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Arai - Arai Signet-Q Brett King Limited Edition Helmets Arai - Arai Signet-Q Brett King Limited Edition Helmets Arai - Arai Signet-Q Brett King Limited Edition Helmets Arai - Arai Signet-Q Brett King Limited Edition Helmets Arai - Arai Signet-Q Brett King Limited Edition Helmets
Arai Signet-Q Brett King Limited Edition Helmets


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Matte Black - Arai Signet-Q Brett King Limited Edition Helmets
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Video Reviews
Hey this is Reuben with Competition Accessories and we just wanted to make a quick video on how you change the face shield out on the Arai helmet. A lot of people get intimidated by Arai helmet face shields because of the side pod they have where you cant see whats going behind it. What we have done on this helmet here is we installed a clear pod so we could give you a better look at the inner workings of the base plate mechanism and show you how it works. Basically to remove the face shield what I want you to see is this little gray lever here, there are one of those on each side of the helmet. When you raise your shield to the top position those will pop out. Now if your helmet is a little older or a little worn out they might not pop all the way out like a brand new helmet. With the face shield all the way up you just need to lift those levers all the way up. Once you have lifted those until they click, to take the shield off is very simple, you are just going to grab it from the top , rotate it back and pull it off. It comes right off really quickly. You will see guys out at the track if you watch racing at all like the isle of man for instance, they will pull into the pits and they swap face shields on or off in just a matter of seconds. It is one of those things you have to get the hang of. To reinstall the shield is a little trickier, there is a horse shoe shape cut out on the end of the shield here, that's going to line up with the top curve on the helmet or the pod and with the clear ones you can see the round tab that its going to slide over. Your going to slide that in on both sides and its not going to really click or anything, you just have to get it down and on to there like that. Once its in I find it easier to have the helmet facing away from you and then you are just going to close the shield. When you close the shield what happens is this opening this cut out right here slides over that little notch right there, so that is what limits the shield as It opens. That's how to change the Arai face shield out, hopefully that helps you out. You can go to our youtube channel if you click on this link in the upper right hand corner and subscribe to us. We have a lot detailed videos on helmets and other products. You can also check us out on facebook and check us out online, see you next time.
Hey guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories and we have the all new Arai Signet Q helmet . The Signet was a very popular helmet for Arai they are bringing it back and replacing the profile in their line up , and what they've done is they have based the Signet Q off of the RXQ which is an intermediate helmet from Arai externally they look almost identical what they've done is they actually have elongated the Signet Q about 5 millimeters front to back its just going to be 5 millimeters longer and internally that internal shape is going to be a long oval. Arai has also done some pretty innovative things as far as customizing the fit of the helmet ill show you once we get into the interior what they've done some really neat features that really eliminate hot spots and that will allow you to have a very comfortable snug fit .Externally though again this is the RXQ this is the Signet Q, they look just about identical. Your going to have top vents that is going to open and close with rocker switches your going to have side exhaust cowls so as air flows over the helmet its going to draw warm air out the back and again out of the rear spoiler you have an open and close able vent that's going to draw warm air out the top , you also have a chin bar vent which is two position you can open it half way or all the way that's going to direct air onto the face shield just give you some extra air inside and lastly , and this is an Arai exclusive, they have vents actually built into the shield that direct air into the helmet and they have wind tunnels inside that direct air around on the side of your temples and your temporal artery is right at the side of your head and that really keeps you cool. You can see if i open the shield the little air ducts that directs air along the sides of your temples. One thing you may notice about the shield and well get into it once i take it off and ill show you exactly what it comes with but it actually has a reaccessed cavity built into the shield itself for a pin lock insert and the pin lock is actually included . Now if your comparing this to the Profile you may notice this is actually a wider eye port its 10 millimeters wider its the new SAI max shield which is the same as the RXQ so you just have a little better peripheral vision out of this helmet . As far as moving this shield its very simple a lot of people get a bit intimidated with Arai because it has side covers you cant really see whats going on but they are very easy to change. Basically once you open the shield all the way your going to see these two little trigger arms pop out there's a small little arrow on it basically what you do is pull it all the way up and its going to click on both sides, once you've pulled it up like that its ready to take off then all you do is grab the front of the shield and literally pull up and off . Again that's something that makes some people a little bit nervous but its very easy to do . I'm going to grab that pin lock insert if you've used a pin lock before you know it can be pretty challenging to get them in and out . Traditionally a pin lock shield has notches on either end of the insert which lines up with posts that correspond on the shield well Arai has done it a little bit differently. What they've done is they have actually molded a recess into the shield itself that this pin lock actually sits down into , and as far as installing it its a lot easier basically your just going to line up one end of the pin lock and then if you just push it down its just going to click right into place , that's so much easier then traditional pin lock systems. Id love to see other manufactures kind of follow in their foot steps because that's a lot more user friendly and a lot easier to change out as well. Obviously pin lock is going to basically make it duel layer lenses and what that does for you is number one that makes it a very very effective anti fog system if your riding in the colder environment or if its raining this pin lock is going to prevent fogging its also available with different color inserts in different tints so if you need a smoke insert you could do that and obviously other shields from the SAI max line up are going to fit on this helmet as well. To reinstall the SAI shield again this is something that may be intimidating some people because you cant really see whats going on here but basically your just going to take this notch line it up with the top part of this pod here and then you just insert it there kind of feel it click into place, Do the same for the other side. Once you have it in place like that basically your just going to close it and that's what actually is going to lock it into place. A little bit tricky to do it the first time once you've got the hang of it its actually pretty easy and a pretty nice system to swap out. Alright moving to interior of the Signet-Q Arai uses their dry cool fabric that is moisture wicking it keeps you very comfortable very dry it also pulls moisture away from your skin to keep you comfortable on warm days . You'll also notice there's a full neck roll on this helmet and what that does is a couple of things, One its just comfortable against your skin and Two maybe more importantly it prevents wind from entering the seams between the crack between the crown liner and the cheek pads , it just gives you a nice flush surface for the wind to travel over which significantly reduces wind noise as your riding . Another thing you might see here is these orange tabs those are notes to emergency personnel , if you have an accident and they need to remove your helmet basically what their going to do is pull on these tabs and that's going to reveal an orange pull tab right here and the cheek pads come right out its very simple, there's actually no snaps on these cheek pads its basically just have a notch on the front and back that kind of seat inside the helmet . You could also remove the entire neck roll. So that comes out and then as far as the lining there's two snaps at the back and two snaps at the front and that comes out very easy as well. ill give you a quick look at the interior of the helmet here . You can probably see there are some holes for the ventilation to come through to reach the skin on your head . And i do want to talk about as i mentioned in the beginning of the video, there's some features on this helmet to help customize the fit a little bit. This is the crown liner they actually provided some tear away pads on the sides of the temple so this is a long oval helmet and what that means is its for people with a longer head front to back and it eliminates hot spots on the forehead however everyone's temples are different as well some people have sunken temples some people have protruding temples . If you find this helmet fits great front to back but its a little bit tight on the sides , there are 5 millimeter pads in both sides so you can actually remove this it just comes right out and you can do that on both sides and that's going to give you just a little bit more room side to side and provide you with a very nice custom fit. Another thing you'll notice about this liner is it is completely open along the top and then that's just going to work with conjunction with the venting on the helmet to provide you with a lot of air flow. Next thing i want to show you is the cheek pads and i can actually remove the cover off of one of these and show you they actually use multiple layers , it doesn't come all the way off but, they use multiple layers of foam they call this the facial contour system . Basically you can see how its not just a flat single piece of foam like in cheaper helmets where basically it just kind of squishes on to your head you know you hope its comfortable, this has several layers of foam its contoured to cradle your face and then Arai has done something very innovative and they have basically put a spring inside this you can see as i press on that it gives . There's a couple things that does One when your pulling the helmet on and off its going to move the cheek pad out of the way your not feeling like your ripping your ears off every time you pull your helmet off but Two once the helmets on this spring is going to push back and its just going to give you a nice cradled feeling around your chin and your jaw bone and that's going to obviously provide a lot of comfort but it also reduces wind noise . Any time you have a better seal around the base of your helmet and around your face feel around the base thats a significant way to reduce wind noise its a very innovative feature i think a lot of people are going to really appreciate what that does for them . Now i don't have the interior of a Signet Q to show you but i do have one for the RXQ and i want to try and show you basically what Arai does in their construction that really sets them apart from everyone else . First is the EPS liner , you'll notice there's some different colors of foam here basically they have multiple densities of foam built into the liner but its a single piece . You can see their are denser parts of foam then there are softer parts depending on where you hit your head how you hit it if its a hard impact or just a lighter impact this is designed to dissipate the energy as much as possible so its going to spread the impact and its also going to cushion your head in an impact you can also see the ventilation holes , and again the RXQ is going to be very very similar to the Signet Q because they have basically based the Signet off the RXQ its just going to be a little bit longer front to back . The other thing that i have up here is the shell itself Arai uses what they call super complex laminate construction its basically a blend of fiber glass and other materials . There's a few things you'll notice about it when you actually pick it up an hold it but the biggest thing about Arai helmets is they are incredibly incredibly strong this is obviously not a complete helmet its a shell but still its incredibly stiff i mean i can push very very hard on the chin bar here and its not giving at all it is a very very stiff shell and what that's going to do for you again is dissipate energy in impact its going to spread the energy to a larger area so that you don't get injured . You'll also see that they have some other layers of material on the top of the shell , So again different parts of the shell are reinforced in different ways they use a ridge around the chin bar and around the base of the helmet just again provide that level of stiffness , and another thing you'll notice about Arai and this is huge for them their shield changing mechanism does not interfere with the shell that's why they have the pods on the sides. Instead of having a big recess here that might compromise the safety of the helmet its basically just a flat uniform piece it does go in just a tiny bit but if you compare that to other helmets some have a significant dip here where it might compromising the entire shell . Arai looks at the structure of an egg and that's what they base their shell shape off of.They keep it very simple very rounded so that it will prevent any weak spots on the shell itself and again that's just part of what your paying for with Arai i mean we know they are not cheep helmets , but again you do get what you pay for. So that's the Arai Signet Q in a nut shell again were very excited to see this in their line up a lot of people were having trouble with the Arais not fitting them if you have more of a long oval head shape because the Signet was not in the line up but they brought it back so were excited to see it. You can check these out online at Competition Accessories .com And well see you next time.
Information and Details about the Arai Signet-Q Brett King Limited Edition Helmets
made by Arai
Limited to only 300 pieces per style!

Who Is Brett King?
Since early in his career, Brett King has pushed the boundries of design across many forms of racing. He has dedicated his life to creating unique and modern pieces of art that are his reflection of racing culture from the past, present and future.

Since launching Brett King Design in 2011, he has continued to set trends with his original designs featured on high-profile athletes such as IndyCar sensation Josef Newgarden, and NASCAR's Jamie McMurray, among many others.

Inspired by art, fashion, music and pop culture, Brett prides himself in combining his unique aesthetic, high-quality craftsmanship and cutting-edge design.

Pairing Arai's race-roven Signet-Q helmet with Brett King Design's original artistry, we proudly present this world-exclusive limited release. Limited to only 300 pieces per style, these works of art are sure to go fast.

Features of the Arai Signet-Q
  • Elongated shell adds 5mm from front to back, in comparison to the RX-Q
  • Long-Oval shape helps prevent “Hot-Spots”
  • Lower "Hyper-Ridge" circles shell bottom to improve strength and aerodynamics, offers lower center of gravity
  • SAI MAX-Vision “Brow Vent” shield allows enhanced view (10mm wider eye port)
  • Shield accepts Pin Lock system
  • Clear Pin Lock Max-Vision Brow Vent anti-fog lens, included with the helmet
  • Multi-Density Single piece EPS liner
  • 5mm peel-away temple pads adds another level of customization, giving the helmet interior a little extra width when needed
  • Removable, replaceable, washable interior
  • Dry-Cool Surface material for rapid displacement of heat and moisture away from your head
  • Neckroll is removable
  • Is equipped with Emergency Cheek Pad Tabs and has a facial contour cheek pad design
  • Innovative and exclusive spring support adds just the right amount of pressure when needed while being worn
  • Enhanced for customizable micro fitment interior without the need to purchase extra interior components
  • Both the top vent set and side exhaust cowls are direct carryovers from the RX-Q
  • Brow vent ducts, along the top edge of the shield, redirects to flow air across the temples
  • Chin bar vent allows air to cool face directly
  • Comfortable and quiet
  • Meets or exceeds Snell and D.O.T. standards

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    Arai Signet-Q Brett King Limited Edition Helmets - Both Colors
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    Arai Signet-Q Brett King Limited Edition Helmets - Matte Black Rear
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    Arai Signet-Q Brett King Limited Edition Helmets - Matte Black
    Matte Black
    Arai Signet-Q Brett King Limited Edition Helmets - Interior View
    Interior View
    Arai Signet-Q Brett King Limited Edition Helmets - Measuring