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Arai - Arai XD4 Hi-Viz Yellow Helmet - Fluorescent Neon Arai - Arai XD4 Hi-Viz Yellow Helmet - Fluorescent Neon
Arai XD4 Hi-Viz Yellow Helmet - Fluorescent Neon


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Hi-Viz Yellow - Arai XD4 Hi-Viz Yellow Helmet - Fluorescent Neon
Arai XD4 Hi-Viz Yellow Helmet - Arai XD4 Hi-Viz Yellow Helmet - Fluorescent Neon
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Video Reviews
Hey guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories were here with the all new Arai XD4 which is a duel sport helmet perfect for adventure touring duel, sport riding ,any where from off road adventures to long distance trips around the world its the updated version of the Arai XD3 which i have on either side of this helmet. And at first glance your going to think they look extremely similar and that's because they are Arai XD3 have been taken around the world countless times by many riders its a very very well received helmet and there's not actually too much to improve on but with Arai they have taken the XD3 and they have made it just that much better with the XD4 and the biggest thing that we've noticed with the XD4 is the improved ventilation obviously its still a little bit cold right now i have put about 30 miles on this particular helmet i can tell you right off the bat i was really impressed with it and i wanted to show you some of the features and what makes it an upgrade from an XD3 . First things first its an all new shell shape , again kind of hard to tell from looking at them side by side but it is a slightly more aerodynamic design its still going to be that complex laminate construction that Arai is famous for its fiber glass shell its incredibly stiff and strong its going to disperse impact over a large area its going to keep you very well protected it is SNELL 2010 approved as well as DOT a big thing that you will notice though but if you look at them side by side is the visor peak is just slightly taller so its actually going to flow through the air better then the previous XD3 did and i can attest to that i had this up to 80 miles an hour on the freeway yesterday and it behaved very very well , and one thing i did want to point out is the XD4 as well as the XD3 are designed to be worn in an upright riding position designed for duel sport and adventure style bikes you'll have a more upright seating position.So when your sitting straight up facing into the wind this helmet is very well mannered and its surprisingly not very loud either . I didn't have ear plugs in when i road yesterday and it flew through the air very cleanly felt comfortable obviously with a larger peak like this and a larger chin bar then you would find on a typical full face street helmet , when your doing head checks you do notice a little bit more wind drag but its nothing that isn't manageable. The other thing that you can do with the XD4 as well as the XD3 is remove the visor completely so if your going to log several hundred miles of just pure interstate riding for a day its just a few screws on either side of the visor and remove the peak you could also remove the shield if you'd like and wear goggles if your going to do a lot of off road riding . Ive found personally that you can run goggles underneath the face shield so you can run goggles with just the shield up in the up position and you could also remove the shield completely and wear goggles. Now talking about the shield probably the first thing that i tell people when you first try a duel sport helmet like this especially with the XD4 is the amount of vision you get out of the helmet coming from a full faced street helmet you just have so much larger so much more room in the eye port so vision is incredible out of this helmet absolutely nothing in your peripheral from the helmet shell itself it comes all the way to the back and then its a very tall eye port as well so you can see down to your gages very easily so you don't have to move your head as much in this helmet because its very easy to look around out of the eye port and the large eye port again accommodates being able to wear large goggles underneath if your going to do more off road riding where dust or debris from other riders may be a concern . So first thing about the face shield mechanism is it is actually a dual-cam shield pivot, instead of pivoting up on one access what it does is it raises up and actually kind of slides back to keep the shield nice and low which really improves aerodynamics if you want to ride with the shield raised . To remove the visor and the shield there's these two clear plastic screws that are on either side basically your just going to quickly unscrew those and that will release the visor and under here you can see the mechanism for removing the shield and it basically pops right off so its real easy to swap out. Obviously not quite the same as a street helmet but still very simple for shield changes. There are tinted shields available for the XD4 there's also a pin lock ready shield available . If you want to you have the anti fog capability of the pin lock system there is a pin lock ready shield as well as pin lock specific inserts for the XD4. Another thing while were still on the visor that they approved , you'll see that they now have brow vents built in , these are brought over from the street line the XD3 did not have these these vents are built right into the shield itself but it doesn't just go straight into your face it has small ducts that are built in its going to be kind of hard to see in the video here , basically the air that is coming in the shield is going to directed down through these ducts and around to your temple so its just one more way to get some cool air to your head and when were talking about ventilation that's probably the biggest area that has been improved with the XD4 when your doing adventure style of riding some times you might slow down a lot if your tackling a high mountain pass or something where your slowing down where the terrain gets a little more technical or more challenging you might not be running at such high speeds so having very efficient ventilation and thats very important on a helmet like this first thing you'll notice is the chin bar vent its a similar style to the XD3 but enlarged so you get more air flow , it is completely close able you can also make adjustments on the inside this also might be difficult to show have the air directed straight in towards your mouth or you can direct it up towards the face shield to help reduce fogging and then the side intake vents have the metal screen on them can be opened and closed from in here you can really customize how much air is coming in and coming through the chin bar . There's an adjustable chin curtain along the base of the chin bar here and its small out of the way when you get the helmet on and if you need a little bit more protection from the elements from the rain or cold you can actually extend that to actually protect the inside of the helmet a little bit further. So you've got plenty of ventilation on the chin bar , new vents on the shield there are intake vents at the top of the helmet function as scoops these work really well in conjunction with the visor the peak is going to direct air down into these air scoops if you open them your going to feel a lot of air coming down on top of your head and then another thing you will really notice is the exhaust vents , probably most improved from the XD3 to the XD4 is the style and the way they engineered the exhaust vents to work. The rear cowls have additional outlet holes that are going to work to pull warm air out of the helmet its one of the most effective ways to cool a helmet . As you ride a vacuum is formed behind your head and that vacuum is going to drag the warm air out of the helmet these are close able also you can see there are small sliders here you can adjust how much you want those to function , and then you have some static exhaust vents at the base of the helmet these little cowls work the same way these are always open so warm air again is going to be drawn out here. And if you can tell on the camera it might be hard to see but they have redesigned the shape of them they have a little bit more of a lip to it so its going to create just a little bit more vacuum draw just that little bit more of hot air out of the helmet keeping you more comfortable your definitely going to see some major improvement to the ventilation of the XD4 . Now moving on to the interior of this helmet, Arai uses what they call their dry cool lining . Dry cool is a moisture wicking fabric its going to keep you comfortable again in warmer conditions if your sweating a lot its going to draw moisture away from your skin keeping you comfortable . Again were seeing Arais quick release cheek pads and these are emergency release cheek pads if you were to have an accident you'll see it has orange tabs that have instructions for emergency personnel to remove the cheek pads. Basically there's a small tab for them to look for and they basically can pull those out very easily . Once they've pulled the cheek pads completely out of the helmet you'll see how much larger the opening is so they can pull the cheek pads out then the opening on the base of the helmet is that much larger at least enough to slide that off your head with minimal impact to your neck , and another thing i wanted to show you about the cheek pads is if you remove the dry quick fabric lining , there was the tab we were looking for, you'll see that these pads have their whats called facial contour support . Basically what it is a spring loaded system on the cheek pad when you pull the helmet on and off its going to squish that cheek pad out of the way but once the helmet is on and your face is in side the helmet this is going to spring back against your face creating a little bit better of a seal for the base of the helmet which gives you a quieter ride and its also more comfortable , there's also a 5 millimeter pad on the top of the cheek pad if you feel its just a little tight in the cheek area you can simply peel that away replace the cover and instantly have a little bit more room in the cheek pad area without having to go purchase an additional set of cheek pads now if you need more room then that if you actually have to go the other direction and take up a little more room in the helmet you can obviously purchase different size cheek pads from Arai and we carry those as well , you can remove the rest of the interior which is fantastic for a duel sport type of helmet where you might be sweating in it more then your typical street helmet . There's basically just two snaps at the back of the crown liner and two snaps at the front and that's going to come right out . They use a lot of open material and mesh material in this as well as dry cool fabric just to work very well with the ventilation that's built in with the helmet itself . There's also 5 millimeter tear away pads in the liner, they are temple pads right behind this mesh here you'll see these small pads along the sides of the temples you can peal these off its attached with some thin glue and if you need a little bit more room in the temple area you can modify that part of the helmet as well again just giving you that extra bit of custom fit that Arai is known for , and then if you look at the interior basically you can see that there is several holes in the EPS liner there are nice large openings where the cheek pads go if you wanted to install a speaker system or communication system if you can do that you also have a nice lining around the chin bar so your fully protected in this helmet. One thing Arai does that is fantastic in my opinion is they use a one piece EPS liner so this foam liner what is its job to do once the shell has spread the impact the interior foam is going to absorb that impact so less energy is transformed to your head and what Arai does is they actually use five different densities of foam but its only one piece . Some manufactures circumvent that by using two different pieces of foam that are different densities what Arai does is a little bit more advanced they take up to 5 different densities and mold them into one EPS liner that way there's not multiple pieced to move around its going to be a uniform EPS liner its going to do a fantastic job of absorbing impact and keeping you safe. So that's our first look at the Arai XD4 I've put about 30 miles on this particular helmet so far and I've got to say I've very impressed with it , if you have a passion for duel sport or adventure style riding where your going off road and on road this is probably the best compromise in on and off road helmets that you can get its going to work fantastic on the street works really good off road as well , so check these out on our website at competition accessories .com
Information and Details about the Arai XD4 Hi-Viz Yellow Helmet - Fluorescent Neon
made by Arai
Looking for the perfect Aventure helmet? The Arai XD4 Hi-Viz Yellow Helmet may be just what you are looking for! The Arai XD series is a perennial favorite among Dual Sport and Adventure riders, and now the XD4 replaces the XD3 and is set to become even more popular. Offering 3 distinct helmet configurations: With shield and peak With shield only or With peak only, the XD4 quickly changes into the helmet you need at any given moment. Very lightweight, with extensive safety features, and full of creature comforts, there is absolutely nothing not to like about the Arai XD4 Helmet.

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  • The XD4 uses a completely new shell shape for better aerodynamic stability at higher street speeds
  • Improved fit with New comfort headliner and micro fitting 5mm peel away temple pads
  • Removable/replaceable/washable Interior, including the head liner, cheek pads and chin strap covers
  • Dry-Cool technology keeps the rider dry and cool
  • FCS (facial contour support) cheek pad design with 5mm peel away micro fit feature
  • Emergency cheek pad release system to remove helmet easier in the event of an emergency
  • Exhaust ports added to the top diffuser vents nearly double the airflow
  • Brow vents added, increasing ventilation
  • Chin vent redesigned with more intake ports for ventilation and stability at higher speeds
  • Plus, larger sculpted side cowl vents to improve ventilation

  • Arai XD4 Hi-Viz Yellow Helmet - Fluorescent Neon Product Reviews
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    Could have bought 2 Arai XD4s - ADVMtn Biker Michael   TX Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Everything
    Cons: none

    As one ages, in men mostly, the face widens and your ears keep growing so what use to fit no longer fits and I tried several different makers but passing by Arai because of cost. After spending 23s of what an Arai would cost for each helmet, all good helmets, I could have bought two or three Arais.On a 2900 mile ride to Moab, Utah from Houston, Texas and back last year there is a stretch of road about 200 miles going across most Northern New Mexico into the Texas Panhandle with cross winds that are butt puckering and white knuckle especially around 18 wheels and grain silos next to the road creating an eddy sucking you in and spitting you out. I have ridden this road 5 times and only one time it was not terrifying. I am riding a big Super Tenere Adventure Bike rock solid stable and we are being blown around like I am on a bicycle. I was wearing the Bell version of the XD4 and my head was being blown and knocked in all directions, super tiring.I went on a 150 mile sales call on my Super T across the Coastal Plains of Texas oil field related out in the boondocks, favorite places to ride, wearing the XD4 with a storm a brewing and had the same side cross winds that was across Northern New Mexico lifting me up pushing me into the other lane plus being batted around front, back, and sides. With the Arai my head had little or no movement which was totally unexpected but I was very much pleased.With the Arai I had the same cheek problem as with all the other helmets but Arai has the thin tear away layer on the cheek pads and the helmet fits prefect and is most super comfortable even more so than my full face Shoei which I had to modified the cheek pads. When I am doing 500 to 600 mile days I want the least amount of annoyances and because I wear glasses I need to be able to slide them in and out with ease which is most important to me the only reason I will never wear the Bell again. Most helmets I have had I had to gouge the side of my face to get the ear pieces over my ears and the glasses never fit straight on your face. The Arai my glasses slide in and out with the greatest of ease and sit on my face as if I did not have a helmet on.In Texas the sun can be bright the reason for wanting a bill to keep the sun off of my visor and off my face even with a dark smoke shield the sun wants to cook on your face. The positioning of the bill, peak or whatever you want to call it on the XD4 is perfect. The other helmets I had to tilt my head to make them work.The helmet is way quieter than I thought it would be. I am also impressed with the packaging it came in and the little subtle touches of class and detail of the whole package. I have only had 150 miles with the XD4 and love it looking forward to the next 70,000 miles.

    Awesome - Johnboy   VA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Best helmet you will ever buy
    Cons: Price

    Love the fit and the color. You'll never find a better helmet.

    Best helmet I've ever had...even Arai - drjhawk   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fit & Finish, Quiet
    Cons: Some turbulence when looking over my shoulder at highway speeds.

    I've had several Arai Corsar and Signet helmets over the years. The Arai always fits like a glove, but this XD4 is the best I've ever worn. Although there is more turbulence when looking around at highway speeds, it isn't bad. I was surprised by the increased peripheral vision over the Corsair. The shield mechanics requires a screwdriver, but the tool free changes on my Corsair caused me to break the hinge mechanism. I think there may be better air flow on the XD4 than the Corsair, but I haven't had a hot day ride to fully feel what the helmet delivers, yet. One distraction I've noticed is a slight whistling sound at highway speeds. It goes away if I raise my head. It is probably caused by visor angle. I went with hi-viz yellow and like the way the color pops and gets other people's attention.

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    Arai XD4 Hi-Viz Yellow Helmet - Fluorescent Neon - Hi-Viz Yellow
    Hi-Viz Yellow
    Arai XD4 Hi-Viz Yellow Helmet - Fluorescent Neon - Arai XD4 Hi-Viz Yellow Helmet
    Arai XD4 Hi-Viz Yellow Helmet