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Firstgear is top of the line riding gear designed to give you only the best. Firstgear develops their products to be the best in a world where only the best will cut it. If you are a serious rider, who needs serious gear, only Firstgear will do. Firstgear has jackets, pants, gloves, boots, rain gear, luggage and accessories, so you can find all the gear you need.

Firstgear Riding Gear is made out of high quality materials to be the best you can buy. Featuring many added options for comfort and performance, Firstgear Riding Gear is built to withstand an active life of adventure. Firstgear Riding Gear is available in textile, mesh and leather to suit your needs. When you are in Firstgear Riding Gear, you can push farther, ride longer and get to your destination no matter what the elements throw at you.

Firstgear Motorcycle Gear is specially made to be all season, all weather gear that can take anything Mother Nature can dish out. With advanced technology in its design, and innovative materials used in construction, Firstgear Motorcycle Gear is way more than typical riding gear. Firstgear Motorcycle Gear is the outer skin for every adventurer that wants to get out into nature. With Firstgear Motorcycle Gear, you can reach to your farthest limits, and then go even further.

Firstgear Jackets are the only way to go to keep your upper half warm and dry out on the road. With insulated textile models like the Firstgear Kilimanjaro Jacket and the Firstgear Kathmandu Jacket you will be protected from extreme weather out on the road. For warm weather riding, Firstgear Mesh Jackets are the way to go. Fully vented for extreme air flow, yet still protective for crash safety, Firstgear Jackets take away any excuse for not wearing your gear when it gets hot outside.

Firstgear Pants, available in Waterproof Pants and Textile Riding Pants, and the new Firstgear HT Overpant Womens 2013 will keep your lower half protected from weather and road hazards with on board armor and protective padding. With Vented Mesh Pant styles for warm weather and insulated cold temperature designs, Firstgear Pants are the only way to go for top notch riding gear. Dont forget to add your Firstgear Heated WB Pant Liner 2013

Firstgear TPG can make your outdoor adventures more comfortable all year long. In summer and winter styles for differing temperature control needs, Firstgear TPG such as the new Firstgear TPG Expedition Suit 2013 that is designed to be close to the skin to keep your core regulated for better performance.

Firstgear Gloves bring you all the safety features to keep your hands safe while you ride and race. With several models for differing climates and seasons, you can even match your Kathmandu Jacket with the Firstgear Kathmandu Gloves 2013. Firstgear Gloves will bring the performance you need to get to the front of the pack.

Firstgear Boots are available in short and long styles to accommodate your preferences in riding gear. With protective features and waterproof capabilities, Firstgear Boots will keep your feet dry and comfortable all the way down the road.

Firstgear Military Spec Vest is a base approved riding vest with reflective safety tapes for high visibility. With pockets for ID badge and other small belongings, in a Firstgear Military Spec Vest you can be seen, day or night, and have a safe ride.

Firstgear Raingear keeps the rain out and lets you enjoy your ride, whether a day trip or cross country trek. Compact and easy to store away Firstgear Raingear is easy to slip on in a hurry and pull off when the clouds clear.

Firstgear One Piece Suits are full body coverage for more extreme weather. Insulated for cold weather use, Firstgear One Piece Suits can help you make a trip through colder climates or a nasty turn in the weather.

Firstgear Heated Apparel consists of heated gear for all parts of the body, and will keep the extreme cold at bay. Running off the bike's power, Firstgear Heated Apparel will run as long as you have the bike on, and supply heat to the places you need it most.

Firstgear Armor and Accessories are the add on items you need to complete your gear. Including items like Pads and attachable LED lights, Firstgear Armor and Accessories will make your gear function to its highest level and keep you protected from hazards on the road.

Firstgear Luggage gives you a simple way to take your stuff along on the ride. With a selection of tailbags, tank bags and saddle bags, Firstgear Luggage is a great way to stow your gear and belongings, and most styles attach quickly and easily to your bike.

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