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Bell Star Helmet.  Easily known as one of the best motorcycle helmets you can buy–  dollar for dollar.  The Star carries a decent price tag,  but if you are willing to spend the $550+,  you have opened the door to owning a superior lid. The 2013 model has changed a bit from the previous model,  giving it a more accurate fit.  Borrowing the head form of the Bell RS-1 provides the 2013 Bell Star with more of an intermediate oval shape than it did previously,  which now fits true to size.


To begin,  the Bell Star Helmet simply has one of the best ventilation systems on the market.  They produce serious air flow,  making them a great helmet even for those hot days at the track.  Albeit,  with more air entering the helmet,  you are going to gain a bit more wind noise than some of the other high-end motorcycle helmets,  but I doubt that is at the top of your worries when you are ripping through gears in the triple digits.


The shell is a lightweight TriMatrix design constructed with Kevlar, Carbon and Fiberglass weighing in a little over 3.5 pounds for a size medium.  Granted you will find lighter weight helmets in it’s price range,  but the construction of the Bell Star makes it very safe.  These helmets are designed with high attention to detain which gives them a nice aerodynamic shape and a very clean look.  The Bell Star is built to hammer through high speeds while resisting buffeting and lift.


These helmets are also available in the Bell Star Carbon model.  Owning what should be a slightly lighter shell with that carbon look we all appreciate.  If the carbon fiber look is all you know,  the extra coinage shouldn’t be a factor.


Another great aspect of the Bell Star is that you have the ability to add a Bell SOLFX Transition Lens.  These lenses sit anywhere from a completely clear shield all the way through a dark smoke tint,  depending on how much UV it is exposed too.  Check out an in depth review of both videos below.  If you have any questions about the Bell Helmets,  the Bell Star or any other motorcycle accessories then let us know. Call us,  send an email,  leave a comment,  write a review,  or come in and see us. We are here to help.


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  1. Bell continues to impress me and I’ll be checking out the Star for sure. May even splurge on the Carbon model!

    BestMotorcycleHelmet / Reply

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