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Bike Master - Miscellaneous Electrical - BikeMaster  Automatic Battery Chargers 1.5A  
BikeMaster Automatic Battery Chargers 1.5A


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Information and Details about the BikeMaster Automatic Battery Chargers 1.5A
made by Bike Master
  • Triple mode, 7 stage charger
  • Assesses battery connection polarity
  • Analyzes and diagnoses battery condition
  • Recovers mildly and/or heavily discharged batteries
  • Bulk charges batteries quickly
  • Monitors voltage retention and battery condition
  • Maintains battery with low current if the voltage drops below a set limit
  • Wall bracket and extra long cables for convenient garage use
  • Secure-grip alligator clips
  • Weatherproof fuse holder
  • Permanent connecters with weatherproof cap
  • 3 charge rates: Motorcycles (600ma), cars/boats (3600ma), and boost (for AGM batteries and cold weather charging)
  • Suitable for AGM batteries that require a higher charge voltage
  • Especially useful for charging batteries in freezing weather
  • Backlit LCD display for use in low light conditions
  • Displays real-time charging rate, including voltage and amperage
  • Designed to be connected for months or even years at a time (winter storage)
  • Battery condition monitor indicates if the battery able to hold a charge or is in need of replacement
  • The ChargeMaster 365TD is suitable for all 12V battery types up to 130Ah including: gel, MF and lead acid

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    This review is for Bikemaster 12V-15A Male Plug Cigarette Lighter
    Works well - Matt   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Cheap and easy
    Cons: Wiggles out on rough roads

    This was a much cheaper option for me than switching everything to Powerlet or installing a full time USB or Cig Adapter on the bike. Works perfectly, though you have to support it, if you let the cig end hang down it will pull the powerlet out of the socket, Not a fault of the product though.Ran it in a light rain, uncovered, no issues.

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    Chargemaster 36TD 15-0917 $80.96 Currently Not Available for Order

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