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GMAX GM67 Helmets are lightweight, very comfortable and full of functions. All GM67 Helmets come with a peak visor, which can be changed out with an included clear pivoting visor. Also, the GM67 offers a wide field of vision because of its wider eye port. Better visibility means less surprises on the road, so you can ride worry free in a Gmax GM67.

GMAX GM67 is equipped with the best GMAX has to offer. An interior sun shield on the GM67 helmet can be operated separately from the outer shield for extra sun protection. The lever is accessed from outside the helmet, so you can flip it with one hand without removing the helmet for adjustments. The outer shell of the GM67 GMAX Helmet is DOT approved and includes the signature GMAX venting system for air flow when you want it.

GM67 Helmets are also equipped with a sure seal shield and a multi-function rear LED light, for braking notification. It also has built in speaker pockets for attaching a communication system, and comes with a helmet bag for storage. This helmet offers superior venting with removable/washable padding. With all these features, your Gmax GM67 will be a sure winner.

Gmax GM67 Solids are the standard solid color helmets. With little flash on the exterior, the Gmax GM67 Solid Helmet is a good choice for those who don't need to make a statement with their helmet. Available in Wine, Titanium, Black, White, Red or Blue.

Gmax GM67 Butterfly is a perfect helmet for the lady biker who wants to have something a little more feminine. With delicate butterflies and a tidy scroll work pattern, the Gmax GM67 Butterfly Helmet is a girlie helmet even the toughest biker chicks will dig. Available in Pink or Purple.

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Gmax LED Brake Light Kit for GM54 - GM67 - GM78 Helmets allows you to make the light on the back of the GM54, GM67 and GM78 into another brake light. Increasing visibility and ultimately rider safety.

Gmax GM67 Helmets have been rated 4 out of 5 based on 43 reviews. There are 6 GM67 Helmets for sale, ranging from $5.36 to $89.96


Gmax GM67 Helmets

Video Reviews
Hey guys this is reuben with competition accessories. We are taking a look at the gmax gm 67. This helmet sells for 69.99 for a 3/4 shell helmet. This is a great bang for your buck .It has a thermoplastic alloy shell and is DOT approved. It has a lot of venting options on this helmet. There are two intake air vents in the front that operate on slider switches that make it easy to operate with gloves on. You also have exhaust vents in the rear and additional vents in the bottom. There are also static vents near the base of the helmet that assist with air ventalation. Basically when you ride warm air comes over top of the helmet and vents out the rear. It allows to keep your head cool during hot weather time riding. You can also close the vents during colder weather riding. One thing people also love about this helmet, it has an internal dropdown sun shield visor. The visor is tinted and has an anti-fog coating for riding in different kinds of conditions. For example, if you are riding during daytime use, you can have the shield in the downward position for better eye protection. During nighttime riding or riding through a tunnel, you can easily riase up the visor for better visibility. This helmet also comes equip with a visor peak, it allows for an open face feel for this helmet. If you find yourself on longer rides or different riding climates, you can lift the visor out of the way. If you choose to remove the visor peak, there are two small tabs located on the side of the helmet. It is difficult to see on camera, but are easy to locate on the helmet. On the video, once the visor peak is removed, the tabs on the sides of the helmet are easy to locate. This helmet also comes with a clear face shield. For installation, line up the tabs with the clear face shield on the sides of the helmet. Slide the tabs back into the forward position to lock the faceshield back into place. Make sure that both tabs are done on the same side to safely fasten the helmet into the correct position. No tools are required for this easy faceshield change. Now you have a 3/4 helmet with a full face shield. You can also use the dropdown internal sunvisor for additional coverage. If you look closely at the helmet, you will see there is a spot for an optional chin bar coverage. Just remove the two tabs on the chin bar and you will see the two chin bar slots. You can purchase the chin bar separately and install them in a matter of seconds.This will provide additional coverage if you so desire to have this option. Moving onto the interior of the helmet, Gmax lines this helmet with COOLMAX material. Coolmax material is a moisture wicking material that draws moisture away from the skin and keeps you comfortable for hot weather riding. The interior is also fully removable, which after extensive riding makes for easy washing. One nice feature about the cheek pads is that they do come installed with speaker pads for a communication ready helmet. I am go ahead and remvoing the rest of the liner to show you how the ventaliation works. Just a few snaps to remove out the crown liner. As you notice, they do offer a generous amount of mesh inside of the liner to work in conjuction with the ventalation system. Looking at the EPS liner, you will notice plenty of holes for the ventalatin system. This is to maximize the air flow in the helmet. This will provide a cool flow feeling on your neck and skin. Again this helmet is called the Gmax GM67 Open face helmet. well priced at under 70.00, this is a great helmet for the money. You can check these out on our website www.compacc.com. We will see you next time.
Gmax GM67 Helmets
Gmax GM67 Helmets - Open Face Butterfly Graphic
  (3 Reviews)
MSRP $99.95
Price $89.96
Gmax GM67 Helmets - Solid Open Face
  (27 Reviews)
MSRP $89.95
Price $80.96
Gmax GM67 Helmet Jaw Set
  (3 Reviews)
MSRP $16.95
Price $15.26
Gmax LED Brake Light Kit for GM54 - GM67 - GM78 Helmets
  (10 Reviews)
MSRP $34.95
Price $31.46
Gmax Replacement Electric Double Lens For GM67
  Be the first to rate it!
MSRP $94.95
Price $85.46
Gmax LED Brake Replacement Battery For Light Kit GM54 - GM67 - GM78 Helmets
  Be the first to rate it!
MSRP $5.99
Price $5.36

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