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Chatterbox is the leading name in motorcycle communication systems. Offering top quality and reliable systems to keep you connected on the go, Chatterbox uses the newest technology and cutting edge design. Chatterbox systems are built to strict standards for function and affordability, and they have coordinating components that can be upgraded and expanded easily.

Chatterbox has a variety of sets and accessories to make your bluetooth needs a reality. Chatterbox is continuously working on making their products more user friendly, and using customer feedback to update and innovate their technology. With the Chatterbox Duo Bluetooth quickly becoming a best seller, Chatterbox has recently introduced the Chatterbox X1 Slim Bluetooth Headset, with a thinner design, meant to be more versatile and easier to use. Chatterbox X1 Bluetooth units are equipped to play music from an MP3 or connect to your cell for clear calls, totally handsfree.

Chatterbox XBi is an intercom system offering bike to bike connection, or driver to passenger communication. For a better trip experience, fit yourself and your passenger with a Chatterbox XBi intercom set up, and reduce the yelling, and miscommunications.
Chatterbox XBI2 Motorcycle Helmet Headset can be linked to an MP3 player or cell phone so each user can have their own bluetooth connection, as well as connection to one another.

Chatterbox Bluetooth offers a wireless hook up to all your bluetooth devices, so you can listen to music, or get calls on the road, without having to take your hands off the controls. Chatterbox Bluetooth can be linked to operate as a voice activated or push to talk capability, and has noise reducing mic and speakers. Chatterbox Bluetooth sets have fully rechargeable batteries and a range up to 5 miles.

Plus if you have an HJC helmet like the HJC Symax 3, HJC RP Max Helmet or the HJC IS-Max BT you can purchase the HJC Chatterbox XBI2-H Motorcycle Helmet Headset, which will mount right in the helmet and fit perfectly.

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