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Hello, My Name is Timothy W. White. I am a 45 year old guy who has had a passion for everything moto since I can remember. I lost part of my right leg, (BKA Unilateral Amputee), due to a mechanical malfunction on my bike, and a subsequent “hit & run” motor vehicle accident. I still love to ride, and will do so until I become a hazard due to age or health issues. I recently formed my own LLC Business called “Ride Safe Mobile Moto Services LLC”, and can go where the customer is with my mobile workshop trailer and mount & balance tires, as well as perform many other services to your motorcycle, boat, lawn tractor, car, truck, etc.

Here are several photos that you can choose from if you like. “Oh, and how many 2003 Suzuki GSX-R 1000s do you see sporting a DISABLED PLATE?! Hahaha.
Thank you for the opportunity, Cheers, Tim.

‎Good Day,
Timothy W. White, @ Ride Safe Mobile Moto Services L.L.C.

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