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Aeromoto - AeroMoto Renegade Waterproof Motorcycle Boots Aeromoto - AeroMoto Renegade Waterproof Motorcycle Boots Aeromoto - AeroMoto Renegade Waterproof Motorcycle Boots Aeromoto - AeroMoto Renegade Waterproof Motorcycle Boots Aeromoto - AeroMoto Renegade Waterproof Motorcycle Boots
AeroMoto Renegade Waterproof Motorcycle Boots
Size 12.5 Only


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Video Reviews
Hey guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories welcome to our review of the Aeromoto Boots now these boots are a fantastic choice weather your looking for an aggressive commuter boot , long distance touring boot or even a slightly adventurous boot you'll notice what i mean when you take a look at the sole it has a very aggressive lug sole its going to be great for off road situations or even just walking around it gives you a lot of cushioning a lot of support when your walking off the bike and obviously this much rubber should last a long time as well having said that obviously this is a thicker soul so keep that in mind when your looking at the profile of the toe box for shifting purposes and keep in mind when you move back and forth on the pegs with a sole like this its not as smooth as a road sole would be however. Having said that when your off the bike a lot its very nice to have that nice thick rubber sole in there , as far as the opening goes it is a zippered opening with a hook em loop tab at the top here zip that open there's a nice waterproof gusset all the way up through the top of the boot you have a hypora waterproof membrane inside of these you'll see it is a full length membrane bare in mind with the zipper if your looking at these considering them for duel sport purposes or off road excursions zippers and mud don't get along too well you just want to make sure that your keeping that zipper nice and clean. If you do get a lot of mud or dirt on it you just want to wash it off obviously the boots waterproof you can do that with out soaking the whole inside , so that's nice. And as far as comfort and fit goes i found these fit very true to size i wear bout a size 10in just about every motorcycle boot these are no exception . You do have a polyurethane shifter pad over the toe box and the toe box is reinforced internally , not super stiff obviously not steel toe but you do have plastic in there to kind of help hold its shape as well as in the back of the heal to keep that formed nicely. You do also have some impact protection over the ankles and there's a very small amount of padding there and some padding over the shin as well to give you some additional protection a nice wrap around reflective patch on the back to keep you nice and visible at night as well and obviously you can see the style of boot as well . I'm really a fan of the Renegade boot i think you'll be really surprised at the price of it they are very aggressively priced comparable to boots that are significantly more expensive.
Information and Details about the AeroMoto Renegade Waterproof Motorcycle Boots
made by Aeromoto
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The Aeromoto Renegade Boots are a great choice for street or light duty adventure boots. Thanks to the rugged lugged sole, the Renegade boots provide sure footing in off the bike conditions, and make for a boot that is actually quite comfortable to walk in. A HiPora waterproof, breathable membrane will keep your feet dry (so long as water doesn't come in through the top!) and the leather construction is double stitched, tough and durable. The Renegade boots have a zippered entry which makes for fast on and off. A large reflective patch wraps around the back of the boot, helping to keep you visible at night. The heel and toe box of these motorcycle boots is internally reinforced, along with some internal protection for the ankle bones. A PU pad is placed over the area that interfaces with your shifter, which will help the boots last a long time. Last but definitely not least, you just can't beat the price. We think you'll find that Aeromoto boots are top quality, and compete very nicely with motorcycle boots that are significantly higher in price.

  • Leather upper construction
  • 12.5" boot height (from floor)
  • HiPora® waterproof, breathable membrane
  • Flex panels on front and rear for walking comfort
  • Reinforced PU shifter cover
  • Reflective wraparound patch for nighttime visibility
  • Molded internal ankle armor
  • Internally reinforced heel cup and toe box
  • Padded shin protection
  • Zipper entry for easy on/off
  • Rugged lugged sole provides walking comfort and sure footing in off the bike

    Sizing Help: These boots are sold in american sizing and based on our testing they fit true to size. You should order your normal size and if you are ever between sizes, we recommend going up to the next size.

    note: use of this boot on heavily cleated footpegs may result in accelerated sole wear.

  • AeroMoto Renegade Waterproof Motorcycle Boots Product Reviews
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    Good Boot - Richard in Alabama   AL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great Value-Waterproof-Excellent Grip-Easy Zip-Nice Looking
    Cons: A little hard to break-in Thick Sole No Back Strap for Pulling up

    My challenge shopping for new boots was to find a very nice boot at an affordable price--Mission accomplished I have had these boots for about 2 months now and they are just now breaking in after about 3,000 miles of riding and felt comfortable writing a review. I feel certain they will break-in nicely in about as many more miles. So far, I have ridden in the sweltering 99 degree heat of this humid summer, 3 heavy rains and so far they are performing just fine. Not sure if they will fail in several hours of riding in the rain but in about a 1 12 hours of hard rain they still kept my feet dry. I would say they were a little more warmer than my last pair but the heat never was an issue. I wear long thin Under Armor boot socks and I think that helps too. One of the main features I was looking for was gripping power and these boots are doing a great job in helping me keep the Goldwing stable with my lovely wife on board. In fact, one of my small complaints is that the sole is so thick that I am having to adjust the feel with the shifter--not a lot of room there. Overall I am very satisfied with the boot and the value for the money is great. If they hold up in long rides in the rain I will be 110 satisfied.

    Solid boots - Jim   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great soles, zip up well, fit good
    Cons: [None]

    I love these boots and about 30 less than the tourmaster ones. I really like the extra rugged soles. They fit well but glad I went a size up. No real shift adjustment required.

    Mr - EZ   NC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great boot and a very good price
    Cons: [None]

    These boots live's up to there name, enough said, EZ.

    AeroMoto Boots - mrwiz326   NY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: good fit and made well
    Cons: none

    I am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend these boots and theshipping was also very fast.

    AeroMoto renegade - Biker Bill   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fit, comfort, price, leather
    Cons: None

    I wear a size 10.5 work boot. The size 11 Renegade fit me perfectly. The lining gives the boot a very comfortable feel. I looked at other boots in all price ranges and could not find any to compare to the Renegade. I like that the Renegade has a thicker sole then most riding boots, great for off bike wearing. They look great on and off bike. They feel awesome to wear. I could not believe the great price for leather boots.89.99. I recommend the Reneagade to anyone who wants a lighter, more comfortable riding boot with great protection. I wore the big, heavy, uncomfortable, clunky HD boots for to long.

    suprisingly awesome - Todd- VA   VA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: comfort & price
    Cons: none

    These boots fit great and seem to be made well. I was surprised at how good they felt after walking a couple of miles on concrete, asphalt, and other mixed terrain They wouldn't torture you if you broke down and had to walk for help. I just got mine a couple months ago but I think that I might have to order a spare pair soon. I may hike a little in these things.

    Aeromoto Renegade Boots - philellis123   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fit, Quality, Price
    Cons: none

    This review is an update from my prior review. I decided to contact Compacc and try to get a return based on the idea that the boots were defective from the manufacturer. The customer service rep at Compacc listened to my complaint and then told me to send the boots back, and that Compacc would take care of me. Well, they did I sent back the original boots and was sent a replacement pair. The new pair fit better, and more importantly, have been tested by me and are indeed waterproof I can now recomend these boots to anyone looking for a quality pair of waterproof boots. Thank you Compacc for coming through on the customer service

    Good Value - LarryC   CO Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Very nice boot.
    Cons: Order a half size larger

    I'm pleased with the fit and comfort of this boot. The zipper works well and the boots required very little break-in. Went thru some trials getting exactly what I wanted, but CompAcc customer service stuck with me. First pair had the wrong model boot in the box I received, then on the second try the left boot was too tight. On the third time around the fit was great. Glad I stuck it out because I eventually ended up with exactly what I wanted. Like other Aeromoto branded products, these boots seem like a really good value. These boots are actually more comfortable than a much more expensive pair of Gaernes that I have. As it turned out my customer service associate wore the same size shoe as me and went to the warehouse and actually tried on the boots to make sure all was well. Now that's customer service

    Very Comfortable Waterproof Boots - Adventure Rider   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: waterproof, high ankle, good sole
    Cons: does not vent great because waterproof

    Well after getting soaked over and over again I decided I needed a high ankled waterproof boot and found these to be very light and comfortable. I have an average width foot and normally wear a 10.5 - 11 US size, so I ordered an 11 and they fit fantastic. The entry is engineered nicely and the zipper works well. The sold is very sturdy and comfortable to walk in. The boot is a bit warm, but what do you expect from a waterproof motorcycle boot

    Great waterproof boots - john Olies   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: waterproof, comfortable boots
    Cons: [None]

    Excellent in every way--look, feel, fit. Shifting my BMW K1200LT took some getting used to due to the high toe. At first I thought I had a problem with the bike, but then I recalled another rider's comment. After adjusting and getting used to the difference, no problems. This boot is comfortable on long all day trips combined with walking considerable distances.

    Good value for waterproof boots - Roger T   Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: waterproof, great sole, fast break-in
    Cons: [None]

    I was very interested to see these boots after reading the reviews. I was worried about the fit, but for the price there was nothing close, so I gave them a try.. The fit was good for me 11 US and the boots are actually very comfortable. I can not believe the sole. It is really good compare to other boots on the market. Large lugs and a good hard rubber. I have used theese boots for about 3 weeks now and there is minimal sole wear, which is much better than my old Tourmaster and TCX boots.

    AeroMoto Renegade WP Boots - Tommy Hoke   MI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: great quality and build, Haven't been in rain yet
    Cons: toe box is a little taller & had to change my shifter position

    great value boot and is very close, and in some ways superseded expectations than other high dollar boots I have owned. Size was what I expected but the toe box area is a little taller than my other boots so I had to relocate my shifter. Also the lack of feel has caused some missed shifts which is Ok, just means I need to get used to position of the boot. Haven't been in any real rain yet so I can't speak to the waterproofing but I already like the feel and closure of the boot.

    Great boots - Chandler   MI Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Comfortable, price point,added protection
    Cons: Single zipper.

    I will start out with comp accessories stepped up. The zipper on the first set of boots was bad out of the box. They returned and sent new boots. Quickly Have rode with these boots a few times. They are a little challenging to get into the first couple times but seem to be loosening up. Comfortable for riding trips and walking. Have not had the chance to rain test.

    AeroMoto Renegad Waterproof Boots - Mike   SC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: High Quality Boot and nice looking.
    Cons: they run a little small and are very warm

    I am very happy with these boots as they seem to be very good quality and are nice looking and are breaking in nicely. I believe they will be comfortable boots that will give me a long period of good service. They do run a little small, so order large and understand that being waterproof, they are a little on the warm side. Overall though, a very good buy.

    Great waterproof boot - Juice   MD Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: dry, warm, easy onoff
    Cons: A little tight, and I bought half size higher than I normally wear

    These boots are a good boot for the money. They come a bit small. I wear a size 10 12, but got an 11 and they are still tighter than I would like.

    Nice Boots, watch the Size - Sabredude   NY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Look good, seem to be made well
    Cons: Sizing

    I finally got a pair of these Aeromoto's that fit and I do like them. Was hesitant to buy boots on-line, although I have always had great success with Comp Acc. I wear a 10 EE, so instead of ordering the 10W I opted for the 11W. I could barely get my right foot in the boot and there was no way I could get my left foot in the left boot both my feet are the same size and normal socks and said 11W on the box and boots. Called and returned easy and no hassle at all for a size 12W, I have never worn a size 12 and only rarely even an 11. Got the 12's and they fit really quite well but there is no way I am a size 12 I wear a10 12 W New Balance sneaker. I've read other reviews where people say they are true to size, my experience is otherwise. That being said, I do like the boots and the 12's fit well. Haven't had rain yet so can't say anything about waterproof.

    Good Boots - Richard   WY Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Well made, waterproof I guess
    Cons: Very stiff

    Ordered my normal size 10W, but could not get my feet into them. Returned and reordered 11W and they seem to fit OK. Very stiff boot. Had to adjust my technique for shifting. Seemed to be OK after I acclimated to them. Cannot speak to waterproofness as I have not had them in the rain as yet. They seem to be designed more for off road than touring, but was forced to go to this model to get wide sizes. Overall a good boot.

    So far so good. - Rj   WA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Fit and finish.
    Cons: None so far.

    Boots look well made.

    AeroMoto Renegades - Stoddard   WA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Sturdy soles, comfort, fit, quality build
    Cons: Thick soles shifter issues, thin covering on toe of boot

    I have foot issues, so a stable, thicker sole works well for my walking while off bike. That thick sole did make for a need to adjust shifter position, as I could hardly get it under without tipping my foot nearly vertical They are very thick and tall profile, so beware. If you cant adjust shift lever, think hard on this purchase, Even the rear braking requires some mental adjustment, as the shank is simply thicker, putting your foot in a place it normally never was.I cant speak to the water proof claim, as it hasnt rained in Eastern Washington for some time. I keep my fingers crossed. It seems the material Not sure its leather covering the toe is VERY thin. I dont even recall hitting my toe on anything, and its opened right up. Its micro thin, so maybe you get what you pay for. I hope the vinyl flex areas hold up long term, but I guess a shoe repair guy could put leather in there if it fails. A good boot for certain conditions or use, but might add a second pair that are thinner for days that walking isnt an issue, or no rain in sight -

    nice boots - candymike55   PA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: fit well,very comfortable,feel secure on feet
    Cons: top of boot shaft a little small

    These seem like a really great boot ,and the price is incredible.They seem quite well made and they are indeed very comfortable to wear and walk in. I have pretty big calves and the shafts are pretty tight at the top,but I can zip them all the up and they don't pinch my leg. I have not tested water proofness yet,so I can't comment on that. I have paid a lot more for boots and these seem just as good or better. I would recommend them.

    Surprisingly Good Quality - Bobcat   TN Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Sole, Shifter Pad, Fit
    Cons: Ankle Protection, Initial Smell

    Just received these yesterday. The Fit was surprisingly perfect for my narrowB feet. 10&12 to 11 is my usual size so ordered 11. Length is just perfect. Might be a tad tight if you are an actual size 11. The sole appears to be Vibram or its equivalent. Very thick1 or better at the heel.Not any flex in the middle at this point. Similar to Racing Boots in that regard. Where they fall a little short in the protection department is at the ankle. There appears to be some steelmetal plate just above the ankle inside and out. But not right over the ankle. Back side of heel area seems rigid enough. As does the toe area. Overall I'd rate the protection WAY better than just lacing up some Hiking boots or other non-MC specific footwear. Road-touring and light dual-sport activities should make these a good choice. Just don't bring them to Track days. I intend to wear them when Riding the Wing, FJR and the Dual Sports. For triple digit fun I'd recommend more serious protection. Rubber-like pads at shifter area look functional and aesthetically pleasing. The interior is fully lined and lightly insulated. I suspect this boot would be slightly above average for warmth. Can't attest to waterproof concerns at this point. The overall quality is exceptional to my eye. Especially for the price. There is a moderate odor emitted when you get the cardboard and paper emptied outta these boots.Pretty sure it's the black dye used on the Hipora liner. It appears to have subsided overnight. A good airing outside will likely help. Thanks also to Comp Acc. for 2-day shipping. Nice Can't wait to get back above freezing so I can try these out.

    good fit - joe   CO Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: good fit comtable to walk in
    Cons: thick sole makes it a little difficult to to manure on pegs when up shifting

    Satisfied so far warm in cool weather haven't expirenced any significant rain . A little difficult to get in and out of could use a second zipper on other side . Longevity will determine my recommendation last 2 pair of boot wore out quickly and stichING needed to be rapaired

    On par with what was advertised - Gritboy   CA Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Good all-around boot and definitely waterproof
    Cons: Loose fit and lug sole is a bit too deep

    For the price, this is an excellent all-around boot for very light dual sport or general touring. Protection on the light side. Several torrential rain rides and the boots remain dry. The fit is a bit loose -- I wish it had one enduro-style buckle on the ankle and it wish it was a bit taller. The lug sole is nice bit perhaps a bit too deep to use the shifter without minor adjustment and it catches on the metal pegs a bit. Still, for the price... it does a lot well and works as advertised.

    AEROMOTO RENEGADE BOOTS - philellis123   Recommended by Reviewer: No
    Pros: Looks great, Low Price
    Cons: Not Waterproof

    Have had these boots for 1 12 weeks, and last night was the first ride in the rain. The Right boot performed as expected, but the Left boot let water into the toe box area. I bought these boots because they were advertised as being waterproof. Very Dissatisfied. Cannot return the boots either, because they are now considered used.

    Part Number Status for AeroMoto Renegade Waterproof Motorcycle Boots
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    Size 8 AER-RNGD-8 $41.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Size 8.5 AER-RNGD-8.5 $41.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Size 9 AER-RNGD-9 $41.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Size 9W AER-RNGD-9W $41.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Size 10W AER-RNGD-10W $41.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Size 10 AER-RNGD-10 $41.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Size 11 AER-RNGD-11 $41.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Size 11W AER-RNGD-11W $41.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Size 12W AER-RNGD-12W $41.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Size 12 AER-RNGD-12 $41.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Size 12.5 AER-RNGD-12.5 $21.00 Currently Not Available for Order
    Size 12.5W AER-RNGD-12.5W $41.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Size 13W AER-RNGD-13W $41.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Size 13 AER-RNGD-13 $41.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Size 14 AER-RNGD-14 $41.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Size 14W AER-RNGD-14W $41.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Size 15 AER-RNGD-15 $41.99 Currently Not Available for Order

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    AeroMoto Renegade Waterproof Motorcycle Boots - Rear View
    Rear View
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    AeroMoto Renegade Waterproof Motorcycle Boots - Full Length Waterproof Gusset
    Full Length Waterproof Gusset
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