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Nolan's line of helmets offer functional helmets with comfort and style. The N91 is a modular helmet that is made of Polycarbonate Lexan EXL. With quality in mind the Nolan N-91 padding is made with fabrics that have antibacterial treatment. It's highly breathable not to mention washable. There is plenty of ventilation in this N91 motorcycle helmet with air intakes positioned at the bottom and top of the shell. The N-91 Helmets also features the Dual Action System for maximum convenience, and Microlock2 for added safety. With choosing one of the best motorcycle brands out there, you can beat the competition with any Nolan N91 Helmet.

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Nolan N91 Helmets have been rated 4 out of 5 based on 9 reviews. There are 5 N91 Helmets for sale, ranging from $59.36 to $323.96


Nolan N91 Helmets

Video Reviews
Hey guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories and welcome to our video review of the Nolan N91 helmet. This is a modular helmet with a poly-carbonate shell from Nolan. Modular means that it is a flip-up helmet so you can bring up the chin bar to make it easier to talk to other people, drink, or smoke if you smoke. Few different notes about the chin bar mechanism itself with the Nolan you have a dual release there is a lever underneath the bottom of the chin bar that you have to pull forward and that makes this tab stick out on the front and you squeeze them together to actually get this to open. This is a safety feature so the chin bar wont and cannot open up on your if you don't want it to. They also have a lock on the side of the chin bar here that you can engage and that prevents it from closing and it locks it into place. Also on the side of the helmet here is the lever for the vision protection system which is what Nolan calls their internal drop down sun visor. It is far enough forward so if you do wear glasses it is not going to get in the way of those. Taking a look at the interior it is a clima comfort interior which means it is moisture wicking and it is nice and comfortable fabric. As far as the sizing and the shape of this helmet I typically wear a medium and to me I felt it was narrow towards the sides of the face and jaw. They give you a nice padded neck roll and it creates a good seal to block any unwanted wind noise. A chin curtain is also incorporated with the helmet as well. Nolan uses a ratchet style chin strap which is very popular over in Europe which you can adjust the length of the chin strap to get a customized fit. Lets talk about ventilation on the this helmet and that is something that they have definitely improved in the N91 and this helmet replaces the N90. You have a chin vent that is going to direct air up onto the face shield to prevent fogging in the shield if it is cold outside or may be rainy. You also have an intake vent at the top which is operated by a slider switch. The rear spoiler is interesting because they have incorporated it into the shell and it is open. The vents on this helmet help give it a real nice sporty appearance and it is going to help keep it stable at speeds. Now I mentioned anti-fog and even better Nolan is including a pinlock insert in the box as well so remember the pinlock is an anti-fog solution it creates a dual pane effect between the outside and inside of the face shield. With that internal sun visor you shouldnt have to remove or replace the face shield very often and if you do it is very simple and straight forward there is a button on the side and you just push that down and pull forward and you can see it pops right off. We will go ahead and weigh the helmet on the scale here and it weighs right at 4 pounds, typically with modular helmets they do tend to gain a little weight due to that drop down internal sun visor. Little bit more on the heavy side for the helmet. You can check out the Nolan N91 on our website at Competition Accessories. You can see ll our current prices, colors, or graphics we have available for this helmet. Also don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel so you can stay up to date on our product and video reviews. Don't forget you can earn to 5% comp a cash back on future purchases, we have great free shipping deals, easy exchange program and no restocking fees, thanks for watching and we will see you next time.
Nolan N91 Helmets
Nolan N91 Outlaw Helmet
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MSRP $315.95
Price $287.96
Nolan N91 Solid Helmet
  (3 Reviews)
MSRP $299.95 - $315.95
Price $269.96 - $287.96
Nolan N-Com B1 Bluetooth Communication System for N91 N90 N85 N86 N43E Helmets
  (6 Reviews)
MSRP $209.95 - $339.95
Price $193.46 - $314.96
Nolan N91 Replacement Interior Liner
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MSRP $65.95
Price $59.36
Nolan N91 Ammersee Helmet
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MSRP $359.95
Price $323.96

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