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We know you want to ride as much as possible, but some days it’s just so cold out that your hands just don’t want to work…and that’s not good when they are in control of your bike! Well problem solved. Install the new Show Chrome Inferno Heated Grips with E-Z Controller on your motorcycle and you can ride in comfort and warmth!

Constructed of extremely tough TPR rubber with several grooves and textures, they are not only comfortable but easy to hang on to while riding. The E-Z Controller is super easy to use with five pre-set heat settings that can be controlled by a single touch. And they will get super warm for you, as the standard room temperature for the Show Chrome Inferno Heated Grips is an amazing 170°F.





Simple to install on most motorcycles with standard 7/8″ bars, these grips can be used with both open and closed end applications with a pre-scored cut out end plug. Plus, they’re smart…with an optional battery saver mode that will shut them down if the battery voltage falls below 12.5 volts. So add these motorcycle grips to your favorite transportation mode now, so you can ride almost any time, in any weather….your fingers will thank you!



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