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Signal Dynamics Corporation - SDC BackOFF XP Brake Light Signal Module  
SDC BackOFF XP Brake Light Signal Module
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Light Signal Module - SDC BackOFF XP Brake Light Signal Module
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Information and Details about the SDC BackOFF XP Brake Light Signal Module
made by Signal Dynamics Corporation
The BackOFF™ XP Brake Light Module automatically flashes your brake light(s) to capture the attention of following drivers and to make your motorcycle more visible. When installed, the motorcycle's brake light becomes significantly more noticeable because your brake light(s) will flash with your choice of 2 attention getting patterns. This module is designed to work with standard incandescent brake lights, LED brake lights, or a combination of both (up to 10amps).

Flash patterns to choose from
Mode 1: Causes your brake light(s) to automatically emit a visual alerting signal of 3-4 short light flashes, followed by 1 steady on light for 4 seconds. This signal automatically repeats itself as long as the brakes are applied.
Mode 2: Causes your brake light(s) to emit 5 quick flashes, followed by a steady on light as long as you are stopped/braking.

These flash patterns are not random, but have been selected because of their ability to gain and retain following driver's attention. Most states drivers handbooks recommend that you flash your brakes when slowing or stopping. The BackOFF™ XP automatically facilitates compliance and enhances safety. Install the BackOFF™ XP and see how much more effective your brake light can be!

To install, wire the BackOFF™ XP Brake Light Module in-line with your existing brake light wire. Locate your brake light wire and cut the wire into 2 (use a test light or multi-meter to find proper wire). Choose the mode you would like from the 2 available and connect the mode wire (red/white or white/red) to the wire leading to the rear of your bike, and connect the red wire from the module to the cut brake light wire leading toward the front of the bike. Tap the black wire from the module to a ground wire and read instructions below for the optional yellow wire. Finally peel the paper lining off of the double sided adhesive pad and mount the module to a clean, flat surface. (Be sure to cap off the unused mode wire)

Solder connections or use crimp connectors (not included)

  • Black wire: Ground
  • Red wire: Connect to brake light wire - leading forward (front of bike)

    CHOOSE 1 MODE BELOW (CAP OFF UNUSED WIRE) Connect to brake light wire - leading back to the brake light (rear of bike)

  • Mode 1: White wire / Red stripe
  • Mode 2: Red wire / White stripe


  • Part Number: 01004
  • Weight: Less than 1lb
  • Current Limit: 10 Amp Max per Output (up to 3 Standard Incandescent Bulbs/output)
  • System Requirement: 12VDC(-)
  • Attachment Method: Included Double Sided Adhesive Pad
  • Height (in): 5/8"
  • Length (in): 2 1/4"
  • Width (in): 1 5/8"
  • Wire Length: 5"-6"
  • Material: Anodized Aluminum Case with Heat and Water Resistant Potting
  • Wire: 16AWG - 20AWG
  • Package Contents: (1) BackOFF™ XP Brake Light Module, (1) Adhesive Mounting Pad
  • Color / Finish: Black Anodized
  • Hardware Included: No
  • Connectors Included: No
  • Tools Required: Wire Cutters/Splices
  • Waterproof: No
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Heat and Vibration Resistant: Yes
  • Companion Product(s): n/a

  • SDC BackOFF XP Brake Light Signal Module Product Reviews
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    BackOff Brake Light Module - Suzuki VZ 1500   NC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: chose between 2 modes, easy installation
    Cons: cannot chose between modes without disconnecting and reconnecting wires. Requires splicing and cutting wires.

    I really enjoy having this module on my brake light. I feel much more secure when at a stop light as my brake light continues to flash even though I am maintaining continuous squeeze on the brake. Installation was simple and Signal dynamics customer service is excellent. You will need to perform some basic soldering or crimping. Im happy with the purchase and I don't ever see myself taking it off.... so 5 stars.

    Great warning device - Ted   FL Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: Great warning device
    Cons: None

    This is the second module on a second bike. Installed new one on my 2012 VFR 1300. Living in the Tampa Bay area, the land of living dead or the young and the wreck less, I appreciate and need any additional safety warning devices I can get. I use this in conjunction with the SDC Priority Lights turns turn signals into running lights. Using both turns turn signals into both running lights and flashing break lights.Easy to install even while combining both modules.

    its okay - r1rider   NC Recommended by Reviewer: Yes
    Pros: easy install
    Cons: blinks slow

    This is an okay item. It comes with two modes I picked the one that blinks 5 times then stays solid. The problem is that the blinks are slow and youre generally done braking by the time is done. You can Stap your own brakes faster. But it's good to have if you have a little extra cash

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