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Summer Motorcycle Gloves

The solution to hot, sweaty hands.... is to wear gloves?


That's right! In all my years of riding, I have personally found that it is much more comfortable to wear summer motorcycle gloves rather than going gloveless. The gloves act as a barriers between your sweaty palms and your controls, which improves your ability to control the bike.


Oh yeah, and then there's that protection aspect too....

It's a normal, instinctive response to use your hands to protect yourself in an accident. This means that your hands will more than likely come in contact with the ground in the event of a crash. And, since your hands are used thousands of times a day, it makes sense to keep them protected, right?


In this summer motorcycle glove guide, we talk about several different levels of protection and ventilation that you can look for in a motorcycle glove. As with most motorcycle gear, the level of protection can be a bit of a trade off with how bulky or lightweight the apparel is. Naturally, lighter weight mesh motorcycle gloves do not offer as much protection as full leather motorcycle gloves do, but the mesh gloves will normally flow more air. Mesh is also almost always cheaper than leather, so if budget is a concern, mesh may be your best bet.


Whatever you do, please realize that no motorcycle gloves can 100% guarantee that your hands will escape unscathed in a motorcycle accident. Buy the best motorcycle gloves you can afford, and wear them! Be sure to evaluate the gloves based on the materials they are constructed with, how much armor there is, and how well reinforced the palms are. Remember that just because you have something on your hands it doesn't mean your hands are invincible, just check out the gnarly pic below! If you have any questions about these gloves or need help choosing some good summer gloves, feel free to leave a comment on our video, on our Facebook page, or give us a call – we are here to help!


Wear GOOD gloves!

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