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Do you like wearing leather on the bike but hate when it gets too hot and you’re stuck with that decision for the rest of your ride? Well we have the solution. Constructed of supple, premium leather and boasting a unique technology integrated within, the River Road Pueblo Cool Leather Pants have been created to keep you cooler than when wearing regular leather motorcycle pants.

This innovative TFL Cool System reflects up to 80% of the sun’s harsh rays, reduces the surface temperature of the leather and restricts the warming effect on it, to provide you with a much cooler ride. Designed with the look and feel of your regular jeans, the River Road Pueblo Cool Leather Pants have full length zippers down the sides plus snaps at the bottom, along with a full length mesh lining, to make them easy to slide on & off.









If you think these leather pants are must-have’s then you’ll probably want to check out the leather jackets that also have the TFL Cool System. River Road has two great options, the River Road Muskogee Cool Leather Jacket and the River Road Seneca Cool Leather Jacket. They will all be a great addition to your motorcycle gear collection.


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