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Bell - Bell Rogue Corey Miller War Eagle Helmet Bell - Bell Rogue Corey Miller War Eagle Helmet Bell - Bell Rogue Corey Miller War Eagle Helmet Bell - Bell Rogue Corey Miller War Eagle Helmet Bell - Bell Rogue Corey Miller War Eagle Helmet
Bell Rogue Corey Miller War Eagle Helmet


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Black - Bell Rogue Corey Miller War Eagle Helmet
Front - Bell Rogue Corey Miller War Eagle Helmet
Back - Bell Rogue Corey Miller War Eagle Helmet
Side Angle - Bell Rogue Corey Miller War Eagle Helmet
Side - Bell Rogue Corey Miller War Eagle Helmet
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Video Reviews
Hey guys this is Reuben here with Competition Accessories welcome to our review of the new Bell Rogue which is available in Black, Matte Black, Green and Brown is an all new innovative helmet from Bell for 2013. If your taking a look at this thing your probably thinking to yourself that is really wicked its probably one of the coolest helmets we've seen here at Competition Accessories especially if you like the half helmet look . Now whats really unique about this helmet is obviously it has a muzzle built in to the front of it , what that allows you to do is add additional protection from wind cold weather bugs rocks anything like that as long as giving the helmet a really fierce look when you've got it on. Whats neat about the muzzle system well talk about that first , First of all its adjustable its has ratchet straps on either side that can be custom fit to your face so you can move them in and out just simply with this ratchet here . Slide them in to where its comfortable for you and just kind of set it and forget it and then when your ready to take the muzzle on and off your actually using the lock magnetic system its got magnets on either side you can just slide it out and easily get the helmet on and off if you don't want to wear the muzzle if you want to put it on like i said for cold weather it just snaps right back in magnetically very easy to put on and take off . As far as fit goes and well talk about that next this is a size medium i wear a size medium in all brands of helmets it fits me great this helmet really feels like it sits down on your head it doesn't fee like its sitting up top and that's really because its kind of an innovative design its kind of a half helmet a shorty helmet but it has the comfort of a three quarter this flexible foam this exterior padding its actually got a neck roll on it but it really feels like it encompasses your whole head and its actually really comfortable when you have the helmet on . As far as fit of the muzzle goes it is adjustable but i found for my face i had to have these straps almost all the way out i could definitely wear it comfortably all day long. If you have a little bit bigger chin or nose they do sell extended straps for this helmet so if you need a little bit more room well be able to swap those straps out though really easily . On the inside of the muzzle you actually have a removable pad with an adjustable nose piece and its vented so you can breath easily so you can pull this out and wash that up if you need to if it gets nasty, the interior here is kind of lined with a foam rubber obviously keep in mind the way that this attaches to the helmet it is not designed for impact deflection other then protecting your from road debris and bugs and things of that nature. Taking a look at the inside you have a very comfortable lining that is in fact removable as well , you have speaker pockets built into the sides here so if your going to rock some tunes while your rocking down the highway you can easily install speakers or comfortably wear headphones underneath your helmet . You can pull these ear pieces out easily with just three snaps that come out very quick and easy , and then the crown lining comes out with a few snaps around the top so if you pull those off you have four snaps you'll see they leave it nice and open with the 3D mesh in the middle that will maximize the air flow to come through the front of the helmet and wash throughout the entire helmet to keep you cool or comfortable. They extend that 3D foam thought out the back of the shell here and you'll see if i spin the helmet around you'll actually have some openings in the back to allow that warm air to escape as you ride that warm air is going to get sucked right out of the helmet this helmet keeps you very comfortable . While were back here notice the little details on the Bell Rogue a metal plate for the DOT instead of a cheep sticker that says Rouge on the back definitely a really cool design little metallic Bell logos something small nothing screaming bell on it and its a matte black finish they also have an Army Green finish and what they call Gunny which is like a gun metal green and they are all a matte finish. Definitely a cool helmet from Bell something completely different were really excited about it i think its going to be a great fit for a lot of people depending on what kind of bike you have in the garage definitely a very cool looking helmet . Check out the Bell Rogue on out website at Competition Accessories .com
Information and Details about the Bell Rogue Corey Miller War Eagle Helmet
made by Bell
The Bell Rogue is exceptionally popular and really is like nothing else on the market. The Rogue can be used with or without the face shield and despite the mask, it is still very comfortable and customers really love the helmet. Get yours Today.. If you do not like it, just send it back in new condition and we will give you a 100% refund. No hassles here!

Fitting a Bluetooth Headset to the Bell Rogue: You can easily mount a bluetooth headset like a Sena, Scala Rider Q3 or G9X or the Uclear to this helmet. The speakers fit easily in. Because the side of the helmet is solid the units can clamp right on without a problem. Just make sure to order a boom mic version bluetooth headset or one like the Uclear that does not use a mic. You need the rigidity to keep it in the right place.

A popular question is can the bell rogue be removed without removing the facemask/muzzle 1st. The answer is yes. It is no problem to remove the helmet. Plus, the muzzle is just on a magnetized clip, so if you did want to remove it, the process is quick and painless.

Purpose built to guard against the elements, the new Rogue has the look of a half helmet with the comfort of a 3 quarter. Featuring an adjustable and removable muzzle, the Rogue offers an innovative solution for exceptional rider comfort. Add in a lightweight composite shell and ultra-comfortable interior, and you’ve got the perfect weapon for a day on the road.

  • Lightweight composite shell.
  • Durable and Innovative Muzzle for optimal rider comfort.
  • Adjustable Muzzle features removable liner.
  • FidLock magnetic connection makes it easy to put on/take off the Muzzle
  • 3 shell and EPS sizes for maximum comfort and size range.
  • Removable and washable interior.
  • Convenient speaker pockets.
  • Premium stainless steel D-rings and metal badges.
  • Five-year warranty
    Please Note: The "muzzle" on this helmet is purely for comfort and is not a protective element. This helmet should provide a similar level of protection that an open face helmet would provide.

    Our Thoughts
    Looking like nothing else out there, the striking Bell Rogue is a different class by its self in the world of half helmets. The real difference is the Rogue’s muzzle. Made to shield the face from wind, cold and bugs, and when needed it can quickly detach. The freedom of an open face helmet and the comfort of a 3 quarter; the Rogue is the ultimate expression of attitude on any type of motorcycle.

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    Bell Rogue Corey Miller War Eagle Helmet - Black
    Bell Rogue Corey Miller War Eagle Helmet - Front
    Bell Rogue Corey Miller War Eagle Helmet - Back
    Bell Rogue Corey Miller War Eagle Helmet - Side Angle
    Side Angle
    Bell Rogue Corey Miller War Eagle Helmet - Side