikes it could be adequate but I'd rather spend the same amount of money on the Shinko. They grip better, last longer and are very confidence inspiring whereas the Conti just isn't. You can never really trust it.

    Below are more Continental Reviews from our online customers.
    Hopefully they can help you find the right item and make the best buying decision.

    This review is for Continental Conti Road Attack 2 Tires - Package Deals
    Awesome Tires!!! Had them mounted and fully scrubbed in within 21 miles!!! Amazing grip and stick, even when newly mounted due to the new dry mold setup these buns use. I'm not a big believer in using all the tire, even on highly spirited rides, but I noticed that my rear has about a thumb nail's width of Chix Strip, and my front tire has about an inch width of Chix Strip!!! This is on my Gen6 VFR800 RC46 that I use for pleasure and commuting. I have over 4k on them now, very, very slight squaring in the center of the rear tire, but they look like they are holding up the same as my previous Pirelli Angel ST tires another awesome tire, got 8200miles out of those. Confidence inspiring, and when they do break loose too much lean on wet pavement, particularly painted lines-user error, lots of feedback and warnings, and very gradual. Ride is not as smooth as with the Angels, but that's not a bad thing at least for me. I'm the "I want to know everything that's going on with the road" type, so I like the fact that I get constant feedback about the road surface. Good bump soak, and they hold tire pressures extremely well went about 2 months without riding during the winter due to ice and snow....maybe .5 to 1lbs of pressure loss. Fast to get to sticky tire temp, and as I ride year round, that's really awesome for winter time riding. Haven't done much wet weather raining yet...but the opportunities I have had have been pretty secure feeling. All in all, this is a great tire coming from the viewpoint of an above-average 'Clydesdale' rider on a heavy bike and when time to spoon on a new set, it'll be this tire. Seriously freaky the scrub in time!!!!

    This review is for Continental Twinduro TKC 80 Tire Packages
    Have 5k miles on a 1200GS mounted set. Probably 1k was off road. Front has a couple to thousand left, rear at the wear bars. Am pleasantly surprised to have gotten that many miles out of them, expected 1/2 that from the rear.

    This review is for Continental Conti Road Attack 2 Tires - Package Deals
    good mileage - licorice   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: good grip wet or dry, looks good
    Cons: Road Attack 2 has no tread very centre to show wear

    Have had Conti Road Attack on my BMW R1200RT previously and put Road Attack 2's on the last time. No complaints on anything, good feel of road, good grip wet or dry. Just replaced the rear with 15,000 KM on it, the front has 10,000.KM on it and still going.Likely should have replace the rear a little sooner but didn't realize how much distance I had on it. The centre stip that gets all the wear started to break down and would have been to cord soon but was still riding fine. Only negative is the Road Attack 2 has no tread across the very centre line like the Road Attack does, so no wear indicator to tell you when that very centre is worn out.I would say I am an average rider for sport touring class.

    This review is for Continental Twinduro TKC 80 Tire Packages
    I've got about 1000 miles on a set of these TKC80's on my Triumph Tiger. Only about 100 miles on gravel the rest on asphalt from back roads to interstate. The tires have been great on every surface so far. They seem to be wearing pretty good as well.
    A little road buzz on asphalt, but kind of expected out of this aggessive a tread. Overall I've been happy with these tires and would buy again for mostly off road riding.

    Part Number Status for Continental Conti Motion Sport Touring Radial Tires - Z-Rated - Package Specials
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    120/70-17 and 160/60-17 CO-MOT-12/70Z17F $265.90 $184.28 IN STOCK Usually leaves our - warehouse in 1-3 business days
    120/70-17 and 170/60-17 CO-MOT-12/70Z17F $262.90 $182.98 IN STOCK Usually leaves our - warehouse in 1-3 business days
    120/70-17 and 180/55-17 CO-MOT-12/70Z17F $259.90 $180.98 IN STOCK Usually leaves our - warehouse in 1-3 business days
    120/70-17 and 190/50-17 CO-MOT-12/70Z17F $267.90 $184.98 IN STOCK Usually leaves our - warehouse in 1-3 business days

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