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Continental Conti Go Tires are made with cross layer plys for all round use. Continental Conti Go Tires provide the perfect grip under all weather conditions for all year round use. With new compound technology that helps ensure excellent mileage, Continental Conti Go Tyres stay ahead of the game when it comes to modern tire design.

Innovative tread pattern on the Conti Go Tires helps with even wear and good water dispersion. The Improved carcass construction makes for easy handling and high stability, so the Conti Go Tyre will feel more grounded on the straights and into turns.

The Continental Go Tires are H-Rated for speeds up to 130 mph and V-Rated for speeds up to 149 mph. Pick up your Continental Conti Go Front Tires and Continental Conti Go Rear Tires now at Compacc.com.

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Continental Conti Go There are 1 Conti Go for sale, ranging from $77.99 to $116.13


Continental Conti Go

Continental Conti Go
Continental Conti Go Sport Touring Tires - Front
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MSRP $113.99 - $185.20
Price $77.99 - $116.13

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