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Cortech is a line of gear and luggage from the master designers at Tourmaster. Created to be its own brand of high quality gear, Cortech now holds its own in the global market along side its famous parent company. Cortech products are geared for the high action rider, and are built to withstand an active life on the road.

From the same line that brought you the Adrenaline 2 Gloves, comes a whole line of gear made for racers who live to fly. Adrenaline Motorcycle Gear is race inspired gear full of speed and determination, sure to put you in the winner's circle. Cortech Adrenaline Series - Adrenaline Jacket, Adrenaline Leather Suit and Adrenaline Pants join the Adrenaline II Gloves that we currently have in stock.

Cortech Jackets are a continuing bestseller because of their high quality and rugged dependability. Constructed super tough for ultimate road safety, Cortech Jackets are like a stylish second skin made for speed.

Cortech Pants are super light, yet strong as nails to protect your lower body from the road. High quality leather construction on Cortech Pants guarantees abrasion resistance and prevention of road rash in the event of a crash.

Cortech Gloves are engineered to be strong and protective even in a hard crash. With impact protection and a flexible fit, Cortech Gloves are sure to help you keep your grip and keep you in control.

Cortech Bags are available in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate just about any gear you want to stow. With everything from Saddlebags to Fender Packs, Cortech Bags will get your gear there in an easy and organized way.

Cortech GX Gear is race inspired gear with no bigger job than to keep your body safe on the road or track. With a sporty styling that looks good anywhere, Cortech GX is designed to be rugged and provide the best in abrasion and impact protection.

Cortech Latigo Boots are made to be tough, and can take whatever you can dish out. Because of their top quality design, Cortech Latigo Boots are some of the best selling road race boots around.

Geared toward the riders with racing at heart, Cortech Latigo Leathers are race inspired gear guaranteed to take on the road with all the ferocity that you yourself contain. With everything from Suits to Gloves, Cortech Latigo Leathers have got you covered.

Made of high grade ballistic nylon, Cortech Dryver Luggage is sure to last through anything you can dish out. With easy installation, Cortech Dryver Luggage is a quick way to get your bike ready to hit the road.

  • Cortech Super 2 Motorcycle Bags are here now and are a great upgrade to the old Sport luggage from cortech. Check out the new features including the Super 2 Tankbags, Super 2.0 saddlebags and Tailbag.

    Cortech Closeouts bring you top notch Cortech Gear at super low bargain prices. There's no better way to get your Cortech Gear than with our Cortech Closeouts available now. Come check out our deals: you won't believe your eyes!

    New products like the Cortech Latigo WP RR Boots, the Cortech Latigo AIR RR Boots and the Cortech Latigo RR Gloves are all at great prices if you buy from CompAcc!
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