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Avon - VP2 - Avon VP2 Xtreme Radial Tires  
Avon VP2 Xtreme Radial Tires


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 - Avon VP2 Xtreme Radial Tires
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Information and Details about the Avon VP2 Xtreme Radial Tires
made by Avon
Avon VP2 Xtreme is a road legal track tire built for pure performance. With a superior dry grip and maximum performance on the track, the Avon VP2 Xtreme is a tire that lives to go fast. Featuring a super sticky compound made for race applications, the Avon VP2 Xtreme heats quickly enhancing its performance. The Avon VP2 Xtreme is NOT recommended for wet use

Avon VP2 Xtreme Radial Rear Tire

The ultra high-performance radial tire developed on the track for hard use both on the circuit whilst remaining road legal, the Viper Xtreme is uncompromising in its pursuit of ultimate dry surface grip and high-speed performance. The Viper Xtreme’s rubber compound is specially formulated to be both super-sticky and to reach its optimum operating temperature extremely quickly, making it ideal for track day use.

Of course, extreme grip is just part of the story. The Viper Xtreme is also designed to be very stable during hard use; its tread contour, for example, is profiled to give a large footprint when your bike’s cranked right over and also to provide confidence-inspiring handling as you flick from one side to the other. Stability is also key to the Viper Xtreme’s performance under heavy braking, while the front tire’s profile is carefully designed to reduce shimmying through the handlebars as you throttle away hard from corners.

  • (W)-rated for speeds of 168 mph
  • Dual track/road tire that delivers the ultimate high-speed performance
  • Steel belts of varying densities are wound together for exceptional stability, flexibility and grip
  • Maximized handling and stability at all angles and during breaking with Advanced Tread Arc Combination-Tri Arc (ATAC-TA)
  • Super-sticky rubber compound for incredible dry-surface grip
  • Handles wet conditions with easy using Enhanced Aqua Flow (EAF) tread pattern
  • Tire changes at various lean angles for improved grip
  • Blackwall
  • Tubeless

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    This review is for Avon VP2 Sport High Performance Tires
    David Boehm  
    An Avon representative suggested that I might want to try the Avon Viper Sport tires on my Ducati ST. I’m running them now and I love these tires!!! They might not last as long as the Azaro’s or the Storm-ST’s, but I do love the way they handle. Although I do love my Viper’s and think I have found perfection, I will still try the new Storm’s because every new set of Avon’s impresses me with the ’state of the art’ technology that they seem to keep coming up with.

    This review is for Avon VP2 Sport High Performance Tires
    Scott Harell  
    Been using AVON’s since the 70s, had a set on my RD350. Ive been racing their tires now for 15 yrs, had a few podium finishes, and other great mentionables, can understand the looks and comments from fellow racers who wonder why I ride so well with these tires, from my experience, its about a good setup and knowing how to ride your race bike. As that race rubber wears down, rebalance that tire, lower that pressure, my typical setup is 28 front, 27-29 rear.

    This review is for Avon VP2 Sport High Performance Tires
    Dave Edwards  
    I bought an ‘99 Hayabusa which had Avons on it. I’ve been riding for 24 years and always been a Metzeler man but that has changed. I’m absolutely astounded at how good your tyres are. 100 grip from the moment I pull off my drive, the best tyre bar none in wet conditions, even in sleet at -4C they give me 100 confidence and the only tyre I have ever used that lets me get my pegs down in the wet. They take all the ‘Busa can give yet are not squared off or past it with 5000 Miles on them. Totally stable under emergency braking, perfect cornering and spot on stability! I now tell all my Bridgestone/Pirelli mates to ditch these ’superior’ tyres and use yours instead; I am now an Avon man for life.

    Part Number Status for Avon VP2 Xtreme Radial Tires
    Options SKU Our Price Availability
    Front, 120/70R17 30-5800 $206.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Rear, 180/55R17 30-5805 $279.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Rear, 190/55R17 30-5806 $298.99 Currently Not Available for Order

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