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Constructed with a high quality motosport ballistic leather chassis,  Sliders Kevlar Trident Gloves look great and have solid protection.  The Trident uses genuine DuPont Kevlar in the palm for added abrasion protection and rigid armor to protect your hand in the event of an accident.  Owning a few expansion joints in the fingers helps keep these motorcycle gloves comfortable and easy to maneuver.  The unique closure of the Sliders Trident Gloves gives the rider a custom fit with a secure feel that every rider can appreciate.  The closure is constructed with a double strap that feels secure and looks nice as well.

If you have any questions about the Sliders Kevlar Trident Gloves,  drop us a line. Your comments help other riders,  and us,  to better understand a product.  Sliders produces quality motorcycle gear at affordable prices.  Check out the video review of the Sliders Kevlar Trident gloves below!

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