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Alpinestars - Protection - Alpinestars A10 Chest Protector Engineered for BNS Alpinestars - Protection - Alpinestars A10 Chest Protector Engineered for BNS
Alpinestars A10 Chest Protector Engineered for BNS


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Black White Red - Alpinestars A10 Chest Protector Engineered for BNS
Back View - Alpinestars A10 Chest Protector Engineered for BNS
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Information and Details about the Alpinestars A10 Chest Protector Engineered for BNS
made by Alpinestars
  • High impact resistant materials with soft touch 'rubber' over-molding around the edges provides a finished and comfortable fit.
  • Tailored flex points enhance the comfort.
  • The unique design of the removable and washable inner bio-foam, encased in lycra, provides the most comfortable contact surfaces while offering secondaryimpact protection and increases airflow.
  • The innovative and modular design combines a feather-light liner, a dual density outer shell using plastic and rubber, excellent airflow and is fully adjustable.
  • Adjustable front and back frames, shoulders and the side protection guards for custom fit.
  • Anatomically accurate shoulder cups extended to protect the scapulas.
  • Removable chest plate allows clearance for the BNS without compromising protection.
  • Foam system modularly integrated into the main frame allows for the removal of the liner system for washing or to replace it with a new liner or liner of different color.
  • Designed to accept various neck support systems available on the market, including the Bionic Neck Support system by Alpinestars, incorporates the protection principles developed for the Bionic Back Protector, which give the rider better protection, more airflow and creates room for most neck protection devices.

  • Alpinestars A10 Chest Protector Engineered for BNS Product Reviews
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    This review is for Alpinestars Vapor Knee Guards
    Pretty nice - Guso   Antioquia Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Slim enough to be under jeans, and seems safe
    Cons: upper strap doesn't keep in place

    It's just what I was looking for, an affordable and discrete protection to my already broken knee, the straps are somewhat annoying but not that much, the protection seems enough and feels confty

    This review is for Alpinestars Touring Kidney Belt
    Riding Belt - Tim   TN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: really provides wonderful back support
    Cons: none

    I purchased this in hopes it would provide some back support on longer rides, and it does. This product allows me to ride longer in comfort without the expense of a drivers backrest on my bike.

    This review is for Alpinestars Compression Pro Shorts
    AS Comp Short - AJ   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Seems like these are well made.
    Cons: [None]

    I bought a pair of these and a pair of the Fly compression shorts. Both are worth owning in my opinion but the Fly shorts are a little better and a little cheaper too. I wanted a pair of something to help with monkey but and provide some protection to my hips after a tip over accident last year. I usually wear the CA slider jeans when I ride and thought these would give me a little protection and peace of mind. These types of shorts are worn snug and the only problem is when you need to make a pit stop to relieve your self LOL AJ

    This review is for Alpinestars Bionic Freeride Shorts
    Nearly invisible protection - Harry   WA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great thigh and coccyx protection. Allows air flow.
    Cons: Mediocre hip protection. Leg band too tight.

    I bought these shorts to wear under my sliders jeans to add impact protection and they served the purpose well. Be careful when putting them on so you don't tear the fabric by pulling too hard. The leg bands are too tight for my legs and it could tear the fabric. I pushed them up by holding onto the bottom of the thigh pads and that helped me to get them up without fear of damaging them.Riding with them was great. They were comfortable and I forgot they were there for most of the ride. The only time I noticed them was when stopped and I felt the slight warmth under the thigh pads.I'm very pleased with them.

    This review is for Alpinestars Compression Pro Shorts
    Compression Pro Shorts - Michael   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good quality fabric, sewing and fit. Well placed 'armor' padding. Excellent price..
    Cons: 'Armor' or padding is probably not going to absorb a huge amount of impact without some damage to your body. A lack of front 'personal equipment' access means pulling both pants and shorts down to pee - a little awkward in some circumstances.

    Well made and good fit for my 5' 912, 150 lb., slenderwiry frame. Bought size M for my 31 -32 waist and are pretty comfortable. I feel that they would probably mitigate and soften a moderately serious spill, absorbing some, but not a huge amount, of impact and protect to some degree against abrasion. This is basically what I figured I was looking for, and getting.They don't show at all when worn under my Carrhart logger jeans and are definitely not hot and clingy like I imagined they might be riding here in central coastal CA. in both warmer and cooler weather.I think they represent an excellent value for most general, mildly aggressive riding. However, I also think that if you're looking for a lot of protection for really serious sport riding there are many other more expensive, far more effective options available.

    This review is for Alpinestars Flare High Visibility Vest
    Just okay - DB   TX Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: Nice styling plenty bright
    Cons: Fabric was a little flimsy too large

    I didn't exchange it for a medium size because the hi vis fabric was too lightweight and somewhat loose. I pictured it getting a little floppy in the wind.

    This review is for Alpinestars Bionic Freeride Shorts
    too tight - JT   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: side and tail bone protection, mesh construction to stay cool
    Cons: waistband is much too tight

    I am a lean guy who wears a 33 jeans and the Large size of these shorts is way too tight at the waist and thighs. I didn't have the time to return these but suggest ordering the next size up. Aside from the sizing these are great protectors.

    This review is for Alpinestars Compression Pro Shorts
    Did not live up to my hopes - Bob   WA Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: Wear street jeans with this and knee pads and have the armor you need.
    Cons: Pad placement

    Thought this would be a good idea but the placement of upper rear pad just hit me wrong. I ride 6 to 8 hours many days and I will not be able to were these on those days.

    Sizing Chart & Specs for the Alpinestars A10 Chest Protector Engineered for BNS
    Alpinestars Boots
    US SizeEuro Size
    Alpinestars Womens Boots
    US SizeEuro Size

    Bust or Chest: measured around the fullest part of the chest
    Waist: measured at the natural waist
    Hip: measured at the widest part of the hips
    Inseam: measured from the crotch to the floor
    Height: natural height without shoes

    Alpinestars Womens Pants Sizes
    XS23.5" - 26.7"34.2" - 35.8"30"63"
    SM26.7" - 28.7"36.6" - 38.2"31"64"
    MD28.7" - 31.1"39" - 40.5"31"65"
    LG31.1" - 33.5"41.2" - 43"32"66"
    XL33.5" - 35.8"43.7" - 45.2"33"67"
    2X35.8" - 38.2"46" - 47.7"33"68"
    Alpinestars Womens Textile Jacket Sizes
    XS32.6" - 34.2"24.8" - 26.3"34.2" - 35.8"64 - 65"
    SM35" - 36.6"27.1" - 28.7"36.6" - 38.2"65 - 67"
    MD37.4" - 38.9"29.5" - 31.1"38.9" - 40.5"67 - 68"
    LG39.7" - 41.3"31.9" - 33.4"41.3" - 42.9"68 - 69"
    XL42" - 43.7"34.2" - 35.8"43.7" - 45.2"69 - 70"
    2X44.5" - 46"36.6" - 38.2"46" - 47.7"70 - 71"
    Alpinestars Womens Leather Jacket Sizes
    Euro SizeBustWaistHipHeight
    3432.6" - 34.2"24.8" - 26.3"34.2" - 35.8"63"
    3635" - 36.6"27.1" - 28.7"36.6" - 38.2"64"
    3837.4" - 38.9"29.5" - 31.1"38.9" - 40.5"65"
    4039.7" - 41.3"31.9" - 33.4"41.3" - 42.9"67"
    4242" - 43.7"34.2" - 35.8"43.7" - 45.2"68"
    4444.5" - 46"36.6" - 38.2"46" - 47.7"69"
    4644.5" - 46"36.6" - 38.2"46" - 47.7"70"

    Alpinestars Mens Pants Sizes
    SizeUS SizeEuro SizeWaistHipInseamHeight
    Alpinestars Mens Textile Jacket Sizes
    XS35" - 36.6"28.7" - 30.2"35" - 36.6"67 - 69"
    SM37.4" - 38.9"31.1" - 32.6"37.4" - 38.9"69 - 70"
    MD39.7" - 41.3"33.4" - 35"39.7" - 41.3"70 - 71"
    LG42.1" - 43.7"35.8" - 37.4"42.1" - 43.7"71 - 72"
    XL44.5" - 46"38.1" - 39.7"44.5" - 46"72 - 73"
    2X46.8" - 48.7"40.5" - 42.1"46.8" - 48.4"73 - 75"
    3X49.2" - 50.7"42.8" - 44.5"49.2" - 50.7"75 - 76"
    4X51.6" - 53.1"45.2" - 46.8"51.8" - 53.1"76 - 77"
    Alpinestars Mens Leather Jacket Sizes
    Euro SizeChestWaistHipHeight

    Alpinestars Mens Suits Sizes

    Alpinestars Womens Suits Sizes

    Alpinestars Gloves Sizing
    To measure for Gloves: place a tape measure under your palm and measure from the knuckle of your forefinger to the knuckle of your pinkie finger. Note the measurement and compare it to the chart below.

    Alpinestars Glove Sizes
    MeasurementGlove SizeNumeric Size
    2 1/8" - 2 5/8"XS7
    2 5/8" - 3 1/8"SM8
    3 1/8" - 3 5/8"MD9
    3 5/8" - 4 1/8"LG10
    4 1/8" - 4 5/8"XL11
    4 5/8" - 5 1/8"2X12

    We do not guarantee fit. This sizing chart is a suggested guideline only.
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    Black White Red
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