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Icon Vests are available in many designs to provide protection, visibility and biker style to anyone who rides. Icon Leather, Mesh, Armored and Reflective Vests are the first stop for riding gear with function and fashion in mind.

Icon Motorcycle Vests are leather vests geared toward the biker who rides for the simple freedom. Black, classic vests perfect for placing a club patch, or riding stealth, Icon Leather Vests are hardcore gear for the modern biker, and give you added protection while you ride.

Icon Armor Vests provide extra impact safety, with a rugged design meant to absorb blows from hard riding, a crash or fall. Icon Armor Vests are designed to wear outside or under your street gear, whichever is more comfortable to you. With Icon Armor Vests you will be free to ride your hardest and not worry about the bumps and scrapes that are inevitable during an aggressive ride.

Icon Safety Vests are the best way to stay visible when you are riding in low light or after dark. With built in hi vis colors and reflective strips, Icon Reflective Vests give you an extra line of defense against distracted drivers. Protect yourself on the roads, with an Icon Safety Vest from Compacc.com.

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Icon Regulator Stripped Vest is a hardcore leather vest that allows you to wear your club colors and nothing else. Stripped of branding and other affiliations, the Icon Regulator Stripped Vest has nothing to hide, because it is already laid bare.

Icon Stryker Battlescar Vests were designed to be the battle armor of a new generation. As hard as nails protection from the urban assualt, the Icon 1000 Stryker Battlescar Vest is the number 1 choice for the modern road warrior leading the way on the asphalt.

Icon 1000 Associate Leather Vests have a classic biker style that is ready to roll whenever you are. Worn clean, or with your club patch on the back, Icon 1000 Associate Leather Vests are road gear with bikes in their blood.

Icon Regulator Leather Vest is a cruiser vest for the modern biker. The Icon Regulator Leather Vest is premium leather with a large back area for attaching a club patch or your own colors.

Icon Vests have been rated 4 out of 5 based on 6 reviews. There are 9 Vests for sale, ranging from $60.00 to $350.00


Icon Vests

Icon Vests
Icon 1000 Associate Leather Vests
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MSRP $400.00
Price $300.00 - $350.00
Icon Stryker Battlescar Vests
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MSRP $150.00
Price $90.00
Icon Regulator Leather Vest
  (1 Review)
Price $265.00
Icon Regulator Stripped Vest
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Price $265.00
Icon Interceptor Reflective Vests
  (1 Review)
Price $90.00
Icon Brigand Vest
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Price $120.00
Icon Stryker Vest
  (4 Reviews)
Price $130.00 - $150.00
Icon Military Spec Mesh Vests
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Price $60.00
Icon Stryker Vest - Womens
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Price $130.00

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