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Perforated Motorcycle Boots are a great option for riding boots if you want a boot with a breathable construction. Perforated Motorcycle Boots are made to allow maximum air flow around you feet while you ride. Keep your feet cool and comfortable in a pair of Perforated Motorcycle Boots.

Perforated Boots for Motorcycles are stylish and designed to perform. All Perforated Boots for Motorcycles have safety like none other, so even on a high speed race track you will be protected. Perforated Boots for Motorcycles are the best breathable boots you can get to rock the road on your bike.

Perforated Riding Boots allow you another option for footwear in the hot months when air flow is a commodity. In a pair of Perforated Riding Boots you will never have to worry about hot itchy feet while you ride. Grab some Perforated Riding Boots and give your feet a breath of fresh air.
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Video Reviews
Hey this is Reuben with Competition Accessories here to talk to you today about Cortechs new road racing boot. These are the Latigo boots they make two versions the air and the waterproof. I have the waterproof version on now and I have been walking around in this boot for a little while now in the store and it is actually really comfortable, I normally wear a 44 or a 10 and this fits just right if it was any smaller it would be too small so it is a snug fit but I would definitely stick with my size in this boot if you are in between sizes like a 10.5 then I would definitely go up to the 45 or the 11 because the 10 is going to be a little bit to snug for you. It is definitely a nice boot, you will see that there is a molded hinged ankle support system on these boots so you can still get the flexibility and the motion that you need when you are walking or shifting your wait from side to side on the bike but it gives you some nice side to side support so if you were in an accident it is going to limit how much your ankle can actually roll. Give you a look at the opening here basically with the waterproof version you have a full length waterproof gator and that is a Hipora waterproof membrane so it is going to keep the water out. But it is going to also allow your foot to breathe. Simple Velcro upper with a zipper closure makes it really easy to get the boots on and off. There is also a stretch panel in the upper portion of this boot which gives you some extra flexibility as you walk keeps the boots nice and comfortable, talking about the inside of the air version it is essentially same version but no waterproof gator obviously, this one is going to breath a lot better and they use what they call micro tech upper which is basically a breathable insulated lining that is going to allow hot air to escape and your foot to breath. This boot is fully perforated so you are going to get plenty of ventilation through to your foot. Talk about some of the other protective features the one that really stands out is the shin plate, it is very large and you have a lot of area for protection of your leg. That's a very common area to get injured, if you crash the footpeg very often will catch you in the leg and without any protection there that can cause some severe damage to your leg. You also have a molded heel cup this is shock absorbing so that will help protect you from impact on the heel area. You have a replaceable toe slider and it is just a plastic slider but it definitely does a great job and it is in the right place. You have a molded TPU shifter pad on both the right and left boot. Some more leather stretch panels on the front and along the back of the boot to keep it again very comfortable and flexible. Now the sole of this boot is fairly flexible which makes it very comfortable for walking in but it is not as super stiff as a really high end road race boot so keep that in mind as well. But these boots are selling on our website right for right around 150 dollars the waterproof version is a little bit more than that, but for that money you are getting a lot of boot and I am really impressed with these and I might pick up a pair for myself because I really like the protective features and it is just a comfortable boot as well. For the street and occasional track days this is definitely a great choice you can check these out on our website at also click on the link in the upper right hand corner to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thanks for watching and we will see you next time.

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