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Just introduced for this season is a stand alone camera from Liquid Image: the EGO HD 1080 Wifi Camera. The EGO lets you get yourself in the shot, by streaming the feed to your phone or other device over wifi, and using the app to line up the shot. Named the Ego because everyone wants to be in the shot, it takes the first person view and turns it into a universally mountable camera so you can take shots of anything, anywhere. The Liquid Image EGO HD Camera is small and compact, for ease of transport and use. The EGO HD 1080 Camera and a line of mounts and a water tight housing are due to be released in the summer of 2012.

Also introducing the new Liquid Image Torque HD 1080p Goggle Camera : a wifi and GPS enabled camera that shoots videos and 12MP pictures.

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Liquid Image is a maker of sport goggles with built in cameras to capture the action wherever you go. Traditional sport cameras attach to your helmet or vehicle, and can get knocked off by a branch or obstacle, but your Liquid Image Ego Camera is tucked safely inside your eyewear, so it stays out of the way. Liquid Image Ego Cameras have SD card slots so you can capture hours of video or thousands of images.

Each Liquid Image Mask is specifically designed for an activity, whether scuba diving or MX racing, and is perfectly suited to capture the action of that adventure. When you put on your Liquid Image Mask, you will be capturing images or video from your perspective, so whatever you are seeing, you can make into a picture or video for posterity. Take all the breathtaking scenery you encounter with you, with a Liquid Image Mask.

Liquid Image Goggles are crafted to be crystal clear eye protection, and each set is quality tested to function first and foremost as a great set of goggles. With the addition of a high resolution HD camera, Liquid Image Goggles become an adventurer's favorite piece of equipment. Now you can go out into the world and have the experience of a lifetime, and capture it on your Liquid Image Goggles, to bring home the proof like never before.

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