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HJC CS-MX Helmets are a killer choice for the motocross enthusiast! Get your head in the best protection from the HJC line. With this lightweight and superior fit using Advanced CAD Technology, you won't mind wearing the HJC CS-MX Stagger Helmet all day while out on the track or trail.

HJC CS-MX models use an advanced channeling ventilation system, aka "ACS" to rush air in pulling it from front to back. The hot air and humidity is then sucked up and out of the HJC CS-MX Scourge Helmet. With 6 intake, 2 exhaust vents and an integrated venturi exhaust spoiler, airflow is not a problem.

CS MX Helmets offer a superior visibility range with a great goggle fit. The interior of the HJC CS-MX Charge Helmet and all CS-MX Helmets are removable and washable to keep the liners fresh with a great fit.

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HJC CS-MX Offroad There are 6 CS-MX Offroad for sale, ranging from $9.99 to $104.99


HJC CS-MX Offroad

Video Reviews
Hey whats up guys this is Reuben with Competition Accessories welcome to our in depth review of the HJC CSMX offroad helmet. What I have in front of me is the new link graphic which is brand new for fall 2012 and there is a bunch of different graphics and solids available on our website if you want to head on over there and check those out. The CSMX is a budget helmet, its a 104.99 for this graphic and there are solids available for even less and we are able to discount them from that. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this helmet, it is a poly carbonate shell helmet. When you pick it up its fairly light weight, especially for a helmet in this price range. It does have some vents on it which you usually dont see on a helmet in that 100 dollar price range. You have the brow vents that direct air up and onto your forehead and then the tope vent that is going to direct air inside the helmet and if you spin around to the back you have a rear exhaust vent and at the base of the helmet. As you ride it is going to draw the warm air right out the back of the helmet. This is a really effective way at keeping you comfortable. You do have an adjustable visor peak on this, you can adjust the screw down on the front of this. If you take a look at the inside you actually have a removable interior as well. Its really easy to remove and its good for if you need to wash the interior. Then a couple of snaps for the crown liner and there are some tabs around the front to pull it out. When you pull it out you can actually see the vent system for the inside of the helmet. There are actually channels inside the shell itself that will direct that air throughout the whole helmet and keep you comfortable. It is a DOT approved helmet and you can jump on our website to see all the different graphics available for the CSMX. A great option for around that 100 dollar mark, so check those out from HJC and you can also click on that link in the upper right hand corner to subscribe to our youtube channel for the latest product reviews and videos. Thanks for watching we will see you next time.
HJC CS-MX Offroad
HJC CS-MX Stagger Helmets
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Price $89.99 - $99.99
HJC CS-MX Second Phase Helmets
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Price $89.99 - $104.99
HJC CS-MX Scourge Snowcross Helmets
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Price $89.99
HJC CS-MX Charge Snowcross Helmets
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Price $99.99
HJC CS-MX and SPX-N Helmet Replacement Breath Box
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Price $9.99
HJC CS-MX Shattered Helmets
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Price $99.99 - $104.99

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