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Motorcycle Bluetooth Systems - A Comparison Guide

When you’re on a group ride, or even just riding two up, its convenient to have a means of easy communication. This is where motorcycle communcation devices come in. Most of these devices have the abilty to function as not only an intercom, but as a bluetooth stereo headset for MP3 players, GPS systems, and cell phones. We’ve recently taken three of these headsets and reviewed their overall efficiency and productivity. The three that we chose to review were the Cardo Scala Rider G9, the Sena SMH-10, and the Interphone Wireless F5.


Cardo Scala Rider G9

The Cardo Scala Rider G9 is the successor of the G4 fromScala rider. You can pair it with up to 8 other Scala Rider headsets and communicate between them. After programming the names of your riding partners into the G9, when you want to talk to someone, you speak their name and it will instantly connect to them for a full duplex intercom conversation. Also, Scala Rider‘s flash pairing technology makes it easy to pair two units together. By touching two units together, they become paired, and you won’t have to deal with any frustrating key sequences. The G9 will pair with all the previous versions of Scala Rider headsets.




Sena SMH-10 Headset

The Sena SMH-10 is a Bluetooth V3.0 stereo headset with a long range Bluetooth intercom. The SMH-10 will allow you to make hands free calls with its Bluetooth mobile phone capability, listen to music from your MP3 player (with music playback controls: pause, play, etc.), or hear voice instructions from GPS navigation systems. Each function is simple to operate with the easy access intuitive button operations and voice prompts. The volume of each device can be individually set and controlled. The Sena SMH-10will offer the best sound quality for both incoming and outgoing sound. Its intercom has a range of up to 980yds (900 meters) in open terrain. The intercom has a 4-way conference option, enabling you to simultaneously talk to up to four different riders. The SMH-10 is water resistant, and allows up to 12 hours talk time and up to 10 days of standby.


Interphone Wireless F5 Bluetooth Helmet Headset

The Interphone F5 is the first Bluetooth Intercom to be released with advanced intercom features. Up to 6 F5′s can be connected, and extend the intercom range up to a mile. ThisInterphone Wireless device features some of the most advanced phone options available. Incoming and outgoing calls can be controlled by voice, incoming calls are also announced thanks to the all new ‘Talk to Speech’ technology; this helps to ensure there are no surprises when you answer. The F5′s Multipoint technology also allows two phones to be connected simultaneously (if you have a business and personal line). Advanced DSP algorithms make calls and music sound as good at freeway speeds as calls made in your own living room.


Each of theses communcations systems has their own set of benefits. They range in price, so you’re sure to find one that not only fits your technological needs, but also your budget.

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