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Fi2000R PowrPro Auto Tuner from Cobra is the last fuel management system you will ever have to buy. Fi2000R PowrPro Auto Tuner monitors your fuel output and maximizes it to give your performance a boost. Fi2000R PowrPro Tuner takes a reading 80 times a second and gives you exactly the right mix every time.

Cobra Fi2000R eliminates the need for mapping and installing any extra sensors or gadgets to get the fuel just right. Cobra Fi2000R works at optimum level no matter what kind of load, and doesn't need the weather to be perfect to provide ultimate acceleration. Cobra Fi2000R will work on your bike even if you add or update the engine components, and will compliment any tune ups you perform in the future.

Hands down, the PowerPro Tuner is the best single item you can add to your bike. The PowerPro Tuner will keep your bike running at its peak everyday, without fail. Installing a PowerPro Tuner will be the best decision you will ever make.

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Cobra Fi2000R PowrPro Tuner

Cobra Fi2000R PowrPro Tuner

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