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Helmet Fresh is a convenient spray that you can use on helmets, body armor, boots or any other gear that needs to be freshened up. Helmet Fresh Spray Products are safe to use on fabrics, and will not irritate skin. No Helmet Fresh Sprays contain alcohol or oils, which makes it safe for use on vinyl and foam rubber helmet liners.

Helmet Fresh Spray Fresheners are non-flammable and contain no propellants, so pack one in your bike bag, or tuck one away in your camping gear, or gym bag. Helmet Fresh Deodorizer doesn't just mask the odor with a fragrance, it kills the bacteria, mold or mildew that is causing it. Use Helmet Fresh Odor Remover on a regular basis, and the odor won't come back.

Helmet Fresh Cleaners are non-aerosol, and they are packaged in a 4 oz. pump-spray bottle. Small enough to be stowed away just about anywhere, Helmet Fresh Cleaning Spray can keep freshening at home or on the road. Helmet Fresh Spray Cleaner can be used on cotton, wool and leather, so you can treat all your stinky gear. Helmet Fresh Cleanser will get the odor out every time.

Spray Helmet Fresh Products directly onto the offending item and rub it in with your hands. Since all Helmet Fresh Disinfectants are non-toxic, you can really give it the elbow grease, and not worry about it stinging your skin. After it air dries, Helmet Fresh Sanitizers leaves your helmet, gear or clothing smelling fresh as a spring breeze.

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