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Just when you thought modular technology couldn't possibly get any better: Nolan introduces the Nolan N104 Helmet. The N104 was released in early 2012 and replaced the N103. From many years of helmet perfection comes the Nolan N104 Modular Helmet, pushing modular research and development into the forefront of innovation. Nolan N104 Helmets are from a company that is well known, yet the improvements made to the N104 Helmet give it that sense of the amazing and new.

Nolan N104 Modular Helmets have an improved ventilation system that goes beyond Airbooster. Nolan N104 Helmets maximize air flow with less loss of flow. All the air is carried throughout the N-104 Helmet reaching the critical areas, to ensure cooling over the entire head.

Nolan N104 Helmets are fitted with the new Ultrawide Visor to give a wider port of vision, and peripheral sight. Nolan N104 Modular Helmets have visors that are easily interchanged, using no tools, and are pinlock ready. The Nolan N104 Helmet has a VPS sunscreen that is intuitive and will recall the last position used.

Over all, the Nolan N104 Modular Helmet is a super new offering from the Nolan line. Be sure to keep on the look out for their US debut, right here at Compacc.com!

Once you get your helmet all squared away, you can pick up a Nolan NCom Communication System so you can stay connected with your riding party out on the road. Connect to your bluetooth devices or link up between drivers so you can communicate instructions or directions without having to stop. Nolan NCom Communication Systems make traveling in a group or with a passenger much easier, and let you have a stress free ride.

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Nolan N104 Helmets

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Nolan N104 Helmets
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