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Bell - Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets Bell - Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets Bell - Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets Bell - Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets Bell - Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets Bell - Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets Bell - Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets Bell - Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets Bell - Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets
Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets
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Bell Transition SOLFX Shield
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SOLFX Shield - Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets
Bell Transition SOLFX Shield - Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets
Clear Front View - Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets
Clear Side View - Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets
Clear Top View - Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets
Solar View - Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets
Solar Top View - Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets
Solar Front View - Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets
Solar Side View - Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets
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Video Reviews
Hey guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories welcome to our review of the Bell SOLFX transitions face shield now this is a photo-chromatic face shield. What does that mean, that's means it actually detects UV rays and it reacts to them and actually gets darker as it is exposed to sunlight, that is a great concept that's going to work whether its night time dark conditions all the way to a bright sunny day like we have here out here in South Carolina so were actually going to demo this for you well show you how well it works how quickly it changes . Your going to want to watch this video were going to throw this on the Bell Star that we have here but briefly this shield will work on just about any current full faced Bell with the exception of the Bell Arrow, so that means if you have a Vortex an RS1 or even the Revolver Modular helmet or the Bell Star The transitions SOLFX will work on that helmet that's also great news for you that think you are upgrading to the RS1 or the Star maybe down the road if you have a Vortex now you can look at the SOLFX shield and consider it because it will actually work with the Bell Star also so a really great thing that bell did there with allowing you to port your old shield over to your new helmet , that's definitely nice not trying to nickle and dime you on a shield every time you want to get a Bell helmet. So this is the SOLFX face shield it looks just like a normal clear face shield right now. Like i said it actually reacts to UV rays it will actually darken up to the point of a dark smoke visor and whats nice about it is it will actually stay anywhere in between it will either be fully dark black smoke or fully clear or a light smoke or any version in between, in fact when you have this on the helmet you cant really tell to be honest you cant really tell that its doing anything it just kind of stays perfect and that's a real testimate to how well it works its imperceivable when you have it on because it just kinda changes seamlessly as your riding and changes adapts to conditions so your eyes stay nice and comfortable throughout your ride so that's great news if your a commuter and your rides take you from day time conditions to night conditions you don't have to bring a second shield with you or if your on a long trip and your dealing with all different types of weather and riding at night and day this is going to work great anytime of the day or night so definitely really nice so throw it on the Bell Star here take it outside and show you how well it actually works. We'll show you how to change a face shield on a bell if your not familiar , its got the quick release system honestly one of the easiest systems on the market. Trigger on the side give it a pull and it pops right out , so it doesn't get much easier then that to change out face shields. We'll go ahead and throw the SOLFX shield on there just line up the tab at the top give it a press and it clicks you'll be ready to go and again the nice thing about this shield is you don't have to swap it out its just going to be the shield that's on your helmet so great great shield. Lets take it out side and see how long it takes from totally clear which is what we have right now to dark smoke. Alright so were going to go from totally clear to completely dark it should take about 30 sec or so , now you can probably see my face through the face shield and it will take about 30 seconds to get completely dark. So if you cant tell its darkening up to where my eyes are not straining at all just a few seconds from completely clear to dark smoke and then it will transition back when you go into lighter conditions or darker conditions now if you go under some trees or into a tunnel its going to be adjusting constantly and like i said it takes about 30 sec or so to go from clear to totally dark and looks great and looks like a dark smoke face shield so if you have a matte black helmet like this it looks really good. Alright so i just brought this thing in from outside and you can tell it has a nice dark tint to the visor now we just brought it in and set it on the table and its been out in the sun for about 5 minutes now so we had it really nice and dark were going to see how long it takes to actually lighten up you should start to be able to see the Bell logo though the top. One thing i will mention is this shield is treated to obviously to be UV protective so its not going to be letting UV in and hurting your eyes but it also has an anti scratch coating on it and their nutritive coating it does have the anti fog coating on the shield as well which works well with cold or wet weather conditions. You can see that going from the dark smoke all the way to the clear sitting here you might think "wow its taking a while " the only time that's really an issue is if you are riding from extremely bright conditions and you go right into total darkness of a tunnel and its not going to be able to keep up with that immediately , but you know if your typically riding with the normal dark smoke visor anyways you would have that same problem but worse this ones going to be lightening up as you ride through. Some times i've gone through tunnels Ive had to open my visor to be able to see well. This one is going to be lightening up as soon as you go through the tunnel and then obviously when you get to the other side it starts darkening again. Another thing that i have noticed while playing with this shield is it does seem that it darkens faster then it lightens going from indoors to outside you know about 30 seconds and then in about 15 or so seconds it has enough tint on it where its not super bright but obviously going from dark smoke to totally clear its going to take a little while. Keep in mind though if you are doing commuting or long distance type trip when your riding with this thing as the day progresses the suns going down there's less UV out there so its actually already going to be lightening up as the sun goes down and then its going to turn to totally clear once the sun goes down all the way so its more of a gradual thing again you typically don't notice the only time you'll run into "oh that's too dark " is when its a sudden transition from super bright to dark which like i said you wont be facing that anyway. Ill go ahead and take the shield off here so you can see how much tint is left on it you can see its pretty much all clear now , its kind of hard to tell against a black helmet here but totally clear again and ready for another day of riding again about 120 bucks jump on our website check out our current pricing and availability very big seller if your a Bell Helmet wearer the RS-1 the Vortex or the Star i definitely recommend this even though its over 100 dollars its well worth it.
Hey guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories and welcome to our video review of the Bell Star. This is the flag ship helmet for Bell. Now for 2013 Bell has actually made some significant changes to the bell star. Even if your familiar with the Bell Star it has been out for a while now, you probably want to watch this video because the newest update to it definitely addresses some of the issues to it that new old one had, mainly sizing. We will talk about that first, the old Bell Star was almost a full size different from the average helmet size if you were going to prepare to even there RS-1. It tended to run about a size big and it was kind of a long oval head shape as well which made it fit a little less than the average person and kind of more for the narrow nitch as far as fit goes. What they have done with the 2013 Bell Star helmet is they have actually taken the same head form that they use in the Bell RS-1 which a very popular helmet right below the Bell Star also a fantastic helmet and they have brought over the same intermediate oval shapes so basically it rounds out the shell just a little bit with the internal shape of the helmet. That means there is more room side to side and less room from front to back. The big key difference to note is that the new Bell Star is now true to size so if you wear about a size medium in any other helmets then you should be a medium in the Bell Star, make sure to double check their size chart on our website you can measure your head. If you have a Bell Star that is prior to the current 2013 or newer sizing your more than likely need to change which size your wearing. Now we will talk about the features that make this helmet just a fantastic helmet, first thing first, the outer shell construction has not changed it is still their Tri-Matrix composite shell which is a blend of fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar. You are getting a very high end strong composite shell that will disperse impact over the broadest area possible and and the other thing that I love about the star is its aerodynamic shape it has this really nice spoiler that flows right off the back of the helmet and it flows through the air really cleanly. Its one of the most stable helmets that I have worn at speeds over triple digits it is just rock solid you dont feel like you are shaking and it gives you a really good feeling when your on the bike. In fact Bell includes in the box a little stick on lip for the rear spoiler for some reason I dont have it up here with me, it sticks on the back and for high speed use if you are at the track you can install that it just sticks on and adds about a millimeter to the back of the spoiler and it is going to provide a little bit more stability for high speed use. Next thing to talk about is the ventilation system. The Bell Star has been highly regarded as one of the most if not the most well vented helmets on the market today. You have a chin bar vent that is nice and large and it directs air up onto the face shield, it opens and closes with a simple slider switch. Then you have a large forehead vent. You can see there are four intake vents that run right across the forehead area here. These will help direct air into and on the forehead and around to your temples. This is something a lot of helmets are lacking, a lot of helmets don't have any vents in that area there. Up in the upper portions of the shell here you have two chimney style vents. These function just like ram air scoops, operate with sliders, slide those back and you are going to have lots of air forced down inside the helmet. When you open these you can actually feel a lot of air flow inside and throughout the helmet. With the Bell Star you can tell that it is flowing air, thats how good the ventilation system is on this helmet. Now the rear has a lot of exhaust vents as well. We talked about this rear spoiler which adds stability, it also incorporates some exhaust vents out the back. As you ride an area of low pressure is created behind the helmet and it draws the warm air right out the back of the helmet to keep you cool and comfortable. One thing to point out on this shell, you can see this ridge here and that's part of that ventilation system built into the shell itself, when the air comes in it actually has somewhere to go. A lot of helmets just drill through the EPS liner which is the foam inside. This actually has air channels or passages built into the shell and the EPS liner. This way it can cover as much area as possible on your head to help keep you cool. The face shield has quite a few things to it that I really like. Number one is there quick release system. Quick release is what Bell calls their base plate mechanism for swapping out the face shield. It is super simple, raise the shield all the way up and you will see a trigger on both sides of the helmet just hit that and the face shield pops right off. To put it back on all you have to do is line up the pin and it pops right back into place. It is really simple and easy to change out face shields. This shield has what they call NutraFog 2. This is an anti-fog coating that they put on the inside of the shield, it is really nice for cooler weather or wet weather conditions where fogging is an issue. Its also anti-scratch coated and UV protected and it has a really nice ratcheting system. It has little micro detentes throughout the range you can see it ratchets all the way up and down until it gets to this one position and it is a really nice cracked position. This for city riding or low speeds or if your stopped at a light you don't want to lift it all the way up you can just crack it and get some air to flow throughout the helmet. Some people might say that is a bit much of a crack rather to be able to just barely crack it which you can actually do. It does close really nice and securely against the gasket which obviously helps from preventing water and unwanted wind from coming inside the helmet. You also have a face shield locking mechanism. So you can tilt this towards the back and that is actually going to lock the shield down. For you guys that are doing track days and high speed riding a lot of times if your riding really fast say 150 mph and you turn your head to check whose next to you or look behind you. That's mostly for the moto gp guys and not the average rider. Lock that shield down and that will prevent from any vacuum pulling the shield open or anything like that. If you slides this towards the front it actually cracks the shield just a little so there is that nice really low sitting position that will help circulate a little bit more air into the helmet without letting in tons of air or dirt or rain. A lot of times when its raining out fogging can be an issue in any conditions even with that anti fog coating no anti fog coating can prevent all the fog. Sometimes the weather is just to bad depending on that. Real briefly I will talk about the solifex shield because that is one of the best things about the Bell Star that there is this face shield available for it and that's the shield that I have here in the package. If you are familiar with it then you are familiar with transition lenses for eye glasses and that's incorporating that technology into a face shield. It retails for about a 120 bucks, it fits the Bell Star as well as a lot of their other helmets and it darkens with exposure to uv and it has a big range any where from a mid tint to a smoke all the way to a light smoke and then perfectly clear. Essentially you can leave this shield on and ride with it year around. Before we go inside the helmet we have a shipping scale that will weigh the size medium Bell Star Helmet and you will see it weighs just over three and a half pounds. Its not going to be super light but its not heavy either and one thing I will say is wearing the Bell Star I tend to feel very very safe. Sometimes you get into these really high end helmets that are super light and it doesnt feel like you have much on your head which personally makes me question how much of an impact can this thing really take. Moving on to the inside of the helmet, you have something really cool right at the chin strap which is kind of silly but is a really nice feature and that is the magnetic chin strap keeper. Just a little detail some people might think of it as a gimmick but it works really well. It will find its place there and wont come loose. The inside material that the Bell Star uses is also found in their moto 9 which is their off road helmet. Its called their X-static XT2 fabric. Now this fabric is actually lined with silver thread and silver has some unique properties. It is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and it is going to help prevent odor so if you are using this helmet for more competitive type riding or it is really hot where you live and you tend to sweat a lot this fabric is going to absorb moisture it will also help prevent odor and bacteria inside the helmet. The other nice thing about it is a lot of times a manufacturer says they have anti bacterial liner, they will coat this material with some kind of treatment that prevents bacteria to grow on it. The problem with that is that treatment wears away and it eventually washes out, especially if you wash the inside of the helmet. That is not the case with the Bell Star helmet, that silver lining will help prevent that from happening. You have a fully removable interior, you do get a nice integrated chin curtain as well. Bell does a great job with their interiors, its just a really nice feeling fabric and it really looks like quality. The Bell Star ranges from 550 dollars to 700 dollars depending on which graphic you go with. If you look at the quality and the red stitching and knowing it has the silver thread throughout the helmet you are getting what you paid for. You can see with the cheek pad how much it is contoured and all the curvature it has to it which really cradles to your cheek and ear. I wont say this is a super quiet helmet, having that many vents on the helmet means it have a lot of air flow throughout the helmet and will have more wind noise because of that. You also have speaker pockets for the communication system if you choose to install one. There is plenty of room behind the ear here also you will see they have some foam here where you can also install the speakers, so you can either open this pocket in the cheek pad and stick the speaker there or you can stick it in if you want to permanently mount it you can remove this foam and you can insert the speaker in that opening. This foam is a critical piece also because if you aren't putting speakers in you do not want to have a hollow piece in between the ear and the shell itself, you want to have something there to absorb sound. Another nice thing is if you do install a speaker into this pocket it is going to be a little bit closer to your ear which is important when you are installing a communication system, or listening to music, or a GPS. To remove the cheek pads it is just a couple of snaps and the tab that goes around the side of the helmet. You can also remove the chin strap cover so a little snap on the back there and you can slide those right off. The crown liner comes out by two snaps at the back and then around the front you actually have a plastic gasket that goes all the way around and this is the one you have to be a little bit more careful with because you don't want to tear the fabric but essentially your pulling the plastic out. You can see they use different pieces of foam or density's of foam throughout the top of the lining just to give you the most comfort and a lot of helmet manufacturers will put mesh on top of this to just give it a kind of finished look. What Bell does is they give you that real nice red stitching and they just leave it open because they want as much air to reach you as possible. We talked about the air passages in the inside of the helmet on the shell itself and here you can see the air passages they have actually built in the EPS liner. This liner is what actually absorbs impact so the shells job is to spread that impact of the greatest area possible and then this foam that you see here is what actually slows your head down inside the helmet so you don't get a brain injury. You have a ton of ventilation with this helmet. Overall for 550-700 dollars the Bell Star is definitely up there in price compared to some other high end manufacturers though. I would say you are getting a lot of bang for your buck with the Bell Star especially if you toss in the solifex face shield which you cannot get with any other helmet manufacturers its a fantastic helmet. This is the new Bell Star for 2013 and don't forget here at Competition Accessories you can also earn up to 5% comp a cash back to use towards future purchases, we have great free shipping deals, easy exchanges and no restocking fees also if you want to click and subscribe to our youtube channel to view all our latest video and product reviews. Thanks for watching and we will see you next time.
Information and Details about the Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets
made by Bell
Its a Clear, Light Smoke, Dark Smoke, Anti-Fog, Scratch Resistance and UV protection in one! Whether you’re looking to dominate the racetrack or just out for a pleasure ride, your vision on a motorcycle is critical. Ensuring clear, crisp vision regardless of lighting conditions can be key to a more enjoyable, better ride. Bell Transitions SOLFX face shields help enhance visual performance by self-adjusting in sun, shade, day and night for a smooth, comfortable ride. Unlike traditional clear or tinted shields, which are static, these visors automatically adjust their level of darkness depending on changing outdoor light conditions. You don't always know what you will experience around the next curve. No need to carry extra shields and no need to spend time struggling to change them – it's time to enjoy the freedom of the open road with shields that adjust for you and enhance your ride.

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    Our Thoughts
    Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield is made Photochromatic by Transitions.
    If you have a Bell Helmet, you need the new Bell SolFX visor. The SolFX is made by Transitions and is a factory bell shield that is coated with the special transitions light sensitive UV coating. So the shield will change colors in UV ( day light ), but not because of headlights, etc at night. So you only need one shield now, not 2 like we are used to. So check out the new Bell SolFX Shield from transitions today.

  • Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets Product Reviews
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    Transitions Shield - Greg M - NWI Region   IN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Multiple shields in one
    Cons: Sticker shock

    If you can get past the initial cost of this visor & click the buy button you will have no regrets once its on your helmet. 1st the shield itself is vey high quality with excellent optics. Then factor in the self darkening technology. Priceless...... As with Transitions eye glass lenses the react rapidly and adjust accordingly. Remember it is not just clear dark. In the evening the dark tint backs off to a softer grey which makes for a perfect all lighting condition visor. Even if you opt to ride with your visor open during the day light hours, the tinted visor acts like a brim on a baseball hat. You will never go back to a standard visor once you log a few hours with this shield.

    Works Great - Tony   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Works as advertised
    Cons: When lowering the shield, you have to push down from the top edge, when using the tab, it flexes the shield and it doesn't seal completely. When you push on the top it closes evenly and seals fine. Not a big deal

    Great for driving at sunrise and sunset. I drive east to work in the morning and west going home. It works perfect. I used to carry sunglasses to put on half way to work. Don't need them anymore.

    Worth every penny - Paul   TN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: All day shield, no need to carry a spare
    Cons: just the cost

    I'm now on my 4th one probably. Crashes took them out.Yet I keep buying them - that should tell you how much I love the shield

    solofx is science in action - ducatirider   MD Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: one shield change and done.
    Cons: [None]

    The fall and spring riding seasons are riddled with AM PM shield changes. For a small investment the solofx transition shield eliminates them all. ghe technology works flawlessly to simplify and increase the riding experience during dawn and dusk jaunts. More companies should learn from Bell in this category. The shield alone brought me over from a Shoei after more than 20 consecutive years in Shoei hats. No regrets after first 5000 miles and dozens of dawn and dusk rides.

    Dan goss - Dan goss   AZ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: [None]
    Cons: [None]

    Works well and nice not to have to change visors.

    Solfx - WI.Rider   WI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: easy installation, does what it was designed to do, adjusts the tint quickly
    Cons: [None]

    My helmet has a built in flip down shield, which was just not dark enough in some situations. Like riding into the rising or setting sun. The SOLFX shield takes care of those situations and rarely makes the flip down shield necessary.

    Bell Transition Lens - Basic Rider   VA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Only lens you need
    Cons: Always afraid to scratch it.

    No need to carry multiple lenses, have a flip down shade or any other gimmick. Keep it polished from bugs and rain, works great. Starts to lose transition quality after 12-18 months of use. Still, best investment you can make for the Bell helmets.

    Every manufacturer needs this - Arthur   MO Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Quality product, quick transitional shifts
    Cons: pricey, could be darker

    Other than some payoff behind the scenes, there is no reason every manufacturer shouldn't have this option. Not having to concern yourself with getting caught out in the dark and carrying a spare shield, or plan around darkness, is so awesome. I wish this shield would get a little darker, but I'm nit-picking as I like a very dark shield. The tint falls between most companies light and dark, so it is very serviceable. Although pretty expensive - it's worth it.

    solex shield - Lynbiker   NY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great Shield
    Cons: None

    This shield should come standard on all bell helmets,no need to carry 2 shields - will fog a bit cool mornings but quickly goes away

    Bell Transitions SOLFX - SV650 Rider   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Convinient, fast tint
    Cons: Not dark enough

    I love having the auto tinting feature. No messing around with shields and you get as much tint as needed for what ever light condition. The only thing I wish could be changed was it getting a little darker. During sunrise and sunset the direct sun light is pretty bright. Any other time of the day it is fantastic. The way I counter that is just to keep my head tipped down a little bit. Great product.

    Yup - Moseph   KS Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: no cut line in you field of vision, no buttons or sliders to press, compact helmet
    Cons: a little darker would be the cherry on top

    ii don't think i will ever go back to a internal visor helmet, and ive owned alot of them.

    Awesome sheild - Rvelvetj   IL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: It does everything well. It's crystal clear all the time and from every angle. You don't even notice it dimming, at some point you just realize that you aren't ever squinting.
    Cons: None

    Install couldn't be easier. Optics couldn't be clearer. Transitions plenty fast for the real world.

    So it - tHawk   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: No sunglasses required
    Cons: Change is not instant

    One of the reasons I purchased the Bell RS1 was for the capability of upgrading to the SOLFX shield. I could not be happier. Shades your face when needed, no distortion, hasn't scratched with normal use and works just like the video says. The only con And this is a stretch being the transition. If you are going in and out of tunnels or something similar. It's not going to keep up, no big deal on my part. All of this said, I still find myself wearing my sunglasses with it sometimes. It's summer and it's hot so I frequently pop up the shield while driving to cool off.I have had no issue with wearing sun glasses and the SOLFX at the same time. I would buy again and would recommend it to anyone. Very happy

    tupelo ms - terry   MS Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: the transition between night and day
    Cons: none

    Great product. The transition in dark and light is great. As always bell's easy installation is a huge plus.

    Great Purchase - akabobo   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Excellent clarity, easy install, no more changing shields
    Cons: None so far

    I am a rider coming off a long hiatus and wish they had these when I started riding. They do exactly what they're supposed to do. I can see where riding into the sun, you might need additional protection because this is not a super dark shield, but for day to day riding around, this is exceptional.

    The clear vision - livingforhim   MD Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Works great
    Cons: cost

    Great product Can ride day or night and not worry about any need for visor or glasses to be changed. To buy this was a no brainer.

    It really works - Stevo   AL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: changes fast, fog resistant, durable against scratches
    Cons: Not dark enough when sun is low at eye level

    This shield works as well as prescription eyeglasses, transition lenses. It changes fast and is uniform throughout. Is completely clear at night and somehow, seems better than a regular clear shield at night. I have used it alot at night. It is also very fog resistant. With the application of Scotts anti fog cleaner, it just will not fog at all. It is expensive, but you do get what you pay for in this shield.

    worth the price - rijiline   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Clear Vision, Tints Quickly, Un-Tints Quickly
    Cons: None

    Yes, this item is expensive but it is well worth it. I had a dark smoke shield and when the sun went down, forget it, could hardly see the cars headlights. But during the day in Florida, you can't go with a clear shield, just too sunny. This shield quickly tints in the sunlight. It seems that it is actually easier to see through then my other Shoei shields I have. There is no distortion. I would highly recommend having one of these.

    All Face Shields Should be Transitions - VJS   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: No need to carry a clear sheild for night riding.
    Cons: pricey, but worth every penny.

    This is the greatest face shield ever. I bought this one for my wife because I like mine so much. All face shields should be transitions. Carrying extra shields takes up valuable storage space on the bike and they tend to get scratched up no matter how careful you are. With the self-tinting shield, one doesn't have to stop at dusk to change out shields. Combined with the Bell Revolver, a great ride

    I bought one of these for my now discontinued Spirit helmet.Its great.Plenty dark out in the sun. I wear glasses so I dont have to mess with my clipons as much.In cold weather it does'nt get as dark but I think it was well worth the price. I wish they were available for every helmet.

    Best 120 I have ever spent... Works great.. No need to switch shield again.

    I ordered this shield with my Bell Vortex Helmet. It works great. I used to have 2 shields with my HJC and had to stop and change it when it got dark. Now the shield changes constantly and I can always see... Plus it gets surprisingly dark when the sun is really bright... I am not sure how I lived without it before now...

    Transitions Shield - SD   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: [None]
    Cons: [None]

    Recently purchased a bell rs1. The option of this shield was a big reason I decided to try a bell. Usually do a few multiday trips a year and packing a second shield is always a bother. Problem solved with the transitions shield Shield performed well over a recent 4 day1300 mile trip. Cold, rain, hot, daytime, nighttime - shield adjusted accordingly. Thankful to have it

    very cool - Travis   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: changes tint... duh
    Cons: not dark enough

    I don't think it gets dark enough. I had a dark smoke shield on my last helmet and in full sunlight this shield doesn't get as dark.If you are riding through variable light beforeafter sunrisesunset then it's definitely worth it. And overall I'm still happy I got it. The fully dark mode is fine, it's just that in Texas I ride in full sun most of the time, so I'd like it to be a little darker.

    Transition shield for the Bell helmet - Day Rider   CT Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Outstanding optical clarity. Excellent transition from no tint to very dark tint in the sun..
    Cons: No UV protection like other shields.

    This product does the job as advertised.. But what I did not know is that the shield has no UV protection.. I had my personal glasses on and with the shield closed my glasses went dark too. This does not happen with my other shields, which is one of the reasons I got a transition shield. I will have to use sun screen if I am going to be out all day..

    nice, but pricey - one2brew   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: ease of install, transitioning tint
    Cons: fitment, longevity of tint, high price

    This thing is great, ease of install is right up there with the best of them, but it doesn't seal completely when lowered into the closed position, not a big deal. The tint reacts quickly when exposed to sunlight, but the level of tint seems to be slightly undarkening with time. I'll admit I use it almost daily, but I've only had it about 4 months These are petty complaints, but for a hundred bucks, I expected more.

    Big screw up for 120 - Sticker   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Gets pretty dark, not cheesy purple tint
    Cons: Expensive, permanent 2 long glue spot on front from Transitions sticker

    Nice shield but some boob decided to attach an adhesive backed Transitions sticker to the front of it. Why couldn't. they use a static vinyl sticker, a molded in brand, or at least put it someplace outside of the clearview area DaftNot acceptable for a 120 face shield.

    SOLFX Shield - ZZR 1200 TX   TX Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: Easy to remove
    Cons: Expensive, fogs, turns to very light smoke only.

    My shield does not work as advertised. Only a very light smoke tint at best even in midday sun. Also, anit-fog feature does not work either. If bright sunlight makes you squint, you need a real tinted shield or wear sunglasses with this one. And at the price of this shield, you can buy 2 or 3 other shields. Also, had to use plastic polish to remove adhesive from label that was attached to shield. Complete waste of money, in my opinion.

    Bell Transitions SOLFX - Bud   Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: Convenient
    Cons: Short lived

    I was excited about this product and ordered it for use here in Florida. It worked wellat first but after the first year, it became less effective in darkening. Now, 3 years later, it does not darken at all.

    Part Number Status for Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets
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    Bell Transition SOLFX Shield 2011343 $139.95 Usually Ships in 1-3 Business Days
    Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets fits:
    Bell Star Helmets
    Bell Revolver
    Bell Revolver EVO Modular Helmets
    Bell Vortex Helmets
    Bell RS-1 Motorcycle helmets
    Bell Qualifier Helmets

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    Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets - SOLFX Shield
    SOLFX Shield
    Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets - Bell Transition SOLFX Shield
    Bell Transition SOLFX Shield
    Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets - Clear Front View
    Clear Front View
    Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets - Clear Side View
    Clear Side View
    Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets - Clear Top View
    Clear Top View
    Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets - Solar View
    Solar View
    Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets - Solar Top View
    Solar Top View
    Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets - Solar Front View
    Solar Front View
    Bell Transitions SOLFX Shield - Fits Star - Revolver - Vortex - RS-1 - Qualifier Helmets - Solar Side View
    Solar Side View