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Video Reviews
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Hey this is Reuben with Competition Accessories and we just wanted to make a quick video on how you change the face shield out on the Arai helmet. A lot of people get intimidated by Arai helmet face shields because of the side pod they have where you cant see whats going behind it. What we have done on this helmet here is we installed a clear pod so we could give you a better look at the inner workings of the base plate mechanism and show you how it works. Basically to remove the face shield what I want you to see is this little gray lever here, there are one of those on each side of the helmet. When you raise your shield to the top position those will pop out. Now if your helmet is a little older or a little worn out they might not pop all the way out like a brand new helmet. With the face shield all the way up you just need to lift those levers all the way up. Once you have lifted those until they click, to take the shield off is very simple, you are just going to grab it from the top , rotate it back and pull it off. It comes right off really quickly. You will see guys out at the track if you watch racing at all like the isle of man for instance, they will pull into the pits and they swap face shields on or off in just a matter of seconds. It is one of those things you have to get the hang of. To reinstall the shield is a little trickier, there is a horse shoe shape cut out on the end of the shield here, that's going to line up with the top curve on the helmet or the pod and with the clear ones you can see the round tab that its going to slide over. Your going to slide that in on both sides and its not going to really click or anything, you just have to get it down and on to there like that. Once its in I find it easier to have the helmet facing away from you and then you are just going to close the shield. When you close the shield what happens is this opening this cut out right here slides over that little notch right there, so that is what limits the shield as It opens. That's how to change the Arai face shield out, hopefully that helps you out. You can go to our youtube channel if you click on this link in the upper right hand corner and subscribe to us. We have a lot detailed videos on helmets and other products. You can also check us out on facebook and check us out online, see you next time.
Hey guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories and welcome to our video review of the all new Arai Vector 2 helmet. This is Arai's entry level helmet and when I say entry level its still going to be a premium helmet. Its going to have the same complex laminate construction, so the shell is still going to be that hand laid fiberglass which is extremely and incredibly stiff. One thing that you see on all Arai helmets is this hyper ridge that is molded into the shell itself. This allows them to make the opening of the helmet a little larger so you can get the helmet on and off easier and still have a helmet that fits snug. Another thing that it does is it adds additional stiffness along the base of the helmet. This is a weak spot on the helmets because its open. If you have an impact here that hyper ridge is really going to reinforce the helmet. It also serves as a shock wave buffer so if you hit up here that energy wave is going to be reflective back up and not continue down towards your body. Looking at the aerodynamics of the Vector, there are some differences between the Vector 1 the older version to the Vector 2. First thing they changed was the chin vent. It doesnt really look a whole lot different from the outside but the Vector 2 has more channeling for that air to get inside the helmet to your face and the face shield. They have redesigned the air wing on the back so if you look at the original Vector and the Vector 2, the Vector 2 actually has scoops at the back of the wing that are going to pull more air over the back of the helmet and these vents draw all the warm air out of the helmet which is the most effective ways to cool off the inside of the helmet. There are also some small static vents at the back towards the base of the helmet. Another thing that they have changed on the Vector 2 is the new face shield is going to be wider. It is a wider eye port so you have better vision. Out of the helmet itself it still has those brow vents that are built in, so talk about the ventilation you have a chin bar vent which has two positions, then you have brow vents. Instead of having vents up on the brow of the helmet itself they put them in the face shield and the reason they did that was because they don't want to compromise the integrity of the shell. You can see that the brow vents are directed through these air channels. Those direct the air down around to your fore head so you get some nice air flow there. This top vent is closeable with a simple slider switch and it operates easy with gloves. The same thing goes for the back you can open and close these rear vents and its actually two positions with that slider switch. Moving on to the inside of the helmet. Arai has actually changed a lot about the inside of this helmet as well. The original Vector just had removable cheek pads. The Vector 2 has a fully removable interior. You will see the neck roll is nice and flush, that helps keep the wind noise down. We will go ahead and remove the cheek pads here. Another thing Arai does with their helmets is they give you an option to take some foam off of the cheek pads, so rather than having to buy a thinner cheek pad you can actually tear away this top layer of foam, its called their micro fitting cheek pads. Pull that off and that's going to give you an extra 5 mm of room up in the cheek pad area. Another thing they may notice is they use multiple densities of foam. You have different types of foam and they are contoured to fit your face. They are also springed as you can see when I push it forward, that helps when you are taking the helmet off. Arai does not use snaps on their cheek pads they are basically little tabs one on each side of the cheek pad. To remove the crown liner it is just basically four snaps, two in the front and two in the back. You can take the whole liner out, you can wash it and replace it. Another part of Arai's micro fit system is the tear away temple pads. This allow you to get a little extra room in that area, so if you feel like there is too much pressure on the sides of your head you can actually tear these off of the interior of the liner. On the inside of the helmet you have Arai's single piece EPS liner, which is basically multiple densities of foam but they mold it into one liner piece so you don't have different pieces of foam inside the helmet. Check out this helmet it is definitely a great option if you don't want to spend the money on higher end race helmets from Arai. You can subscribe to our youtube channel by clicking on the link in the upper right hand corner to watch all of our latest product and video reviews. Also check out our facebook page, and you can take a look at the Vector 2 on our website at Competition Accessories. We will see you next time.
Information and Details about the Arai Vector Contrast Helmets
made by Arai
Arai Vector Contrast Helmets are currently on closeout pricing! Arai Vector Helmets are fitted with a superior ventilation system that allows maximum air to flow in and out of the helmet when in motion. This maximum cooling works in correspondence with the single form EPS liner to make the Aria Vector Helmet the most comfortable helmet in it's class. Arai Vector Helmets are designed by the experts in Formula One, so each helmet is hand crafted to the utmost specifications for perfection. Put your head into an Arai Vector Helmet, and feel what perfection feels like.

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The feeling of an Arai Vector Helmet comes from the experience of decades. From the hands, talent, and passion of Arai Helmet craftsmen. The results are organic shell shapes, wind-slicing aerodynamics, a lower center of gravity, incredible balance, light weight. And comfort and fit like no other.

  • Arai's quality is so singularly advanced that it reaches the world's highest level of racing, a place so technical, so demanding, that most other helmet makers can't even imagine it, let alone compete in it. We're talking about Formula One auto racing

    One-Piece Liner:
  • Arai's EPS liner is like no other, comprised of several material densities molded into a single piece
  • Arai pioneered this technology more than 20 years ago and is still, to our knowledge, the only helmet offering a single-piece hybrid liner and its unique benefit: the direct-fused contact area that each EPS cell shares with it neighboring cells creates a mutual support - as one is crushed under impact, the surrounding cells assist with the energy absorption
  • (Liner pieces that are simply fitted or glued together cannot rely on such a high-level support bond
  • NOTE: Besides the protective aspects of Arai's Vector shell material and single-piece EPS liner construction, there is a major comfort bonus for you, the rider: Arai's Snell-certified liners so soft and comfortable they can actually conform to your head shape within several days of continued use, minimizing "hot spots," allowing the most comfortable fit in the best possible (smallest) size that fits you.

    Shell Construction:
  • These days, there are almost as many "revolutionary" shell-construction materials as there are new helmet brands
  • Arai's decades of experience, research, testing, comparison and evaluation has led us to conclude that fiberglass-based construction is best at performing a motorcycle-helmet shell's main job - spreading and dissipating impact energy through strength, structural integrity and impact-flexibility
  • The Vector Helmet's CLC (Complex Laminate Construction) shell utilizes Arai's proprietary aerospace fiberglass technology to achieve a strong, flexible shell in a lightweight package

    Organic Shell Shape:
  • The Vector Helmet is another example of Arai's organic shell-design philosophy
  • An Arai helmet shape is created to conform more closely to the human head shape, making it look better, and "flow" better in the wind
  • Arai believes this shaping is best done by human hands and experience - not computers "Computers solve things mathematically. Hands build for humans."
  • Hand-formed shapes takes much more time, effort, cost and experience to produce, but because they add to the Vector's extra level of unparalleled, handmade riding comfort, we do it

    Cheek Pads:
  • The Vectors' new cheekpad design lets the pads be removed and cleaned more easily
  • Yet even though they're new, and unique to the Arai Vector, the pads are simpler and more user-friendly
  • They can also be replaced with one of our optional pads of different thicknesses for a more custom fit (another Arai innovation that's now a common feature among almost all other helmets)
  • "Customized" cheekpads with a finer made-just-for-you fit are another result of the decades of commitment to every nuance of rider comfort by the Arai people

    Rear Vent and Ridge:
  • Arai Vector's distinctive Hyper-Ridge reinforcement band along the bottom of the shell adds reinforcement and shell strength
  • What makes this "minor" Arai Helmet feature significant? Many helmet makers reduce the shell material at the bottom of the helmet. But Arai maintains shell thickness to the very edge - and then strengthens it. Why? Because our experience tells us to. And because we don't think it's a good place to try to save a few dollars or a little weight
  • Strengthening the bottom also helps to significantly lower the helmet's center of gravity, contributing to a better overall balance, making an Arai Vector rest easier on your head

    Patented Dual-Pivot Chin Vent:
  • First introduced by Arai in the late '80s, removable liners have evolved into extremely-comfortable and convenient features
  • The Vector's fully removable, washable, and replaceable interior comfort-liner components also permit micro-fitting of a helmet in between-size scenarios

    Exclusive Brow Vent Faceshield:
  • Exclusive brow vent faceshield brings fresh air in through the shield and directs it into the forehead area. Arai prefers this method rather than punching extra holes in the critical forehead area which reduces both outer shell and inner EPS liner material where it's needed most

    LRS Shield-Removal:
  • Arai's Vector LRS tool-less shield-removal system has to be one of the most misunderstood shield systems on the planet, but watch racers Nicky Hayden and Kenny Roberts, Jr. swap Arai faceshields on video while wearing the helmet and you see for yourself how really easy it is
  • Riders ask us why Arai continues to use side pods when others have gone pod-less? After all, pod-less systems are easier to make, requiring a simple flat surface beneath the pivot point. Yet experience says that flat spots in the curved shell shape diminish shell integrity, whereas continuing the shell's three-dimensional curve beneath the shield pivot-points (that nobody sees) maintains shells integrity
  • Our way is complicated and costly, requires a significant commitment of R&D resources, and is possible only with the experience and talent capable of creating a system of pod components that must incorporate extremely difficult compound curves in order to work with the shell's "natural" curvature
  • DOT and Snell Approved

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    Sizing Chart & Specs for the Arai Vector Contrast Helmets
    Arai Helmet Sizes by Head Circumference
    Arai Size Head (cm)Head (in)
    2XS50.8 - 52.120.1 - 20.5
    XS53 - 5420.9 - 21.3
    SM54.9 - 55.921.7 - 22
    MD57.2 - 58.122.4 - 22.8
    LG59.1 - 6023.2 - 23.6
    XL61 - 61.924 - 24.4
    2XL62.9 - 63.824.8 - 25.2
    3XL64.8 - 6625.6 - 26

    We do not guarantee the fitment of a helmet based on these charts
    Part Number Status for Arai Vector Contrast Helmets
    Options SKU Our Price Availability
    X-Small AR-VCO-XS-BK $299.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Small AR-VCO-XS-BKFR $349.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Small AR-VCO-XS-SV $299.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Small AR-VCO-S-SV $389.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Small AR-VCO-S-BKFR $349.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Small AR-VCO-S-BK $389.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Medium AR-VCO-M-BK $399.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Medium AR-VCO-M-WHT $399.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Medium AR-VCO-M-SV $399.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Medium AR-VCO-M-BKFR $349.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Large AR-VCO-L-BKFR $349.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Large AR-VCO-L-SV $399.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Large AR-VCO-L-WHT $399.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Large AR-VCO-L-BK $399.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Large AR-VCO-XL-BK $389.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Large AR-VCO-XL-WHT $389.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Large AR-VCO-XL-SV $389.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Large AR-VCO-XL-BKFR $349.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Large AR-VCO-2X-BKFR $349.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    2X-Large AR-VCO-2X-BK $389.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    2X-Large AR-VCO-2X-WHT $349.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    2X-Large AR-VCO-2X-SV $389.99 Currently Not Available for Order

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