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HJC - Closeout - HJC RPS-10 Ben Spies Monster Helmet ( RPHA-10 ) HJC - Closeout - HJC RPS-10 Ben Spies Monster Helmet ( RPHA-10 ) HJC - Closeout - HJC RPS-10 Ben Spies Monster Helmet ( RPHA-10 ) HJC - Closeout - HJC RPS-10 Ben Spies Monster Helmet ( RPHA-10 ) HJC - Closeout - HJC RPS-10 Ben Spies Monster Helmet ( RPHA-10 )
HJC RPS-10 Ben Spies Monster Helmet ( RPHA-10 )
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Top Front View - HJC RPS-10 Ben Spies Monster Helmet ( RPHA-10 )
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Video Reviews
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Hey guys this is Ruben with competition accessories. Today we are going to talk about the HJC RPS-10 helmet. This helmet has really raised the bar for HJC helmets and its a new flag ship helmet for them. It is the same helmet that Ben Spies is wearing in moto GP. We have two of his replicas up here, the Ben Spies limited edition RPS-10 on this side and then to my left we have the monster edition. Both are really good looking helmets. I have personally been riding in the patriot graphic which is this one here in front of me. I have had it for about six months. I have done track days in this helmet, trips in this helmet, ridden in the mountins with it and have been really impressed with this helmet. It flows very cleanly and smoothly through the air and surprising quite for the amount of air ventilation that you get with it. It is a really comfortable helmet. I have really liked wearing it. It has been comfortable at the track and it has been comfortable on longer trips. It has more of an intermediate oval shape to it. A lot of less expensive you will get into have more of a completely round shape internal shape, but the RPS-10 definately gives you more room front to back. For me personally its been very comfortable. It is snell 2010 and DOT approved. It uses a fiber glass and carbon fiber in the construction of the shell of the helmet. I actually have a fully Carbon fiber helmet also and the RPS-10 actually weighs in a little bit lighter at under 3.5 lbs on our shipping scale. It is incredibly light, which is just one more feature that makes it that much more comfortable to wear. Lets talk about the ventaliation. HJC has wind tunneled test this helmet not only for the aerodynamics and to get it to be very stable at speed, but also to maximize how affective the vents are as you ride. At the front of the chin bar, you will notice two static vents that are always open. Those direct air up onto the face shield and there is a third chin switch which opens and closes with a rocker switch. That is going to direct additional air flow up into your face. You can close that if it is cold outside. At the top of the helmet you have two max air ventalation vents. These are basically ram air scoops. As you ride, air is going to be forced into these vents. These are closable with a simple roller switch. They have several positions that are very easy to open and close. Even with gloves on you can roll them forward to close them and roll them backwards to open them. You can use an intermediate position, though personally I usually go open or completely closed however, they do work really well. Air is forced in their and it works in conjunction with the internal structre of the helmet. They have their advanced air channeling ventalation system which directs air that comes into the helmet through these vents to give you maximum coverage throught the inside of the helmet. If you look at the rear of the helmet, they have built a spoiler into the helmet which helps to reduce any turbulance if you ride at higher speeds. The rear spoiler helps give you a very stable feel while riding. It also creates an area of low pressure at the back of the helmet. The venturi vents located at the back of the helmet are raised as air rushes over these, it is going to draw warm air right out of the helmet. Like I said, I did a track day at Atlanta in this helmet and the temperature outside was 98 degrees F. I was very thankful to have such adequate ventalation in this helmet. Another think I love about the HJC RPS-10 is that they have developed a new shield for it. It is called the HJ-20 shield. One thing you will see on a lot of higher end helmets is, especially helmets designed for the track is that they will have a shield locking mechanism. Typically a switch located on the side of the shield or a lever on the side of the helmet. Basically once you close the shield, you would reach over and lock it. The HJ-20 has the helmet locking mechanism on the front of the helmet. Now I will stop right there because I have seen some people asking online if that is going to get in my way. I don't want to be distracted by this thing that is in front. Well if you ride with the shield have way open it will be in your vision. With the shield closed though you will notice they have noticed a breath deflector as most helmets do that is going to direct hot air away from the shield. But with the shield all the way down, that locking mechanism is pretty much out of sight and you really cant notice it. Same thing with the shield all the way up and open you can't even see it. Not something to worry about. Basically how it works is when you close the shield you give it a further press and it locks the shield down. So that is going to give you a really good seal around the gasket. The reason they build these on race helmets is these guys that are running at high speeds will do head checkes at 130-140 mph and when you turn your head side ways, that vaacum from the wind can actually suck your shield open, which is obviously not something you want to have happen. That is why you will see shield locking mechanisms on helmets built for the race track. As far as changing the sheild out HJC has basically taken their rapid-fire shield changing mechanism and made it into their rapid-fire two mechanism. With the shield all the way up, there are basically two triggers on the sides of the helmet. You have got one on each side and you basically pull the lever back and that shield is basically going to pop right off. It makes it very easy to change out. The HJ-20 shield comes in many different varieties of mirrored shields and there is also light and dark smoke shields and even a high def version. One thing you will see that comes on the HJC RPS-10 as standard is this shield is pinlock ready. That is what these post are on the inside of the shield. They actually include a pinlock insert with the helmet and it comes inside of the box. I have actually got one of those here with me and it still has the protective film on it here and it looks kind of yellow and when you take that off it is going to be clear. Basically there are little notches on either side of the pinlock insert. Those are going to line up with the corresponding post on the inside of the helmet. What that does is basically creates a seal between the inside of the shield and the outside of the shield and there will be a very small pocket of air that insulates the shield and does a fantastic job at eliminating fog. So if you are riding at colder conditions or wet weather where fogging is an issue, simply install that fog insert and you will not have any issue with fogging. There are also different tints available, a pinlock available in high-def, smoke so you can do that as well. You can have a smoke insert installed into the clear shield, it will help reduce fog and assist in brighter conditions. To reinstall the shield basically is the reverse to take it off. Line up the notch and press it into place. Very easy to switch out the shields on this helmet. Okay moving onto the interior of the RPS-10. HJC uses silver cool fabric which is basically a moisture wicking fabric which is going to draw away from your skin and allow that moisture to escape through the ventilation system. One thing you will notice about the RPS-10 is they do include a chin curtain. So for colder weather riding it is going to eliminate cold air from inside underneath the chin bar. It is also going to keep the helmet a little bit quiter. You can remove that and it basically removes the liner and chin bar of the helmet and comes right out with the velcro that holds it in place. You can run without this option, it will just allow a little bit more airflow inside of the helmet. The cheek pads are also easy to remove. Basically three snaps and some velcro hold it into place. One thing I want you to see is these are very contoured cheek pads so they cradle your face and are very comfortable. Again that silver cool material does a great job keeping you warm in colder weather. I will pull the other side out here. Another thing you can do with cheek pads is go up or down a size. So if you need a little bit more room you can always go with a slightly thinner cheek pad. To remove the crown liner, there is basically is two snaps at the back and one at the front of the crown. Basically three snaps, little tricky to get out, but they basically just snap in. You will see that there are holes in the front for perforation all around the crown liner, which works in conjunction with the crown liner to direct air around your head. Warm air can escape out the back to keep you very comfortable and the interior is moisture wicking as well. Take a look at the inside of the helmet at the EPS liner. You can actually see the different air channels built into the liner itself and as air get into the vents. These air channels are going to allow air to reach the top of the head to keep you comfortable and at the back of the helmet calls for the warm air to escape to keep you comfortable in hot weather. That was our overview of the HJC RPS-10. If you are looking for a premium helmet that you can take to the track or just a comfortable helmet for all day riding. The RPS-10 definately brings HJC to a whole another level. Price point is very attractive as well and prices can be found on our website at There are several different graphics available including two replicas from Ben Spies. This is the Patriot graphic, there is also the Maguello graphic as well as solids. We will see ya next time.
Information and Details about the HJC RPS-10 Ben Spies Monster Helmet ( RPHA-10 )
made by HJC
HJC RPS-10 Ben Spies Monster Helmets give you a way to show your allegiance to racer Ben Spies and pay tribute to your favorite drink all at the same time. HJC RPS-10 Helmets have a super light fiberglass shell for reduced neck strain and a comfortable ride. R-Pha 10 Helmets are packed with interior features and built for comfort and safety.

The RPS-10 is essentially the same helmet as the RPHA-10 that replaced it. Really to only difference is the front vent. Both function great, but for some reason HJC decided to change it. So we have a great closeout helmet at a great price.

Finally, you can have something in common with the three-time AMA Superbike and World Superbike Champion Ben Spies besides your favorite Energy Drink!

Ben Spies Monster RPS-10
  • Advanced P.I.M. Fiberglass: Lightest Snell 2010 helmet on the market! Precision Weaved Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber and Aramid Fibers gives the RPS-10 exceptional lightweight and high impact properties
  • Max Air-flow Top Vent: Variable air flow is adjusted by glove-friendly dials on each intake vent
  • Advanced channeling ventilation system
  • Full Front to Back Airflow Flushes Heat & Humidity Up & Out
  • RapidFire II Shield Replacement System: Simple and secure shield ratchet system provides ultra-quick, tool-less removal & installation (HJ-20)
  • Optically-superior Pinlock®-prepared 2D Flat-Racing Shield with INCLUDED Clear Pinlock® insert
  • 2-Stage shield closure system with one-touch center locking system makes for an extremely BALANCED and secure seal
  • Multiple optional shields available; RST Mirrored, High Definition, Smoke, Dark Smoke
  • SilverCool Plus, Removable and washable interior
  • Premium soft interior with Ginkgo Extract, moisture-wicking & odor-free with advanced silver anti-bacterial fabric
  • Meets or Exceeds SNELL 2010 & D.O.T. Standards

  • HJC RPS-10 Ben Spies Monster Helmet ( RPHA-10 ) Product Reviews
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    Sizing Chart & Specs for the HJC RPS-10 Ben Spies Monster Helmet ( RPHA-10 )

    HJC Helmet Standard Sizes
    SizeCentimetersInchesHat Size
    Childs S/M50 - 52cm19 3/4 - 20 1/8"6 1/4 - 6 1/2
    Childs L/XL53 - 54cm20 1/4 - 21 1/4"6 5/8 - 6 3/4
    XXX Small49 - 50cm19 1/4 - 19 3/4"6 1/8 - 6 1/4
    XX Small51 - 52cm20 - 20 1/2" 6 3/8 - 6 1/2
    X Small53 - 54cm20 7/8 - 21 1/4"6 5/8 - 6 3/4
    Small55 - 56cm21 3/8 - 22" 6 7/8 - 7
    Medium57 - 58cm22 1/4 - 22 7/8"7 1/8 - 7 1/4
    Large59 - 60cm23 1/4 - 23 5/8"7 3/8 - 7 1/2
    X Large61 - 62cm24 - 24 1/2" 7 5/8 - 7 3/4
    XX Large63 - 64cm24 3/4 - 25 1/4"7 7/8 - 8
    XXX Large65 - 66cm25 5/8 - 26" 8 1/8 - 8 1/4

    RPHA Series, FG-Jet, FG-17 Helmet Size Chart
    SizeCentimetersInchesHat Size
    X Small54 - 55cm21 1/4 - 21 5/8"6 3/4 - 6 7/8
    Small55 - 56cm21 8/8 - 22" 6 7/8 - 7
    Medium57 - 58cm22 1/2 - 22 7/8"7 1/8 - 7 1/4
    Large58 - 59cm22 7/8 - 23 1/4"7 1/4 - 7 3/8
    X Large60 - 61cm23 5/8 - 24" 7 1/2 - 7 5/8
    XX Large62 - 63cm24 3/8 - 24 3/4"7 3/4 - 7 7/8
    XXX Large64 - 65cm25 1/4 - 25 5/8" 8 - 8 1/8 1/4

    The sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit. However, we are happy to assist you with any needed exchanges.

    Note: the RPHA-Max seems to run a little smaller due to the thick padding and smaller overall shell design. Most size exchanges have been to up a size. So if you are on the fence. We recommend thinking about going up a size to start. However, please keep in mind the padding will break in some and a helmet that is a little tight vs. too loose for safety.
    Part Number Status for HJC RPS-10 Ben Spies Monster Helmet ( RPHA-10 )
    Options SKU Our Price Availability
    X-Small HJ-MSH-XS $299.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Small HJ-MSH-S $299.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Medium HJ-MSH-M $299.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    Large HJ-MSH-L $299.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    X-Large HJ-MSH-XL $299.99 Currently Not Available for Order
    XX-Large HJ-MSH-2X $299.99 Currently Not Available for Order

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    HJC RPS-10 Ben Spies Monster Helmet ( RPHA-10 ) - Black Green White
    Black Green White
    HJC RPS-10 Ben Spies Monster Helmet ( RPHA-10 ) - Left Back View
    Left Back View
    HJC RPS-10 Ben Spies Monster Helmet ( RPHA-10 ) - Right Back Side
    Right Back Side
    HJC RPS-10 Ben Spies Monster Helmet ( RPHA-10 ) - Top Front View
    Top Front View
    HJC RPS-10 Ben Spies Monster Helmet ( RPHA-10 ) - Rear Vent Detail
    Rear Vent Detail