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Bell - Bell Bullitt RSD Viva Helmet  
Bell Bullitt RSD Viva Helmet


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RSD Viva - Bell Bullitt RSD Viva Helmet
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Video Reviews
Hey guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories welcome to our review of the Bell Bullitt Helmet a reincarnation of the original Bell Star that was their full faced helmet back in the 60's so this definitely has that throw back machine kind of look to it that will go great on a variety of motorcycles obviously the main draw out of this helmet is the style and the look of it, but it has some really cool modern technology in it its actually a very safe helmet with a fiber glass composite shell with a duel density EPS liner the shell is made in three different sizes so its going to be sized right to fit your head not this giant piece on your head its going to fit you well its going to keep you comfortable and protect it but lets talk about some of that style because you cant ignore it with this helmet. Its definitely going to be a noticeable piece now its definitely got a large eye port its the first thing your going to notice when you put it on your going to see out of this helmet incredibly there are a few different ways you can run this helmet , it comes with this low profile shield on it you also have the option of changing it out for a bubble shield it gives it even more of a retro look it comes in a verity of different tints and then obviously you can completely remove the shield if you would like to and run glasses or goggles or anything else you'd like to underneath the helmet at well if you'd rather not have a face shield at all , so you have several different ways you can run the helmet and obviously the eye ports large enough you can throw on just about any kind of goggles underneath and they are not going to interfere with the helmet itself. Now as far as changing out the shield you do have to use a coin or a screw driver with these little side plates here you can remove those or replace them if your not leaving the shield on if you replace them it will cover up the little screw holes on the side here keep it nice and clean looking. Obviously this is the flat black version we'll give you a quick little 360 of the helmet here. Its a very clean helmet design meaning there's not a whole lot going on its a very round organic shape, you will see there's a little lip here spoiler integrated and that's just for the rear exhaust vent that's there on the back again its very low profile you can hardly notice that its there its going to allow for warm air to escape out the back and then as far as the ventilation on the front you have some of these mesh grill inserts that go on the top of the shield here its going to allow for some cool air to come in the top of the helmet and you cant really close those ones they are always open , this is definitely more of a fair weather helmet the bottom of the helmet shell is open as well so your going to get a little bit of air circulating up underneath. The chin bar vent here is close able you can actually close it with a little slider switch on the inside of the chin bar if you want to have a little bit of extra air coming in to the mouth area on the shield itself. Now talking about the shield it is positionable with a friction system so you can open it up and kind of place the shield where ever you would like and then this strap here on the side that you pull down with is actually finished in a nice leather and it has a magnifusion magnet in there which actually attaches to the chin bar of the helmet so its not going to be flapping around on you of coarse you cant even tell that that's there the magnet but it is, and it just gives the helmet a nice little touch you can open and close it with the leather strap there. Now looking at the bottom of the helmet here, you'll notice some other features, now this helmet is retailing at 400 bucks so its not an inexpensive helmet I did mention that it does have modern technology in the construction of it but the little details that your going to appreciate as well like the full ring leather neck roll that's really nicely done and the micro suede interior is kinda like perforated micro suede with leather accents on it, the cheek pads and the whole interior is removable and their 3D style cheek pads which means they are going to be contoured to your face to give you a nice cradle feeling on the face itself . Now I did personally find if you put a little bit of pressure of your jaw here you can remedy it with thinner or thicker cheek pads if it doesn't come stock with it , this is a medium here it comes with 30mm cheek pads and you do have the option of running speakers in the helmet if you want its got a nice little cut away by the ear here with this mesh material if you wanted to put head phones on or put some speakers on underneath the helmet as well. The chin strap is a simple double d ring clip closure but you see again the little details are done nicely with a little chrome snap and chrome d rings right there with the little leather strap on it as well and the interior itself is fully removable anti bacterial its going to wick moisture and i wanted to pull it out so that you can see the different types of material that they use some mesh materials some leather trim and the leather bell logo in the center so again its done really nicely its actually really comfortable and that perforation in the material in that suede some perspiration threw to get out of the helmet keeping you comfortable now looking at the EPS liner again that is a duel density EPS liner which means its going to progressively absorb impact it actually has come air channels on it to allow air to flow through the inside of the helmet keeping you comfortable for those hot summer days definitely a really nice helmet as far as fit goes I typically always wear a Medium , this is a size medium its more of an intermediate oval your average head shape they really tried to stay consistent with the RS-1 the Star and now the Bell Bullitt and the new Custom 500 has that kind of consistency in head shape itself . Again with the style its got that matte black finish to it so its definitely looking really nice there's several other colors available as well . And another thing to mention is they make these Bell Logos fully removable so you can peal it off if you don't want any kind of logo to kind of fly under the radar you can do that as well . Check these out on our website at Competition Accessories .com
Information and Details about the Bell Bullitt RSD Viva Helmet
made by Bell
Created to celebrate Bell's 60th anniversary, the very new Bell Bullitt Helmet has exceptional fit and high quality details. With the style set in the past it is nothing but a modern Bell. You can show off your unique style and attitude with a vintage space age look with full face protection. A classic for hitting the streets.

  • Ultra low profile Fiber composite shell
  • Removable washable and anti bacterial Mircro suede interior
  • Padded chin strap with D-ring closure
  • Exclusive Magnefusion™ keeper
  • Industry leading 5 year warranty
  • ECE 22.05 and DOT
  • Weight 1575g

  • Accessory shields available to personalize your style. Try a new Bullitt Bubble Shield or a contrasting Bullitt Flat Shield.

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