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Bell - Pit Boss Helmets - Bell Pit Boss Checkers Twin Tonal Helmets Bell - Pit Boss Helmets - Bell Pit Boss Checkers Twin Tonal Helmets Bell - Pit Boss Helmets - Bell Pit Boss Checkers Twin Tonal Helmets Bell - Pit Boss Helmets - Bell Pit Boss Checkers Twin Tonal Helmets Bell - Pit Boss Helmets - Bell Pit Boss Checkers Twin Tonal Helmets Bell - Pit Boss Helmets - Bell Pit Boss Checkers Twin Tonal Helmets Bell - Pit Boss Helmets - Bell Pit Boss Checkers Twin Tonal Helmets Bell - Pit Boss Helmets - Bell Pit Boss Checkers Twin Tonal Helmets
Bell Pit Boss Checkers Twin Tonal Helmets
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Video Reviews
Hey guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories welcome to our huge comparison of shorty helmets now you might be calling these shorty helmets or half helmets whatever it might be if your looking for just a basic motorcycle helmet it has a cool style it can suit your riding style and match your bike we've got a ton of options on our website at Competition Accessories and really were just scratching the surface here what we wanted to do with this video is kinda just give you a over view of what kind of things you can look for when your shopping for a shorty helmet whether your a rider that typically rides with a full faced helmet and want something that just leaves the world a little bit more open for you or if you prefer to ride with no helmet at all and your traveling somewhere that requires you to put one on you know whatever the case may be there's some things that you might want to consider when your looking to purchase one of these. Now the shorty helmets that i have up here on the table range from anywhere around 50 bucks up to around 130 dollars for the Bell at the end there and it really comes down to what materials its made out of in terms of the shell itself and then some of the new little features and nuances between the helmets . If you go on our website in some cases you can find these helmets for under 50 bucks so it really depends on what your budget is as well. Down here at the end we have a Skid Lid original and Skid Lid has sold so many helmets in this style the shorty helmet a lot of people call all lids of this style Skid Lids because they have just sold that many its kind of like Kleenex when that's really a brand name . This is the Skid Lid original and again tons of different graphic options out there of the Skid Lids and very inexpensive pricing the price point is generally around 50 bucks so quick and easy to buy and find one one that you like put it on . Skid Lid does a good job at keeping low profile and throughout this video ill be able to show you what each one of these looks like on my head so you can check that out as well because that's something that a lot of guys have concern over is "Is it going to make my head look like a mushroom?" or " Is this going to be overly large on top of my head ". Now one thing that i want to talk about just real quick at the beginning of this video is Non-DOT helmets Nothing that we sell here at Competition Accessories is a Non-DOT helmet but the DOT is the Department Of Transportation and they have a set of safety standards when it comes to motorcycle helmets . Occasionally when you go to a bike week or something like that you might see some "novelty" style helmets which are not DOT approved . First of all if your in a helmet law state which requires helmets its not legal to wear one of those novelty style helmets and secondly honestly they just don't do much for you in a crash. The way a helmet works is this outer shell when you take a hit and spread the impact over a larger area and then the important piece is the foam lining inside this actually behind the liner of the helmet EPS foam which is essentially like what you would find in an ice cooler and what it does is it slows your head down so if you hit your head it slows your head down. Don't underestimate it doesn't take much of a hit to create brain injury's, wearing a good helmet can definitely save your life in certain crashes certain situations. Any ways Skid lid is always a good bang for the buck and tons and tons of different graphics available. The next one up here is a brand called Vega and this one here is again very low profile and comes with a few different options here. This one has snaps on it , so snaps or something is something you might want if you do maybe throw on a shield over the top over those you know retro style bubble shield for the front of these helmets you could put a little visor peak on the front which is going to help block the sun so if your looking to maybe add some accessories like that to your helmet you might look for a helmet with some snaps on it and again very basic interior with the Vega. Up next we have the Fly .357 this particular one is a really a great looking graphic for the ladies it fades from a really mellow kind of ghost flame job to really bright pink in the back so definitely eye catching and obviously its available in a bunch of different styles for the guys too. But if you notice on this one it has a drop down internal sun visor and that's a great feature for you guys that are riding in mixed lighting conditions too when its really bright out drop that down and its just a little leaver on the side pull it down and now your ready to go . One thing that i will say about these internal visors is they are fantastic for bright light and conditions like that how ever they don't do a whole lot of blocking a whole lot of wind to your eyes , if you tend to tear up a lot your probably still going to want to wear riding eye wear glasses or goggles . If your eyes don't bother you all that much this will protect you from impact bugs and rocks and things like that. One other thing that the Fly . 357 has is a removable interior liner , now why would this be important to somebody? Typically when you have a helmet that has an internal removable liner that means you can pull out the lining and that's just going to allow you to pull this out clean up the helmet and keep it fresh for a longer period of time so if you plan on doing lots of riding you tend to sweat a lot or your riding somewhere where it is really warm out then that's definitely a great option another thing to check out on all these helmets is how all the chin straps are, you know some of these are very basic types of chin strap like the fly here it has a little bit nicer finish to it a little bit softer material that's going to actually come in contact with your face and then some nice metal rings here on the side for the actual chin strap to attach and then here at then end you always want the loose end of the chin strap that it kind of dangling down out of the way and it can tend to start flapping on you and its going to start hitting you in the face if you don't have some way to secure it and some of these helmets will have an actual snap like this which is going to do a great job keeping that loose end tucked up out of the way so its not whacking you in the face when your riding down the road. Alright behind that one here your going to get into has these intake scoops at the top you can open and close these vents this particular helmet is a Z1R and you can also see it has a removable visor piece, so if you like the look of that or if you want just a little bit of sun protection obviously the size of the visor peak can kind of depend of how much actual protection and get this one is pretty minimal just for the look of it and the back of this helmet comes down just a little bit further and another thing you'll notice on the Z1R here is you'll actually have a removable wind curtain. So all the way around the bottom of the helmet here is a zip off curtain and this is great for cold weather if you live somewhere where you do do some riding in the colder times of the year in the cooler months you can throw this on and its going to cover up your ears seal up against the base of your head a little better to keep you more comfortable for those types of rides. So the Z1R is definitely a great choice if your looking for that kind of riding situation. Okay here is the Zox Alto helmet this helmet actually comes in two versions you have the Alto and the Alto DDV which stands for Drop Down Visor you can get it with or without the internal sun visor and this particular helmet the price difference is only around 10 dollars to get the internal visor obviously this one comes with a clear and there's other tints available and you also have to kinda pay attention when your shopping some of these will have lots of different options in terms of for instance this one comes with vents at the top that's just going to allow a little bit more air into this helmet just a real smooth finish and this Alto has snaps across the front and this one does not its just simply the visor peaks just held on with those screws on the sides so if you just want to leave the visor peak on that's great but if you wanted to swap out for a shield or something obviously this one has an internal visor built in , this one your going to be able to pull this one off and attach a universal snap on shield if that's what you wanted to do. Now one thing i will say about the Zox Alto helmet if you pick it up its a nice light helmet and that's thanks to the shell construction this is actually a fiber glass shelled helmet and when they use a fiber glass shell over a poly carbonate plastic shell they tend to build it so its still very strong but they use less material so its not as heavy as the poly carbonate version so if weight is an issue for you look for a helmet with that fiber glass shell because they are typically a lighter weight just picking these up you can tell these are on the lighter side . Next up we have a very popular helmet its the Gmax GM55, Gmax is known for giving a lot of bang for its buck tons of features you can see it does have an internal sun visor it also has an internal removable liner and it includes the wind curtain for around your neck in the box as well . So lots of features with this helmet and lots of cool graphics available you can remove the wind curtain if you wanted to take that off and another thing about having a wind curtain like this is , and you'll want to double check what your looking at, but a lot of times you have speaker pockets you can see here there's a little opening you can throw speakers in there if your looking to use a communication system or just listen to some music while your riding you can install speakers another thing you might notice on this one other then having a snap this is the way a lot of the other ones use a or keep the loose end of the strap tucked away little elastic loop that you can stick the loose end of the strap up through so that its not again flapping in the wind and bothering you the only thing with this loop is its not quite as secure as the strap so you've got to make sure that its looped up there well other wise it can just slide back out. Okay last but not least we have the Bell Pit Boss and the Bell Drifter on the table . Well talk about the Drifter first this is kind of unique the shell first of all has a very unique shape you can see it kind of swoops out in the front and the back and its got a little bit more coverage then a typical shorty helmet. what you'll find with bell is extreme attention to detail both the Pit Boss and the Drifter are over a hundred dollars they are quite a bit more expensive then most of these other helmets we've been looking at but you get a lot of really nice features first of all we have a really nice pin striping job on this one and then you'll see rather then little rivets you have little cartridge ends on there and just little features like that and another thing you get with the Bell Drifter is a really nice custom fit . So you've got the chin strap you get these little removable pads that are going to cover your ears which helps keep the ride a little quieter they do have little speaker pockets built in if you want to you can pull those off and if you just want to have an open feel . But whats really unique is this attachment system at the back here and its adjustable so that when you put the helmet on you simply ratchet down this dial on the back and it really feels like the helmets hugging your head and it gives you a really good feeling like its not going anywhere. If you ever have an issue when its trying to lift off your head or buffeting quite a bit depending on what kind of windscreen set up you have on your bike that really helps keep the helmet down secure on the back of your head you see they also give you a nice goggle strap too if you wanted to rock some goggles on this helmet that's going to keep your goggle strap locked into place and not let it slide up out of the way. so definitely a cool helmet in the Bell Drifter. The Pit Boss is an awesome helmet as well its got more of a traditional shorty style you'll see that it gets you a bit of a visor peak and a nice internal drop down sun visor which is again going to give you the benefit of riding with out eye strain in bright conditions and a bit of impact protections from road debris. You get some nice finishing touches these metallic screws on the sides another great graphic and obviously check our website for different graphics that are available and again you get that custom adjustment system on the inside so the inside again is really going to keep the helmet really locked down securely on your head and again a removable neck roll that's going to help keep you nice and comfortable in colder weather and keep the noise out of the helmet a little bit better. You can see the interior of the Bell is nice with the finish it has on it as well and again Bell just does a great job and these are all composite shell helmets as well so again they are a little bit higher end. Last but not least i wanted to show you the Bell Rogue this bad boys about 250 bucks so its quite a bit more expensive then anything else we've looked at but its also very unique we actually have a full detailed review of this helmet if it catches your eye and you want to check out more about it we've got a full review of that but it incorporates this muzzle system which is removable if you slide it up you can take it off and just run it, its kind of like a shorty helmet style but its more like a 3/4 helmet with how much of this material raps down the side of your head but really its just the look of it its a really cool looking helmet held in a couple different colors and this muzzle is designed just to obviously give a really cool look but it also attaches really smoothly with these magnetic systems on the sides clips right into place and its going to provide a little bit more comfort in cold weather road debris and things like that aren't going to be hitting your face as much with the Bell Rogue and again this is about 250 bucks you can check it out on our website. Again this is barely scratching the surface when it comes to shorty helmets you've got so many different brands styles different graphics available on our website and the great thing about him is they are so affordable most of these are all under a hundred bucks and you can just pick the one that you like most and grab it and a lot of guys have multiple helmets just to suite their mood. So you can check them out at Competition Accessories .com
Hey guys this is Reuben with competition accessories. Welcome to our review of the all new bell pit boss helmet. I wanted to wear this helmet during the video to show you that this new shorty style from bell is actually designed to sit down on your head. Its not sitting on top of your head like a lot of other shorty helmets do. This one actually sits nice and low down on your head. It feels like your actually wearing the helmet and it gives you really nice good coverage even though its a shorty helmet. Another great feature about this helmet is it has an internal sun shade. Now it comes with clear, you can also get a smoke one if you wanted to do that. It is a really convenient way to have some eye protection and drop down that visor so you don't have to wear glasses or goggles while you ride with this thing. Now i have one of these in front of me and one thing that is really neat about this helmet is its actually a tri-matrix shell. This is a combination of kevlar, fiberglass, and carbon-fiber. You have a very advanced shell construction. It keeps the helmets weight down, really nice and low. Another thing i wanted to show you is the interior. The inside of the helmet is very nicely lined with a plush material. Another thing you need to see on this helmet is the speed dial system. This system allows you to tighten up these bands, if you have seen a bicycle helmet you will be familiar with this design. What its going to do is cradle the back of your head and you can tighten it up for a custom fit. That is really prevent this helmet from pulling off your head or lifting when your riding, because a lot of times with an open face or shorty helmet, depending on your bike if your sitting really far back or upright, a lot of times you get a lot of lift with this helmets. This going to help hold that helmet down on your head so its nice and comfortable. You will also notice there is a nice neck curtain that goes all the way around the back of the helmet and covers your ears. You can install speakers, there are some pockets right here, so you can install a communication system. The speakers can go right into the pockets here. Its also nice and warm, these are going to give you nice protection over your ears for cold weather riding. Another thing you can do is actually remove that by two snaps and un zip the neck curtain. This is for more of the summer type of riding. You can pull that off and then you will have an open unrestricted air flow throughout this helmet. You can check these helmets out on our website at competition, again that is the bell pit boss. A very nice new design for a shorty type of helmet. Also in the upper right hand corner of our video there is a link to our youtube channel. Make sure you subscribe to us there so you can stay up to date with all our product review videos. Thanks for watching our video review of the bell pit boss and we will see you next time.
Information and Details about the Bell Pit Boss Checkers Twin Tonal Helmets
made by Bell
The Speed Dial system allows this helmet to have a custom comfortable fit for a variety of head shapes and sizes. As a result the XS and Small share the same size. Because all you need to do is put the helmet one and dial it in for a snug comfortable fit. What we really like about the Pit boss is the drop down visor. It gives you plenty of sun protection and also shields your eyes from rocks, gravel and bugs. If you are in the market for a shorty style helmet, you should try the Bell Pit Boss.

  • Lightweight, TriMatrix composite shell—Kevlar/Carbon/Fiberglass blend
  • Innovative Speed Dial™ adjustable fit system
  • Internal Sun Shade offers “on the fly” protection from the sun
  • Removable neck curtain for cold weather riding.
  • Convenient speaker pockets make it easy to set up the Pit Boss with communication devices
  • Five-year warranty

    Our Thoughts
    From the first time you put the Pit Boss helmet on, you can feel the difference. The ultra-light TriMatrix construction keeps weight to a minimum while still passing tough DOT standards. The Pit Boss also features Bell’s innovative Speed Dial adjustable fit system which provides unmatched levels of comfort while drastically reducing the tendency for open face helmets to lift off of the head. And with additional features like a removable neck curtain and drop down sunshield, the Pit Boss truly reigns supreme on the wide open road.

  • Bell Pit Boss Checkers Twin Tonal Helmets Product Reviews
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    Bell - rick   IN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: It's a Bell, great fit,great protection, flip down tinted visor, removable neck curtain, adjustable gizmo in back snugs tight, cool look
    Cons: can I remove the visor, snap a face shield or bubble on the front

    Wearing Bell helmets since my bicycling days, cool looking quality helmet, sure i would like a 600 helmet, but think I have as good a helmet at a fraction of the cost Flip down smoke visor is a nice touch

    Below are more Bell Reviews from our online customers.
    Hopefully they can help you find the right item and make the best buying decision.

    This review is for Bell Pit Boss Solid Helmets
    bell pit boss helmet - freddy   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: adjustable head band, on the fly shade, light
    Cons: [None]

    This is the best helmet I have ever bought. Medium was slightly tight so I went with large and since its adjustable you can make a perfect fit. I can wear my glasses and hearing aids with out taking them off when I ride. You will not regret buying this helmet. Its an ideal extra helmet for whoever your rider is cause its made to fit.

    This review is for Bell Pit Boss Solid Helmets
    Bell Pit Boss - Rick   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: comfortable lightweight
    Cons: none

    Have always worn a novelty helmet. Wanted a helmet to use with my com system so found the pit boss.Great fit and comfortable. Love the flip down visor. Lightweight. Took out the hard hat type adjuster did not need it but if the lining compresses later could add that back. Great helmet and it is legal which was not my purpose. Coms clipped to the edge of the shell and speakers velcro to the straps or go in the speaker pockets if you are using the zip on lower. Price is good. All in all I am impressed with this helmet for price, comfort and looks. Wasnt sure when I ordered it if I would like it but it worked out. Would recommend if you want to switch from a beanie this is close to the same feel.

    This review is for Bell Pit Boss Flame Helmets
    Bell Pit Boss - mstrpwrlftr   MD Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fits great, love the drop visor and adjustability
    Cons: Little hard to zip the neck roll warmer on and off.

    I have two other Bell Helmets, so I am a fan of their products. They fit my head shape. This is the only half helmet that gives you a little sun brim, drop visor, neck warmer that is removable, and adjustable fit That adjustability is what makes this helmet superior. It prevents any sort of lift even when riding at freeway speeds. Also, with the warmer installed, I have ridden in 60 degree weather and been perfectly comfortable. I have also found that the sun shield does not interfere with glasses as others have said. Great product

    This review is for Bell Pit Boss Solid Helmets
    Great Helmet - Ed O.   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Light, built in visor, removable ear curtain, low profile fit, rear adjuster
    Cons: no ventilation, visor optics not great, paint not as durable as some others

    I bought this helmet after looking at a friends Pit Boss. I had another half helmet that was a few years old and had been recalled so was not legally DOT. This helmet was almost as light as the real carbon fiber helmet that it replaced. I was expecting to look like a big mushroom and to have the helmet sit atop my head. I was way off, the helmet actually sat down low on my head. The bottom edge of the helmet almost touches my ears. This helps tremendously with the wind trying to drag the helmet off my head when riding the wife's sporty. It also prevents any airflow when on my touring bike, so it does get a little warm.Now the things that I really don't like about the helmet are first that the paint seems to easily get scratched or chipped. I moved the visor a little and noticed alot of small scratches under the visor. While in my trunk it got a few scratches from other items in the trunk. None of my other helmets Shark Evoline, Fulmer 34 have gotten scratches and same junk stays in the trunk. The second thing is more of an annoyance, the optics for the visors is not too good. The clear being worse than the tinted visor. For the price of the helmet you would think that the optics would be a little better, but when you order a new visor for only 10.00 then I kinda understood. The two annoyances aside I love this helmet, it doesnt hurt my neck after 13 hours I like to ride distance like some heavier half helmets have.

    This review is for Bell Pit Boss Helmets - Replacement Shields
    Easy Replacement - NYHOGRDR   NY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Very easy to change, clear view
    Cons: [None]

    I changed the tinted shield to clear for night riding and rain. Easy clip on change. No clarity distortion.

    This review is for Bell Pit Boss Solid Helmets
    Nolan - Nolan   MN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great fit, very comfortable, High quality
    Cons: Drop down visor has slight distortion

    Very comfortable and the fit was right on. Very high quality, but noticed that there is some distortion when looking through the drop down visor.

    This review is for Bell Pit Boss Flame Helmets
    Amazing fit - Valkyrie rider   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fit is completely adjustable.
    Cons: [None]

    Purchased the pit boss helmet. The fit is adjustable to your exact size. The neck curtain that attaches by a zipper to the bottom of the helmet is warm and very comfortable. The dark shield that is pulled down from the helmet is very handy and easy to access. The adjustment feature on the back has easy access and makes a custom fit very simple. Excellent helmet for the price.

    This review is for Bell Pit Boss Solid Helmets
    I like it - Con   UT Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great fit, lightweight, good price, like the zip in ear covers.
    Cons: None

    I like this helmet. No problems. Love the pull down shade. The adjustable fit is awesome. Makes the helmet feel like a custom fit.

    This review is for Bell Pit Boss Solid Helmets
    Pit Boss Helmet - Big D   MI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Comfortable fit, Nice interior materials, Rear adjust feature elimintes any front lift.
    Cons: [None]

    Very nice comfortable and light half helmet, Pull down shade is a nice touch

    This review is for Bell Pit Boss Solid Helmets
    Excellent - Neal   OH Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fit, performance, function of sunshade
    Cons: Smallr than ots dot halts but still bigger than ideal

    Very impressed with this helmet. I was caught between many different styles and could not make up mind.... I just decided to grab this one due to features, company, and price..... FAR Exceeded my expectations Highly recommend

    This review is for Bell Pit Boss Flame Helmets
    pitboss is BOSS - pcap103   MA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: fit, doesn't feel like it wants to fly off, quality
    Cons: sunshield just okay

    Best shorty I've tried. Like the adjustable fit. Wear the collar with some extra foam in the ear flaps and there is very little wind noise.

    This review is for Bell Pit Boss Flame Helmets
    pit boss helmet - byknrrtl   NC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: well made, occipital adjustment, pull down shield
    Cons: square double d rings

    I bought this helmet for my wife who is claustrophobic and she felt comfortable in this style of helmet. I believe this DOT approved helmet is well constructed, looks good and fits very well, especially due to the occipital adjustment band. Thus the helmet does not move around, fall back or forward in the wind. I also appreciate the added eye protection of the smoke tinted pull down visor which is extremely easy to use. The only thing I would have liked changed are the double d rings which are square and a little rough which could chafe or pinch against the skin in addition to looking a little cheap, it would have been better had Bell fitted the double d rings with a smooth metal and rounded corners.

    This review is for Bell Pit Boss Flame Helmets
    Nwe gear - Tami   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great fit
    Cons: [None]

    Well it's new. The new padding is thick so its a very snug fit. Not a bad thing but just need to get used to it. First helmet with a winter skirt I've had so a slight adjustment. Now to wait for warmer weather to try it how I will wear it the most. Good purchase

    This review is for Bell Pit Boss Solid Helmets
    Hoot - Valkyrie Rider   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: This is a well thought out helmet
    Cons: How the visor operates

    I was looking for a cooler helmet to ride with in this Texas heat and the Pit Boss fills the bill. Fit and finish is beyond reproach. Well made and fits nice thanks to the adjustable band. Why didn't anyone think of this feature sooner That said, the only thing I have trouble with is pulling the sun visor down. It is a little difficult to manage while riding as it wants to come down on the side of the tab further instead of evenly across your field of vision. It is more of a problem if you wear glasses as I usually bump my glasses when lowering the visor. If I know I am going to use it I will lower it first then put on the helmet before riding. Otherwise I like this helmet very much and would recommend it to friends and other riders.

    This review is for Bell Pit Boss Solid Helmets
    Pit Boss Helmet - Rick   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Light feeling to wear, the ratcheting adjustment in the back, removable rear neck and ear curtain, and retractable eye shield
    Cons: Slight hardness feel on the forehead

    The Pit Boss is quite light feeling to wear and the ratcheting adjustment in the back is a nice feature. I also like the retractable eye shield, it easily fits over glasses and the removable neck curtain is also nice for when warmer weather is here . However, the helmet produces a little pressure on the forehead when secured which produces a little helmet fatigue. But that may just be due to the shape of my head. Overall it is a comfortable helmet and would recommend it. It would be nice if the helmet was designed to accept the clamp for attaching a bluetooth headset rather than having to buy a separate attachment soley made for half helmets.

    This review is for Bell Pit Boss Solid Helmets
    Needs some tweeks - Geoff   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fit, comfort, light
    Cons: Hot, Shield badly distorts vision

    Nice helmet but for Florida it is HOT Needs air vents. Also tinted shield is so distorted it is USELESS. Bell missed the mark on this, hopefully they can salvage this unit as it has some nice things going for it...

    This review is for Bell Pit Boss Solid Helmets
    Bell Pit Boss - brotherrich   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: good looking helmet comfortable.
    Cons: a bit top heavy for long rides no air vents needs larger visor

    Found manufacture defects with first purchase. It was a bit top heavy after 8 hours of riding. No air vents made it alttle sweaty.It nice for shorter rides and looks good.

    This review is for Bell Pit Boss Solid Helmets
    Bell Pit Boss - Bell Pit Boss   MA Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: Zip out neck liner is a plus.
    Cons: The built in sun screen is two close to the face. Heavier than most helmits.

    The Helmet is on the heavy side. They are made small so get a larger size if you decide to try one. A tight fit which is the way a helmet should fit places the retractable sun visor way to close to the face to the point of touching the nose when it is down and needs constant adjustment to be comfortable. Not really happy with the helmet. It does appear to be well built but the ergonomics don't work.

    This review is for Bell Pit Boss Flame Helmets
    Bell Pit Boss Helmet &Comp Ass review - Danny   AZ Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: So far not have the chance to try send it back for a defect
    Cons: all the inside was up sided cockeyed lopsided

    The helmet look great but when i try it the all inside was up sided the helmet can stay straight on my head So that can happen right So i call Competition Accessories that when the fun started .The service customer representative on the phone was very RUDE and right a way she said I can help you to fix that over the phone Hello the helmet inside is mounted wrong and is 12 lower on on side that make the helmet look cockeyed or lopsided So anyway that was on the 12262014 . I send back the Helmet on the 12292014 and call back a week later after tracking the return and be sure they received the Helmet and this time again a not very helpful costumer assistant told me the person who's taking care of that just comeback for vacation so she busy with all returns and you have to wait your turn and we 'll decide if the return is justified or not .So we are 1192015 still no helmet no money back no email no nothing So my point is the helmet maybe OK but sure Competition Accessories is far from good Costumer services Now I let My credit card Bank deal with them . To be continued

    Sizing Chart & Specs for the Bell Pit Boss Checkers Twin Tonal Helmets

    Bell Helmet Sizing Chart
    X-Small53 - 546 5/8 - 6 3/420 7/8 - 21 1/4
    Small55 - 566 7/8 - 721 5/8 - 22
    Medium57 - 587 1/8 - 7 1/422 1/2 - 22 7/8
    Large58-597 3/8 - 7 1/223 1/4 - 23 5/8
    X-Large60-617 5/8 - 7 3/424 - 24 3/8
    2X-Large63 - 647 7/8 - 824 3/4 - 25 1/2

    Bell Drifter DLX and Pit Boss Helmets
    X-Small/Small53-556 5/8 - 6 7/820 3/4 - 21 5/8
    Medium56-587 - 7 1/822 - 22 3/4
    Large58-607 1/4 - 7 1/222 3/4 - 23 5/8
    X-Large / 2X-Large61-637 5/8 - 7 7/824 - 24 3/4

    Bell Youth Helmet Sizing Chart
    Youth Small50 - 515 7/8 - 6 1/819 1/2 - 20
    Youth Medium51 - 526 1/8 - 6 3/820 - 20 1/2
    Youth Large52 - 536 3/8 - 6 5/820 1/2 - 21

    The sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit. However, we are happy to assist you with any needed exchanges.
    Part Number Status for Bell Pit Boss Checkers Twin Tonal Helmets
    Options SKU Our Price Availability
    X-Small - Small BH-CHCK-XS/S $129.95 IN STOCK Usually leaves our - warehouse in 1-3 business days
    Medium BH-CHCK-M $129.95 IN STOCK Usually leaves our - warehouse in 1-3 business days
    Large BH-CHCK-L $129.95 IN STOCK Usually leaves our - warehouse in 1-3 business days
    X-Large - 2X-Large BH-CHCK-XL/2X $129.95 IN STOCK Usually leaves our - warehouse in 1-3 business days

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    Bell Pit Boss Checkers Twin Tonal Helmets - Matte Black
    Matte Black
    Bell Pit Boss Checkers Twin Tonal Helmets - Rear View Example
    Rear View Example
    Bell Pit Boss Checkers Twin Tonal Helmets - Angle
    Bell Pit Boss Checkers Twin Tonal Helmets - Side
    Bell Pit Boss Checkers Twin Tonal Helmets - Front
    Bell Pit Boss Checkers Twin Tonal Helmets - Right
    Bell Pit Boss Checkers Twin Tonal Helmets - Top
    Bell Pit Boss Checkers Twin Tonal Helmets - Back