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Eklipes Electrical Products are a convenient way to make sure everything you need is powered up and ready to go. Both easy to install, and easy to use, all Eklipes Motorcycle Power Products keep the juice flowing, and you on the open road.

Eklipes Battery Products finally give the avid biker a way to keep in touch while on the road. Grab an Eklipes Motorcycle Adapter and charge your cell phone, or power your GPS while you ride. No more being stuck without a way to call for AAA, and no more getting lost, with Eklipes Power Adapters.

Eklipes Motorcycle Chargers allow you to power anything that runs off of a 12v car lighter adapter. The Eklipes Charging System is an ample length wiring harness with a car adapter socket on the end, to plug your devices in. Simply attach Eklipes Chargers to your bike frame, and plug in your cell phone, your GPS, or even heated clothing.

Eklipes Testers give you a way to check your power before you leave. Simply run the charging check and see if you are getting juice to run your gadgets. With Eklipes Battery Testers you won't be faced with that pesky surprise power failure ever again. Eklipes Charging System Testers give you the assurance that your battery will get you where you need to go.

Eklipes Jump Kits let you be the hero of the day. If your friend needs a jump, pull out your Eklipes Jumper and get them on their way. With the Eklipes Bike 2 Bike Jump Kit, you can use your bike to jump off another bike, and keep all your friends up and running as well!

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