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Video Reviews
Hey this is Reuben with Competition Accessories welcome to our video on What type of motorcycle helmet should i buy. There are a ton of different types of motorcycle helmets out there and I'm definitely going to spend some time on this end of the table because duel sport riding has grown increasingly over the years in popularity, and more and more people are buying bikes that they are going to take on and off road so if you've got that type of bike and your in that position where your not sure if you should go for a full off road helmet or a full faced street helmet something in between if your not sure what would work best for you stay tuned because i think this will help narrow it down. So obviously up here Ive got several different types of helmets Ive got one on my head, this is a shorty helmet , so for you guys that are minimalists that just want open road unrestricted view wind in your face obviously you know what you want you want a shorty helmet and that's fairly straight forward. This one actually has an internal sun visor so its got built in eye protection , we have tons of different ones of these on our website this is a bell but there are lots of different options for shorty's and that would be DOT approved from us so that they are going to work for you if your in a helmet law state , but minimalist helmet this one has removable ear covers so that will be nice for cold weather but obviously a shorty helmet is like i said fairly minimalist and if you know you want a shorty then you probably already know what you want. Moving on to what i have on the table we have a full off road helmet the brand new Fox V4 , then we have a duel sport helmet and then i have a modular helmet which means the front can actually flip up and open then you have your traditional full faced street helmet and then at the end we have a sort of three quarter open faced helmet which gives you just a little bit of added protection when compared to the shorty type of style. So i was going to talk a bit about duel sport riding that's really where the big question mark is what helmet do i need to ride in if I'm going you know half on road half off road or 70-30 , it really depends obviously if your looking at a Fox V4 and this is going to be a high end off road helmet this is designed for racing so motocross guys super cross trail riding it works really good as well also because its light weight with an aggressive style helmet like this like the Fox V4 your going to get a ton of aggressive ventilation remember this is designed for racing so traditionally when your out there racing and even if your racing in 30 degree morning and out there working your probably sweating because of that you cannot close any of the vents on most off road helmets so you've got to keep that in mind . If your buying this to do more relaxed trail riding or some street and some off road and it might be some colder weather you cant close the vents , you've got a large eye port here and obviously your going to have to wear goggles have your eye protection as well and that's going to allow a ton of air through so in cold weather it might make you a bit chilly especially if your not working as hard and your not racing . What that does on the flip side though is that flows a ton of air for really hot conditions or if your doing a lot of aggressive types of trail riding where you might be tackling some mountain passes or fire roads that lead you up into trails that maybe are a little bit more challenging. A dedicated off road helmet has its advantages a very large eye port and the ability to use goggles off road goggles are going to do a great job at not fogging on you especially if your working hard allowing that air to circulate around the goggles its definitely going to help and unrestricted view is also a big plus as well especially when off-roading and on trails you'll need to be able to see whats right in front of you and you'll need to see the trail ahead good peripheral to make sure you don't run into a tree ,Lots of good reasons why you want a good view out of the helmet. The Fox V4 is made out of carbon fiber so it happens to be very very light weight , obviously dedicated off road helmets range greatly in the price you have to kind of figure out what fits in your price range your budget and go to that route if your doing the majority of your riding off road . On highway this is going to work Ive ridden in an off road helmet at 70 or 80 miles an hour but it will not be quite as aerodynamic the visor is going to catch a little bit more air, you'll notice that the visor is nice and low on the helmet and because of that it does have air passages to let that through but you know at 70 miles an hour on the highway that's not what this was designed for and if your doing a head check looking to the sides this will catch a bit of wind and it is a bit noticeable when your on the highway. Now the next one i have is the Fly Trekker its a sort of hybrid a duel sport helmet there's several types of duel sport helmets several different models definitely a wide range of price ranges and its probably the most growing segment of motorcycle helmets currently. There are more and more manufactures that have released more helmets and its simply like i said at the beginning of the video more and more duel sport riders out there . So the advantage of the duel sport helmet is its taking a clear visor that you put over your face, the visor peak over the top of the helmet its designed to flow more aerodynamically on the road you can see there's much larger openings to allow air to flow up underneath and across the back of the helmet so its not catching quite as much air as the dedicated off road helmet , i also want you to notice its shorter than its off road counter part. In most cases these are going to be shorter it doesn't effectively block the sun as much but the main reason that an off road helmet has a visor like that is yes it does block the sun but for blocking roost so in a race if someone in front of you is really getting on the throttle its going to kick up all sorts of rocks and roost mud all those different kinds of things you can duck underneath that and the visor is going to block it where as this is more designed for you know blocking the sun and it does also function if your following someone and they kick up a rock or something you can turn your head and block it from going into your face . So the advantage here is you have a full faced visor so for highway use you can drop this down and its going to provide a more aerodynamic flow through the wind and its also going to protect a little bit better from bugs and rocks and things like that. Now most duel sports will also accommodate goggles you can open this up run the goggle strap around the back and the eye port is large enough to get some goggles underneath there are some exceptions to that you'll want to watch our detailed review on which ever one that you are interested in to see if the goggles will fit or not in some cases you have to completely remove the visor itself just to get it to work but i know with the Fly Trekker your able to get the straps underneath and you can run goggles for the extreme more off roading conditions for going more off roading then not. Also the ventilation on a duel sport helmet it is going to be adjustable , now you'll have the ability to close the vents so for those colder weather rides you can close those up and stay a little bit warmer inside the helmet and if your looking to do sort of 50/50 riding this is a great option you know it works well on road and works well off road also.Another thing that i love about the, the last thing I'm going to say about duel sport helmets is the visibility out of it very similar to the off road helmet have a very large eye port lots of room top to bottom good peripheral vision so you can see whats right in front of you you can see your gages really easily and have a really unrestricted view out of the helmet which makes it really nice . Next one up that a lot of people kind of find themselves some what considering a lot of times whether your a street rider or a duel sport rider and this is going to be a modular helmet . Now the advantages of a modular helmet are many, a lot of people that really prefer them especially if they wear eyeglasses underneath the helmet that's because you can obviously get the helmet on and off with out the front down and you can easily remove and put on your sun glasses or your seeing glasses with the helmet on, so its a lot more comfortable for guys that wear glasses , its also very convenient if your coming to a stop and your talking to some one raise this up and its easier to communicate at a gas station if your stopped take a drink if your a smoker you can still smoke with your helmet on so lots of convenience features for the modular helmet . Obviously it gives you the protection of a full faced helmet when you close it down its going to latch into place and its going to give you that aerodynamic full faced street look. Now I'm generalizing here but most of the time a modular helmet such as this is going to be heavier then its normal full faced cousin and that's just because of the latching mechanisms the hinges there are some additional parts that they have to use to build these helmets and because of that there is a little bit more weight on the top of your head if you have it in the open position there's a lot of weight on the top of the helmet so that could make it a little bit top heavy , so you know it depends on what type of riding your going to be doing . Now like i said I'm generalizing here there are some high end modular helmets that weigh in at the same or even less then a lot of full faced street helmets it really just depends on how much your willing to spend and what style of helmet your going to want . As far as visibility out of this helmet it really just depends on the brand , there are a few out there Nolan and Schuberth are some that come to mind that have nice large eye ports larger then most full faced street helmets so again you can have really unrestricted view out of those helmets where as something like this Bell Revolver EVO which is a more traditional full face shield so its going to be very similar to your traditional street helmet. A lot of modular helmets also include an internal sun visor so that's another really convenient feature for you guys that are going from night to day or day to night your commuting or what ever type of riding you plan on doing so your not always constantly going to exchange that outer face shield obviously there are some full face helmets that also offer this feature as well at the helmet that I'm have on , there's several different helmets that offer that. Modular helmets are great for some street use and light duel sport riding i hesitate to recommend for guys that are really doing some tackling some real trails and some off road just simply for the light factor and because you typically don't have such a wide eye port as something like the Fly Trekker over here that's right next to it, so keep that in mind you also wont be able to run goggles . So this outer face shield the fog coating that bell puts on there , you know if your working really hard and sweating if you have sort of a slow pace on some tough terrain the full faced face shield wont quite cut it when it comes to riding off road and keeping your vision clear even with an anti fog coating. Lastly we have the full faced helmet up here which is a Shoei RF1100 obviously there are so many different full faced helmets to choose from , the RF1100 is one of my favorites its a do it all its great helmet to tour in, commuting , you can take it to the track its got a great aerodynamic shape so you can kind of do everything with the RF1100 , and just to kind of generalize with full faced helmets just to begin with probably from all the ones that we have looked at its definitely going to be the quietest in general . There are some really noisy full faced helmets out there there are some very quiet modular helmets out there but if were generalizing here typically the full face helmet is going to be the quietest and its also going to seal up really nicely because there are no seams where the chin bars coming down a one piece design obviously you can open and close the vents on those full faced helmets and they are typically aerodynamic so your going to flow through the air nice and quietly and smoothly. There's also going to be very smooth head checks so when your turning your head from side to side there's no visor peak to catch in the wind as your riding . So full faced helmets i would say the majority of street riders could very well be comfortable riding in , some people tend to get a little claustrophobic when they try on a full faced helmet especially if they are not used to wearing one and that's where an open faced design would be a little bit more comfortable for somebody obviously this is going to be one of the more protected options out there because you have a one piece chin bar which is integrated into the actual shell itself and if you come down on your face you'll fully protected here so definitely something to keep in mind when your shopping around for a motorcycle helmet. On the end here we have a three quarter helmet this is an open faced style design that actually wraps around the side of your head and around the back you actually have some cheek pads in it . There's a lot of different options out there with 3/4 style helmets a lot of them allow you to have a face shield like this one where you have full coverage of face shield so for colder weather you'll be able to block the wind rocks and bugs wont be able to hit your face and obviously you can get tinted ones to keep you nice and comfortable , a lot of them also have a little visor peak as well so there's several different options out there . Its a great kind of compromise between an actual full faced helmet and a shorty helmet if you like the wind in your face and the open road ahead of you obviously the viability out of these is fantastic and you really get a good experience riding in one of these . This is the Nolan N43 which has the drop down internal sun visor and the trilogy version is what i have here its actually kind of a unique helmet in that its convertible.There's actually a chin bar which you can install on this helmet so you can plug this in and have kind of a hybrid of sorts if you will and actually have a chin bar which is going to block the wind and keep you protected from frontal impact. So kind of a unique helmet there obviously we have tons of different helmets on our website and that's competition . Hopefully that gave you some what of an idea of what each kind of helmet is designed for . There are huge price ranges in each one of these categories depending on what the helmet is constructed out of you have poly carbonate shells you have fiber glass you have blends of Kevlar and carbon and all types of materials you have full carbon helmets. So there's lots of different things that come into play when it comes to price, ventilation features , you know the fit and finish of the helmet we have full detailed reviews of every single kind of helmet up here in several different brands and models . So feel free to browse around on our YouTube channel or on the website. Don't forget here at Competition Accessories we have great free shipping options and you can earn up to 5% in Comp A Cash which you can use toward future purchases.

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