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GMAX Youth Helmets are pleased to offer you the GM39YS. The GMAX 39YS Series has eye popping graphics and a DOT Approved design. Every GM39YS Helmet is lightweight to reduce neck strain. Also, the GMAX GM39YS Helmet is designed for safety on the track or trail.

GMAX GM39YS is equipped with the best GMAX has to offer. A removable, washable interior can be customized for a child's growing head, and speaker and mic pockets allow for a communication installation. GMAX 39YS Helmets have a molded breath deflector so you only feel the cool air rushing in through the vents. The GM39YS Off Road has an extra wide eye port for large goggles and increased vision.

GMAX Helmets are lightweight to reduce neck strain, showcase top-quality finishes and offer superior venting and removable/washable padding. Outer shells are durable and hard coated for long life, and have custom designed graphics covered in clear coat. Whether you are on a Motorcycle, Scooter, ATV or Dirtbike, GMAX will put your head in the best helmet you've ever worn.

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Gmax GM39YS Youth

Video Reviews
Hey this is Reuben with Competition Accessories were going to do a review of the Gmax GM39-Y . This is actually a youth helmet perfect for you who have kids that ride on the back or ride around the yard with you on your bike you obviously want to make sure they are protected wearing a helmet that's fitted properly and that's really whats important to stress here that a helmet needs to be snug to be effective. So throwing them in an adult helmet in most cases is not going to fly not going to cut it. Now these helmets you can pick up for well under 100 bucks so there's really no excuse to not pick up one of these , and the cool thing about these is they are adjustable from size to size so they will actually grow with your kid. So the external shell is designed to be smaller its designed to fit and not look like a giant head helmet on top of their head, in fact if you look at the helmet we have over here the pink version it weighs in right at 3 pounds flat which is really light weight for a motorcycle helmet which is important for a kid you don't want to weight their head down with a really heavy shield or a really heavy helmet . Check out the inside here you can see its a fully removable interior and this is actually how you adjust the sizing. You can actually go down sizes on the cheek pads its just like most other helmets , this is the left cheek pad its a 20 millimeter. So when they start to grow and its getting a little tight on them you can always change it out for a smaller interior, and then you can also remove the crown liner as well all the way around and that will come right out and you can see its a very soft material this is a size youth large and again you can go a size up or down in the liners to adjust for your child as they grow. Now looking at the inside here the Styrofoam is designed again for a kids head so its sized nice and small appropriate for their head measurements , your going to want to go on our website to see the measurement chart on our website . To measure their head you go right around the widest part of their heads usually right above the eyebrows all the way around and that will give you the measurement to go off of. You can also see the ventilation on this helmet , for warm weather rides they're going to stay nice and comfortable it wont get too hot. Don't forget if kids ride behind you they're not getting much air flow back there so if its a really hot day keep that in mind make sure to keep them hydrated and everything . They have lots of vents that they can easily open and close too if they want a little bit more air these slide-able vents on the side open up the chin bar vent directs it up onto the face shield and then you have upper vents here , and these are very easy to operate, if they have gloves on they should be able to slide these up and down real easy. Definitely a cool looking helmet a lot of different graphics , this is the wizard version which I'm not sure if its going to be around a whole lot longer there's other ones available on our website as well. And again that's the GM39-Y again under 100 bucks.
Gmax GM39YS Youth
Gmax GM39YS Snowmobile Helmets - Kritter - Youth
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