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DryPak storage cases are available in sizes ranging from cell phones to tote bags. Put everything you want to protect into a DryPak Storage Case and keep it dry. Now you can take your phone on the boat, and bring your camera along to the waterpark, without worrying about it getting wet. DryPak Waterproof Cases are made out of TPU and transmit sounds so you don't have to take your phone out to answer a call.

DryPak Floating Waterproof Cases will stay afloat just in case you lose your grip and they take a plunge. Never fear, these cases hermetically seal when you lock the clips, so your stuff will be safe and dry once you fish it back out. DryPak Cases are tough and durable for days at the lake, or around the backyard pool. The DryPak Gear Bags have enough room for all your poolside stuff, and will keep it dry no matter how you splash around. Keep a few DryPak Bags around for yourself and your friends, and never have another accident with your electronics and the water.

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