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HJC has just introduced the RPHA series helmets R=Revolutionary, P=Performance, H=Helmet, A=Advantage. The RPHA-X model is the offroad version of this helmet.

HJC RPHA-X Helmets are surprisingly lightweight for the amount of durability and strength that is offered. The advanced channeling ventilation system flushes hot air from front to back and sucks the humidity and heat up and out at the rear spoiler of the helmet.

RPHA-X Helmets have 11 intake and 4 exhaust vents so you're sure to stay cool and refreshed. A visor that doesn't adjust can really be an aggravation. HJC has designed their streamline visor to adjust for various riding conditions, saving you from the elements.

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HJC RPHA-X Tempest Helmets have a shattered look in black, blue, green or orange. Get the best performance for your money by ordering the HJC RPHA-X Tempest Helmet. With a larger eyeport that offers optimal visibility and a superior goggle fit, there's no question that this is a top-notch helmet.

HJC RPHA-X Factor Helmets offer extreme protection and comfort, even if the toughest of elements. You can't always factor in all the possibilities, so be prepared with the RPHA-X Factor Helmet. Available in black, blue or red, you can choose the color option that matches your gear.

HJC RPHA-X Offroad Helmets have been rated 4 out of 5 based on 8 reviews. There are 2 RPHA-X Offroad Helmets for sale, ranging from $184.99 to $184.99


HJC RPHA-X Offroad Helmets

Video Reviews
Hey whats up guys its Ruben at competiton accessories here checking out the HJC RPHA X offroad helmet. This is really the first premium offroadhelmet weve seen from HJC, they have taken alot from what they have learned from there moto GP top of the line RPS10 street helmet and they broughtit over and developed a very impressive off road helmet. Ive done quite a bit of off road riding and ive ridin in quite a few different brands ofoff road helmets and this is right up to par with all the other premium helmets on there. First things first is its very light weight which is goingto reduce neck fatiuqe which will help you be more competitive. It comes in at 2.92 pounds for the medium and large size model, which is very lightweight. The shell itself is constructed with premium integrated matrix design which incorporates carbon fiber aramid fibers and fiberglass, which creates a very ridgid strong shell. Basically if you go down and hit say a rock its going to spread the impact over the largest area possible, an then the eps foam inside the helmet is designed to slow your head down gently so that you dont get any brain injuries. If you just take a look at the aggressive designof the shell shape. Its going to be extremely aerodynamic and you do have an adjustable visor piece so that you can adjust this up and down dependingon the conditions, so if your in a real muddy race you can adjust this nice and low. Also its got good coverage on it if you wont a little more ventilationyou can raise it up obviously its removable and replaceable as well. Very aggresive ventilation vents as well in the past they've called it thereadvanced channeling ventilation system and this is something they've brought over from there road race helmets, but if you look at the front of thistheres air intakes on the mouth guard. Here you have intakes right along the top of the brow thats going to bring air right around the top of your googlesand theres channels that we'll look at in a minute that go up inside underneath the visor peak which might be hard to see. There are actually small ventsas well those are going to function almost like ram air scoops. Air is going to be channeled in underneath this visor peak and be forced down insidethe vents on the helmet, there are more vents at the top of the shell here bringing in more air and then at the back you have some exhaust vents. Exhaustingwarm air out of the helmet is one of the best ways to get hot air out and keep you comfortable as you ride. Low pressures kind of generate in behind thehelmet here and that kind of draws the warm air right out the back of the helmet. Inside the helmet you have what they call there cool forever fabricthis is an advanced new fabric it has ginkgo extract in the fibers. Its designed specifically to moisture wick but also not get hot so those hot ridesyou know typically even if its not really hot outside alot of times your working hard when your riding off road so your sweating alot, and this is goingto do a really good job managing all that moisture and keeping you cool as you ride. You can remove the interior as well so for cleaning up the cheek padsand the rest of the helmet your going to be able to pull the inside out. Theres basically three snaps and a tab around the side of the cheek pad so youcan see it is a nice contoured cheek pad design on the inside there, and then you can also remove the crown liner couple snaps at the back and thenaround the front of the crown. When they do it this way you have some tabs around the crown that prevents any snaps, velcro in this area from being right onyour forehead so it attaches out in front of the shell itself so its not creating any pressure points. It is a nice open design so you will see that thereis plenty of ventilation so its going to get right through to your skin to keep you more comfortable. Look at the inside here you do have air channelsbuilt in and you'll see that theres plenty of holes in there so that all that air flow can come in and breathe through out the whole helmet and keepyou comfortable for those long hot motos. RPHA X retails at around the 350 dollar market a little more for some of the graphics and around that mark forthe solids. So you can check those out online on our website at competitionaccessories.com and see what our current pricing is. Very impressive helmetvery light very well thought out very well engineered and a nice design. Also there are different graphics available as well as solids you can checkthose out online. Also dont forget to click on that link in the upper right hand corner to subscribe to our youtube channel thanks for watching we'llsee ya next time.
HJC RPHA-X Offroad Helmets
HJC RPHA-X Tempest Helmets
  (3 Reviews)
MSRP $359.99
Price $184.99
HJC RPHA-X Factor Helmets
  (5 Reviews)
MSRP $359.99
Price $184.99

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