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New for 2012 is the Joe Rocket Alter Ego 3.0 Hi Vis colorway for the Alter Ego 3.0 Jacket. Same great jacket, all new visibility.

Joe Rocket Alter Ego is the new evolution of the MetaSport II System. The Joe Rocket Alter Ego Series features two stage apparel that delivers dual use products, providing all season protection for the serious enthusiast. With cold weather protection and mesh ports for summer use, Joe Rocket Alter Ego 3 Jackets is true double personality riding gear.

The Alter Ego 3.0 Jacket has two stage dual purposing, which gives you two jackets for the price of one. The outer shell of the Alter Ego 3.0 Jacket is removable for hot weather riding, leaving the mesh inner jacket for full ventilation. The Joe Rocket Alter Ego 3 Womens Jackets outer shell is waterproof, and the inner jacket has a fleece vest that can be zipped out as well. You can wear all three pieces of the Alter Ego 3.0 Jacket together or mix and match them to suit your needs.

If you want to get the previous version, there are still some Joe Rocket Alter Ego 2 Womens Jackets and Joe Rocket Alter Ego 2 Jackets available in stock.

For full body Alter Ego coverage, pair the Alter Ego Pants with your Alter Ego Jacket. Joe Rocket Alter Ego Pants have zip out panels to reveal mesh underneath for ultimate cooling. With a waterproof lining that can be removed, Joe Rocket Alter Ego 2 Pants are a great option for warm climates that get rainy from time to time. All Joe Rocket Alter Ego Womens Pants have full side zippers and on board armor padding for impact protection.

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Joe Rocket Alter Ego 3.0 Jackets brings you a hot new colorway for the hugely popular Alter Ego 3.0. Now in Hi Vis Yellow to make you ultra visible to passing traffic, you will be seen no matter the light conditions.

Joe Rocket Alter Ego 3 have been rated 4 out of 5 based on 14 reviews. There are 4 Alter Ego 3 for sale, ranging from $179.99 to $247.49


Joe Rocket Alter Ego 3

Video Reviews
Hey guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories welcome to our review of the Joe Rocket Alter Ego 3.0 Jacket now sit back and relax because this one is a little bit more in depth then our other jackets and that's basically because your getting two jackets in one with the Alter Ego 3.0. This jacket does retail for about 275$ so when you compare it to other textile jackets or other mesh jackets you might find that's a little bit higher then average however you are essentially getting two jackets in one, one that will be functional all year around meaning its not just functional in certain climates this jacket is going to be a fully featured waterproof textile jacket if you need it to be if it has insulation it can be a cool mesh jacket if you want it to be on those hot summer rides so if you really need just a do it all jacket the Alter Ego 3.0 is a great jacket , now lets get into some of the features. First of all for adjustment of fit obviously this jacket has a little bit more complexity to it there's more layers going on, this jacket that I'm wearing is an extra large which is the size that i normally wear and with all the layers in place with what i have now. i would say its true to size maybe slightly on the snug side compared to some other jackets even from Joe Rocket and that's just because there's so many layers going on but there's nothing that's binding up on me i wouldn't say i need to go up a size at all just bear in mind with everything installed it has more material and then once you've got it all taken apart its probably going to be more loose. You can also see the adjustments here the sleeve cuffs is a simple Velcro closure that allows you to snug the sleeves up, there are also waist adjustment bands built in on each side so you can tighten up the jacket at the base so you can keep it nice and snug to prevent wind or water to come up underneath and the outer shell of this jacket is a rock text waterproof shell, you have waterproof built in throughout the jacket here and then again there's more waist adjustment bands or kind of a midriff at the middle section but because their are so many layers you want that flexibility of fit you want to be able to adjust the jacket. Were going to go ahead and open the jacket up , you see they used snaps over the main zipper here its a storm flap , and then if i open up the main zipper its just one main zipper to get in and out of the jackets so that's a really nice feature. That way your not unzipping 3 or 4 layers to get in and out of the jacket but depending on how you have the jacket set up you'll be able to get it on and off real easy. Before i do open it all the way up and take it off to show you how to convert it all even if you just have the whole jacket put together and you need a little bit of ventilation they do give you that option so you do have two zippered vents on the chest here its going to allow plenty of air flow through the torso obviously not nearly enough for super hot summer days but you know if your wearing a jacket and you need a little bit extra air flow open those up for a quick adjustment so there's actually an exhaust vent on the back of the jacket here so you can always open that up to allow warm air to escape. I'm going to go ahead and remove the jacket and show you basically all the different features here. You've basically got 3 layers to this jacket, you have the outer shell which is waterproof rock tex material you do have some ballistic style nylon on the impact areas they give you turtle shell style CE approved armor in the shoulders and elbows of the jacket as well as a duel density back pad, this is that rear exhaust vent i was telling you about you can unzip that and that's going to allow air to flow out that back of the jacket. The collar is lined with some nice soft fabric its not going to rub you raw or be uncomfortable and then on the inner jacket they used like a neoprene style material so no matter what stage your wearing your going to be comfortable. The thermal qualities of this jacket are the one area where its probably not quite as heavy duty as if you went with a full on textile touring jacket like the Joe Rocket ballistic is a good example of that they will give you a fully sleeved quilted thermal liner , this jacket uses a fleece style vest liner so your not getting full thermal down the length of the arms but again your getting better versatility you could always wear a sweater or something else underneath if its extra cold out. Lets go ahead and remove that inner liner at a table back here so that you can kinda follow along with different layers, but that inner liner is basically removed with one zipper all the way around you see how quick and easy that is to remove very simple. There's the duel density foam back pad we were talking about you'll see they have ventilation holes in this you can actually feel its a substantial back piece its not just a thin piece of foam like what is included on a lot of other jackets there are some belt loop attachments at the base of the jacket here so you can always attach that to your belt loops and then were going to go ahead and pull the jacket apart to see how you convert this jacket from full textile to mesh. Usually the best thing to do is put it on its front , there are two zippers that run down each side and that's your main zipper here were going to go ahead and zip that its the same style zipper and whats really neat about this jacket is they actually give you (better go ahead and pull the sleeves out) some Velcro tabs with some loops that are going to help hold the sleeves in place when your getting the jacket on and off its all put together. If you undo those pull the inner jacket out and whats really neat is this jacket the outer jacket doesn't have the armor in it or anything its just a shell so you can actually roll this up real nice and tight like that and then they actually give you a zippered pouch so you can see there's a zipper that goes along here and you can actually roll this whole jacket up so that its inside of this pouch here , you get the idea its pretty quick and easy to do. If you wanted to, say your on a long trip or tour where your going to encounter lots of climates, you know some times when your out west the climate can change very quickly and easily especially when going through the mountains and getting in higher elevation it can get cold you might encounter rain. You could stash this in the built in pocket that's built into the jacket itself or store it in a saddle bag it even has a waist belt or a carry strap it has some elastic to it but with the strap here it snaps so you can take this with you really easily. This is the outer waterproof part of the jacket so its fairly compact to have a motorcycle jacket in there and then on the inside is what we were mentioning earlier you have a full mesh jacket so this is the inside of the Alter Ego 3.0 , I'm going to go ahead and put this back on so that you can see what it looks like but this is essentially a whole other jacket that you will be able to wear for warm weather so you can go ahead and zip it up with the main zipper there and your going to have plenty of air to flow through this. Again comfort features have zippered openings here you have the Velcro loop that they use to hold the sleeves in place this actually doubles in function it also helps to custom fit the sleeve cuffs on the mesh jacket when your using that jacket by itself you can see the armor is accessible through a zippered pocket on the outside and you can see the armor right there from inside the sleeve. Again the armor and all the protection is actually built into the mesh jacket. Snap sleeve take up is attached to the forearm here to hold that armor in place and ill give you a good 360 here so you can see what this jacket looks like. You have some reflective material built in across the back of the jacket so for night time if your just wearing the mesh jacket its going to flow a lot of air through it so if you have a fleece style vest liner that you can install inside of this that is not going to block a lot of wind its going to definitely keep you warmer if you install the outer layer as well you have a waterproof shell so very very versatile set up. Again that's the Alter Ego 3.0 its available in a couple different colors they also announced its going to be available in HI-Vis soon you can check our website for that its Competition Accessories .com
Joe Rocket Alter Ego 3
Joe Rocket Alter Ego 3.0 Jackets
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Mesh, Waterproof and More
Joe Rocket Alter Ego 3.0 Jackets
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Price $233.99 - $247.49
Joe Rocket Alter Ego 2.0 Textile Pants - Mens
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Joe Rocket Alter Ego 2.0 Womens Textile Pants
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Price $179.99 - $193.49
Joe Rocket Alter Ego 3 Womens Waterproof Jacket
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