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Avon - Gripster - Avon AM24 Gripster Dual Sport Tires - 90/90-21 - Front  
Avon AM24 Gripster Dual Sport Tires - 90/90-21 - Front
Retail Price: $139.99
Our Price: $95.99
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90/90-21 T-Rated
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 - Avon AM24 Gripster Dual Sport Tires - 90/90-21 - Front
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Information and Details about the Avon AM24 Gripster Dual Sport Tires - 90/90-21 - Front
made by Avon

  • With it's distinctive, computer-optimised, arrow-headed tread pattern, the robust Gripster has been carefully designed for mid-range trail bikes that are used both on paved roads and down dirt tracks. Grippy and long-lasting.
  • For mid-size dual sport bikes
  • Deep tread pattern for long life and more grip
  • 20% offroad, 80% on road
  • Tubeless
  • T-Rated: for speeds up to 118 mph

  • Avon AM24 Gripster Dual Sport Tires - 90/90-21 - Front Product Reviews
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    Avon Gripster - KLRrider   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Long lasting, grippy
    Cons: A little bumpy

    I bought a KLR650 that had these tires on it. I'm not sure how long they had been on the bike before I bought it, but I have put over 4000 miles on them and the front is wearing down. The rear still has many more miles left on it. I was a little leary of taking twisty roads at higher speed to begin with, but these tires are actually very good in the corners. They ride a little bumpy, but not enough to discourage me from putting them on again once the ones I have are used up. Good tires.

    Excellent Value - KLRing   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good value for price Long Lasting Cornering
    Cons: Slicker than Snot in Clay Not uV tolerant

    I put a pair of Gripsters, front and back, on my KLR 650 about 6000 miles ago. I am a daily commuter on who rides frequently evenings and weekends on improved gravel roads. I've noticed the tread has lasted roughly 2x as long as the terrible stock tires for the bike Gone will be the inordinate vibrations of the worn stock front tire... No, your forks ARE true. Yes, it is the tire. Even now, the rear is in need of replacement and the front has about 400 more miles. On pavement, these babies thrive, as they are well capable of cornering hard when necessary. Likewise, I immediately noticed improvements in stopping distance, as well as mileage moved up about 3-4 mpg. In the dirt, you'll have to stick to Forest Service Roads and the like, being sure to stay away from most mudholes and, large diameter gravel will always be a challenge You'll be good up to about 34 inch sized pebbles, thereafter the tire goes for a walk.. Last, I've noticed these are not so uV tolerant as compared to other tires I've installed. To be fair, I live at 7,000 ft elevation in the American Southwest, where we have more than 240 days of clear sky a year which is almost irrelevant given I cover the bike and garage it when not in use... so.... Overall, I have felt I received my money's worth Riding style 50 50, with acknowledgement that I put about in the forest, not tear the hell out of it..

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    This review is for Avon Gripster Dual Sport Tire Package - 90/90-21 and 130/80-17
    Avon Gripsters - BigDaddy   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great rain tire, long lasting
    Cons: Center wears faster than outside on rear

    So far, I've had two sets of Gripsters on my 2008 KLR650 and I love them. Most of my riding is on the street, with a few jaunts off -road. I will be installing another new set next year before my 7500 mile round trip to Alaska. The set that I am running now has 5K on the rear and 10K on the front. I believe that I still have at least 2K miles left on them before they need replacement. The only complaint that I have is that the center portion of the rear tire wears quicker than the sides and most of my riding is in the twisties. It would be nice if they ran a harder compound down the center. Otherwise, these tires are great in the rain. With wet roads, I am totally confident in my cornering and never felt these tires slide. I will continue to run Avon Gripsters on my bike as long as I own it.

    This review is for Avon AM24 Gripster Dual Sport Tires - 130/80-17 - Rear
    I have been to 30 countries with my KLR and used only the Avon Gripster. They have served me well both on and off road. From Bolivia to Russia and every place in between. I get great traction on and off road and good mileage to boot. I will not travel with my bike without my Gripster's front and and rear.

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