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GMAX GM69 Motorcycle Helmets are one of the newest additions to the GMAX lineup. The new sleek wedge design gives this lightweight helmet a perfect fit with maximum comfort. This helmet comes with "state of the art venting" to allow fresh air in while letting unwanted hot air escape. No need to take your gloves off to open intake vents with this helmet, it features larger controls for easy use.

The GMAX GM69 Coolmax interior is removable/washable allowing for a custom fit. The cheek pads are removable and are shaped for noise reduction making the GM69 helmet a great buy. This helmet also has a vented chin curtain, rear neck roll shape and a padded chin strap for supreme comfort. Shield fogging is no problem with an adjustable chin vent to direct fresh air upward and molded front air dam that directs hot breath away from the shield.

With wide range vision being a must, GM69 Helmets come with a large eye port and an anti-scratch shield. The GMAX GM69 has a DOT approved lightweight thermo-poly alloy shell and comes in a variety of solid colors or a Crusader 2 graphic.The Gmax GM69 Solid Helmets come in Black (Glossy or Flat), White and Titanium. The Gmax GM69 Crusader 2 Helmets have a must-see bi-colored smokey design that is available in Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, Blue, Pink, Black or Silver.

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Gmax GM69 Helmets have been rated 4 out of 5 based on 2 reviews. There are 2 GM69 Helmets for sale, ranging from $99.99 to $113.99


Gmax GM69 Helmets

Video Reviews
Hey guys this is Ruben with Competition Accessories welcome to our review of the all new Gmax GM69, now this is an all new full face helmet. Gmax has hadgreat success with previous versions of this helmet. The 69S brings a whole new shape, they've really kind of incorporated more of an aerodynamic look tothe helmet and it still has that really aggressive ventilation system that weve known from Gmax. The best thing about this helmet though is that it retailsfor right around 130 bucks, and were actually able to discount it a little bit lower than that. So if you check our website for our current pricing atCompetition Accessories but we just wonted to give you a quick look. Now this is the crusader 2 graphic the original crusader was on there previous versionand it was a very very popular graphic. But just to give you an idea of some of the improvements theyve made first of all youve got two very large intake vents on the front of this helmet that close with some sliders, on the front here slide them back and its going to draw in some air. I will say that althoughthese openings look really large and aggressive the openings in the shell are a little bit smaller. The design of its principle is still going to work basicallyas you ride air is going to be forced down into these vents and its going to push air down to on top of your head, and then theres some channels inside thehelmet that allow that air to flow through out to the back of the helmet. An then on the back you can see that there is exhaust vents built into this rearwing, and thats going to bring warm air out the back of the helmet. There is also some additional vents at the base of the helmet that are always open down here.And if we take a look at the inside, of course you have a full face shield, breath deflector built in as well an then you might notice that there are some openings right here in the breathe deflector. Thats basically an anti fog feature. You've got a chin vent here if you open that its going to direct air rightup under the faceshield much like the defroster on your car. We also have a built in chin curtain here thats basically going to stop unwanted wind fromswirling up in front of your face, so if your riding in colder conditions its a really nice feature but it also helps keep the helmet a little more quite soas your riding your not getting a ton of turbulence and air coming up around the base of the helmet. Of course with that really aggressive ventilation systemthats on top of this helmet, its probably not going to be the quitest helmet out there but again your getting a really good value with this helmet with it beingwell under 150 dollars. You can remove the interior so if you wanted to swap out cheek pads for different sizes. They do have a nice soft material that theyuse on the cheek pads themselves and then you see they actually give you a built in speaker pocket as well so if running some speakers in your helmet is somethingyou may be interested in doing, then you can always install them right in that pocket that they have built in and run the wires behind the cheek pads and crownliner. Ill go on ahead and pull out the other cheek pad here. And then you can also remove the crown liner a couple snaps at the back of the shell and then a couple around the front, and you can see how open it is and thats so that all that ventilation that we looked at on the outside of the helmet can actually getdown and reach your skin. Take a look at the inside thats the EPS foam liner, thats basically whats going to absorb impact if you crash. The shell is designed to spread as much impact as possible and then that foam liner is designed so that it will absorb the impact so its not transferred to your brain. Also you can see thatthere are some air channels built into this helmet as well. So you can check these out on our website at competition accessories.com. If your in the market for aninexpensive full face street helmet i would definitely check this one out. You can also click on the link in the upper right hand corner of this video and that will take you to our youtube channel and make sure you subscribe to us there. Thanks for watching and we'll see you next time.
Gmax GM69 Helmets
Gmax GM69 Solid Helmets
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Gmax GM69 Crusader 2 Helmets
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MSRP $134.95
Price $113.99

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