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Rain and Wet weather is a reality of riding motorcycles. The fact is at some point you are going to get caught in the wet stuff. We have put together a great selection of waterproof motorcycle jackets that really covers all the needs of today's rider. A waterproof motorcycle jacket can take all sorts of forms from a mesh outershell with a waterproof liner, to a textile jacket with a removable waterproof liner, a motorcycle jacket with a waterproof outer shell or a fully lined textile jacket with a non-removable liner. There are benefits and downsides to them all... So lets dig into it a little more..

Type 1: Mesh Jackets with a removable Waterproof liner
These jackets are great for warm climates or summer riding. They offer the best ventilation of the bunch. They will also keep you dry in the rain ( provided you put in the liner ).. The liner also serves to keep you warm if the temps drop in the evening/morning or just in the early or later parts of the season.. They are very versatile. However.. The shell being mesh means it will get soaked in a rain storm and then need to be dried out at some point. This is not a big deal to most.. but certainly worth noting.

Type 2: Textile Outershell with a removable Waterproof liner
This type of jacket performs better in the cooler temps and not as great in the really hot stuff.. But with a removable waterproof liner, if the jacket has vents they will really work. ( see the Shadow Pikes Peak Jacket ). The waterproof liner can then be inserted when you are going to be around rain or when you get cold for an added layer of insulation/wind protection. Overall, this is a nice concept for a jacket and easy to pull off with out warranty concerns.

Type 3: Textile Motorcycle Jackets with a waterproof Outershell and No Rain Liner
The concept of using waterproof fabric and no liner is a great one for maximum ventilation, keep the shell of the jacket dry/light and keeping you dry.. ( that is the point right? ). By not having a waterproof liner there is nothing stopping the wind when the vents are open.. But it also means that if there is any problem with the seem taping or construction ( which there likely can be ) the jacket will have some sort of leak. So even the best brands will still have issues with some water getting in when you are in a serious or long lasting rain.. That is why with these jackets we recommend having a rain suit for extended wet weather riding to keep you dry..

Type 4: Textile Outershell with permanent waterproof liner
This type of waterproof jacket is the most simple to design and will be the on that is most likely to keep you dry. The waterproof rain liner is usually a Hypora / Goretex or something similar and it is added in between the outer shell and the inner lining of the jacket. Buy doing this the jacket essentially has a rainsuit built-in. However, the liners have a varying amount of breathability, so you end up with a jacket that is not going to work that well in really hot weather, but on the other side of the coin will likely function very well in cool to colder weather. Ideally this type of jacket should be put in the closet in the summer and then used late fall to spring.. Maybe in temps below 75 degrees or so.. However, some jackets like the Tourmaster Transition 3 have a pipe-line ventilation system, which is basically air channels through the rain liner to give you more ventilation than a traditional textile jacket with a rain liner.

These are the standard types of waterproof motorcycle jackets that are available today and I am sure that new ones will pop-up at new materials and techniques are invented / discovered. For now there is certainly a good choice available to fit most needs.. You just might need 2 motorcycle jackets in order to be the really comfortable in all conditions. If you need any help give us a ring or shoot us an email.. We are happy to help our fellow riders.
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